Thursday, September 27, 2007

Week 6

As I'm sure most of you know....Alex and Emerson are home. They came home on Friday. Unfortunately, Max was unable to join his brothers due to a Bradycardia spell. We feel extremely lucky that Alex and Emerson were able to come home only 5 weeks after their birth...still 3 weeks before when their expected due date of October 13th. Max will be joining his brothers at home shortly. All be it very hard for us to be without Max we realize the best thing for him is to stay at the hospital and continue to mature and gain strength. We would never want to bring him home before he was ready and have something happen to him. We continue to visit Max daily. He is so bright eyed and beautiful. He is noticeably bigger than his brothers and it's shocking how much he looks like David.

As you can imagine both David and myself are a little overwhelmed and sleep deprived. The boys are great sleepers but seem to be a little afraid of the dark. As soon as the lights go out both Alex and Emerson want to sleep on the Mommy and Daddy and not in their bassinets. Max is still doing amazing in the NICU. All the nurses have been so wonderful. They know he is there alone and seem to give him a little more love then usual...Thanks Guys!!!! I am convinced that Max just likes the individual care and wanted to stay a little longer!!!! A huge thanks to some special nurses that where so amazing with our boys: Lisa, Allison, Chris, Pam, Mary, Mary, Stephanie(don't blame yourself) and everyone else. The whole NICU staff...we have been so blessed to have you all in our lives. I will actually be sad to leave you all.

Everyone has asked about Austin and how he is adjusting to his brothers...well...After the first day he asked "Why are they here?" and "Can they go back to the hospital now?". He is actually handling it very well. He knows to wash his hands when he comes in the house and is now able to touch the babies a little more because he has learned to be gentle.

All our boys are continuing to grow and get strong. Max is a whopping 6lbs 11oz. Alexander is 6lbs and Emerson is 5lbs 12oz. We are going to the doctors for the first time on Friday and will know every ones updated weights and lengths.

We are still being very careful about visitors, RSV season is right around the corner. Please continue to be patient. We are just concerned about the health of our babies. I'm sure everyone understands.