Monday, September 7, 2009

Feeling Better/Labor Day

PBSSSSTTTTT! Too cute!Emerson and his ice cream cone. He still eats it with his hands...
Austin, Alex and Bradley in their "man cave"

Emerson taking a swim in the drink bucket. Too cold!
Up to no good! Turning on the tv in the kitchen while sitting on the table and apparently making rice!
Look who's crawling!
Alex thinks this is so funny!
Austin did too!

Feeling Better/Labor Day

Just a little update on baby Griffin after his surgery. He is healing quite nice. He hasn't had any complications at all. In fact after the first initial couple of days you would not have even known he had major surgery. Within two days of his surgery he began to crawl, fluidly. Within four days he was pulling himself to the standing position. If this kid starts walking this week I am having him tested because he is GIFTED! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.

We had a wonderful week. The boys are adjusting to their new room. We transitioned the boys from crib rails up to down. Hopefully this will ease the next transition which is toddler beds. They easily crawl in and out of their beds but have the stability at night of being in a crib. I decided to leave some toys in their room so they can play in the mornings instead of pulling clothes from drawers or getting in their closet. They seem to like the freedom that comes with being able to get down and play. The only downside besides having another room to reassemble and organize daily is they get up MUCH earlier. This morning it was 6:30am. They got out of their cribs and played for almost and hour before we went in to get them. I could hear them laughing and playing on the baby monitor. They are so cute talking up a storm in their together. I hear Max "Who's dat", "What's dat" and Emerson "No no no no" "jujujuju" (not sure what that is yet but he says it all the time) and Alex "Mommmmmy, Daddddddy....i uuuuupppppp". I hear alot of "ut oh's" and "nonononono" coming from there too. I'm not sure where the time went, but my babies are growing up so fast!

We had some visitors this week. Aunt Shelley(my very dear friend) and her son Carter came to see us. It's always so much fun to see them. They live in Virginia and are visits are usually only once or twice a year. Next month they will be moving to Atlanta, GA and we will probably get to see them even less. It's OK though, Facebook is a beautiful thing. I love you guys!

After church on Sunday we had a small get together of some friends and family. It was nice and intimate. Austin got to run with his cousin Bradley and burn off some steam. Those two kill me. One minute they are the best of friends, next thing you know they are fighting. It was a wonderful day with great weather. The pool was good for the 3 whole weeks we used it, but oh well there is always next year.

School starts tomorrow, Thank God! I'm am done with summer activities and am ready to settle into Fall. It is my favorite season! I'm ready for brisk nights and fallen leaves. Pumpkins on the porch(from my very own garden) and the smell of hot chocolate in the air! I can't wait to take the kids to the Zoo for our Halloween tradition and to dress the baby in a nice warm blanket for a family evening walk. My family is complete and whole for the first time. I'm so excited for the next step and what is to come. I say it so often but I can't help it...God has blessed us and we are so grateful!