Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Uncle Mike and Max had a tickle war.
We had an impromptu wrestling match with Austin, Ethan and Rich in the living room.

Max was teething so bad!

Aunt Kelly and Alex played giddy up !

Hey Santa, Tyler loved the Zebra ride!

We're not sure why Austin was dressed like superman.
Their where kids and toys everywhere!
Emerson taking a quiet moment of reflection.
The boys reading quietly before the company arrives.

So I'm sitting here watching one of those Baby Stories on The Learning Chanel. For some reason I only watch them when I'm pregnant. So anyway, in this episode a husband and wife have a 19 month old son and they have another baby. Well, they whine through the whole episode. Whah!!! "The baby is crying and the toddler wants attention" Whah!!! "I want to sleep and the baby keeps crying" Whah!!! "The toddler spilled his drink and it's all over the carpet". WHAH!!! All this while having the mothers parents and the fathers parents there helping out with the toddler and waiting on this Chicks every whiny request. Man that is annoying. I can only hope they look back on their one chance at fame and realize that they whined for the sake of whining. When the triplets finally came home from the hospital it was craziness. Getting into a routine, was essential. It all came in time. I don't see how whining about makes it any better. I'm sure it will be a challenge when the baby is born especially with the triplets and jealousy. But I can't change it so why not make the best of it. I look forward to the challenge! I thrive on drama!!!That being said my c-section has been scheduled and Griffin will be born on January 5th.

This week was crazy. First we had Davids company Christmas party. It was nice. It was at a local restaurant, nothing extravagant. I enjoyed the evening out. But I wasn't feeling well. Than within 24 hours I was full blown sick. I mean high fever, shakes, muscle aches...pure misery! Luckily I had a scheduled appointment with my doctor that day and got antibiotics right away. By the weekend I was feeling better, just in time to have a small Christmas party with some of my friends. It was a nice evening. Their where kids everywhere and that was great. The kids enjoyed running around with other kids their age. Austin played with Ethan and the boys with Tyler. I really don't think the triplets noticed that there was another baby there. I hope this is a sign of good things to come. Maybe they won't even notice when the baby comes home, yeah right, wishful thinking.
As the week went on all the boys have gotten a touch of the cold. I was the only one that ended up with a terrible fever. This thrills me. To most people getting a cold, sinus infection or the flu isn't a big deal but to my boys it could be horrible. They could end up in the hospital. Even though they have reached every milestone and are completely age appropriate their immune systems could still be compromised from being born 8 weeks early. Them only getting a mild form of the cold is just a huge milestone. That their immune system may also be age appropriate. That's exciting to me. One of the benefit's to being a stay at home mom is that I work with my kids on a daily basis. I get to play peek-a-boo and teach them their ABC's and 1-2-3's. Every time their is a small milestone it's actually a huge achievement in my eyes. For example...Alex can identify his own eyes, nose, mouth and head. He can also identify them all on me. But for the very first time Max identified his own eyes yesterday. It was huge! I swung him up in the air and was so excited. I know he was excited too! What an amazing feeling! I have been working with Emerson and I know he's right around the corner! I can't wait. I remember going through the same feelings with Austin, for different reasons, When he would speak in English and understand a command for the first time. Now that was an amazing feeling too. I love motherhood.
Now on to the holidays. I am starting to make Christmas cookies this week and I may even put up the tree, if I feel adventurous. I still have a few gift certificates to pick up and than I'm done shopping. Than comes baby! Whoo Hoo! Viva 2009!