Monday, August 11, 2008

Week 51

Austin at the Falls
What a sight...I mean the Falls!
Alex wants a drink too!
My Boys!

Week 51 -----UPDATED 8/20/08

This weeks blog will be short. I hope to update it slightly after each of our "family outings" or "daytrips" that we are taking this week. Today we went to the Niagara Aquarium. Not a huge deal, in fact it was rather sparse. There seemed to be nothing of interest for the kids except for the seals and the "Nemo" fish or Clown Fish. The boys where completely impressed by the clown fish and looked almost in shock that they where right in front of them. Emerson loved them! Than we went down to the Falls to walk around and have some lunch! BIG MISTAKE!!!! Never take your children to Niagara Falls with 10,000 tourists with cameras, all trying to take pictures of your children. I almost had to slap someone. I had to tell several people NOT to take pictures of my children. At one point I felt completely overwhelmed by the crowd and asked David to get the boys out of there ASAP! Well, we finally got out of there after several stupid comments and one of the best comments we have ever man drove past us and yelled, "you must be the luckiest man in the world!". I would just like to say to that person, "Thank You!". More to come as the week progresses and our adventures continue! We will post all the pictures by the end of the week!

OK, So Niagara Falls and The Aquarium where quite interesting! The following day we ventured out to the Erie County Fair. Wow, that was an event in itself. We started out early in the hopes that we could avoid the crowd. Well, that didn't necessarily work. The craziness started the second we got out of the van and continued on through out our 5 hour visit to the Fair. From the moment we stood in line we where the target of our classic statement..."oh look, triplets", lots of "Oh my G%D!", "Better you than me" and my absolute favorite(Grrrrr)"you have your hands full!". This was just a few. Pretty much every person we passed made a comment. I again had to request that people don't take pictures. Oh well, what can I do. Anyway, the boys loved parts and hated others. They loved the babies area. There was a make shift playpen with toys, and the boys got to get out of their wagon and stretch their legs. They also seemed to like the animals, until people began to crowd them and they got nervous. It started to rain shortly before we left and that was a major drama. But it eventually passed, we fed the babies and where on our way. Next year should be better with the boys being almost 2 and Austin will be able to help more. Maybe, if we can keep the Paparazzi at bay!