Friday, November 4, 2011

Off to the Orchard

Every year my whole family packs up and heads out to Murphy's Orchard for my brother Christian's birthday. We have done this for the last 15 years or so. I make chili(it's usually cold. This year it was 80 degrees). We bring cupcakes and we pick apples and pumpkins. The kids love this more then anything. They run from tree to tree picking apples and eating everyting in sight. The most wonderful part of hanging out at Murphy's Orchard in Bert, NY is that they are family owned and operated. They have owned the property since the days of slavery. In fact they have a fully functional Underground railroad in their barn. The kids think it's so cool. They have been amazing to us. They allow us free reign of their facilities and the charge is miniscual. I have purchased 20lbs of apples. 10 pumpkins and a whole array of veggies from their garden for less then $30! That's awesome! We celebrated Christian's birthday on a very warm day this year. I felt bad for the kids. They had sweat running down their faces as they ran around. We enjoyed our day regardless. Emerson ran non stop that was until he saw the horses. He had a connection I have never seen before. I'm thinking riding lessons are in his future. Grif was over the heat but liked eating the fruit. Max and Alex loved the running from one end of the feilds to the next picking and eating rasberries. Austin was the wrangler. He handled the bags of fruit and kept tabs on the boys! We had a blast! Can't wait until next year!

The Air Show

My mother and I took the boys to the Buffalo Niagara Air Show in Niagara Falls New York in September. It was a first outing for my mom with just me, Austin and the triplets. This was inetersting to say the least. First we spent 2 hours in the car trying to get close to the show. By the time we finally arrived...OVER, that's right, I said OVER!!!!!! We watched from the car as the stealth bomber flew overhead and fighter planes swooped in and out of the sky. But the final show took place as we were being directed to park. The good news is, we got to walk around and in and out of planes on the ground. I don't think the boys were any the wiser to what they had missed. They just loved the adventure of it all. I think me and Grandma did too! and yes...if you notice, Emerson is punching Austin the the man berries!