Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long Weekend!

Griffin walking in his walker, what a big boy!
Patriotic triplets!
Maxim playing intensely.
Alex trying new foods, sloppy joes YUM!
Emerson says "no more pictures Mama, I'm sick!".
Boys, being boys!
Happy Earth Day!

Long Weekend!

What a week. The week and the long weekend seemed to fly by. Isn't that always the case? When you want to take some leisure time and enjoy the beautiful weather, it's just here and gone before you know it. Since early last week the boys have been sick. You know the sick I mean, runny noses, stuffy heads, coughs and snot everywhere. I know it has to do with sinus' and there is really nothing I can do about it. Even poor little Griffin was sick. The colds barely affected our outdoor activities though. It was so beautiful outside, the thought of being couped up all weekend was too much to bare. Needless to say we spent the weekend at home and enjoyed the yard. On Saturday our good friends Mike & Kelly along with Kyle and Gabby all came to visit. It was a lovely evening and the weather was great. We spent the rest of the long weekend roto tilling, weed pulling and erecting a fence for our new vegetable garden. We have around 50 vegetable plants that will be in the ground by this coming weekend. I have to say my husband did a wonderful job putting up the new fence and gate. It looks quite professional. We also opened the pool. It was nerve wrecking to wonder what we where going to find under the winter cover. Much to our surprise the water was crystal clear. The debris was minimal and all we needed was to fill it up with more water. We are hoping to get it cleaned and chemicaled up this weekend after the planting is done. We'll see, the weather is supposed to be iffy.

Looking out the window, triplet style!

Like I said the triplets where sick all week. This didn't stop them from playing hard everyday. Emerson has a new hobby of sitting in the back of the couch in the living room and watching the cars go by. Occasionally the other two join him and at certain times all three are hanging from the tops of the windows looking out. It must be quite a sight from outside. We have had several people honk and passer-byes wave. While waiting for Austin to get off the school bus one woman said to me "your boys are beautiful", when I turned I saw them all in the window laughing. Maxim had a heck of a week as you could probably read from my previous post. I'll be glad when he looses the "clumsys". Alex is well, Alex. He actually grabbed my face on Wednesday and said "Wuv vu"(love you in Alex-ize). I thought I would melt right on the spot. His talking is getting better and better. The other boys are still just in the "mama, dada, austin, meow, nums" phase. I don't think they are overly delayed in speech but they definitely lag behind Alex. All in good time they will ALL be yelling at me!
I know I've said it before but Griffin is Super-baby. He is now cruising in his walker! I put him in, just as a change from his seats and swing and he loved it. He scooted(backwards of course)all over the kitchen. He smiles and laughs and loves to push the buttons for the music. He still needs a little propping by a blanket but at 4 1/2 months he has amazing strength and control of his body. Like I said...SUPER BABY!
Austin is doing great. He is working hard at getting tooth number 2 out! He wiggles and wiggles that thing. He won't be happy until he's toothless! He is almost done with school for the year and we are contemplating some programs for him. I am hoping to get him into a reading program and possibly martial arts of some kind. He needs something since his coordination leaves something to be desired. I also think the discipline that martial arts offers can only benefit him in the long run. We'll see, all options are under discussion.
I would like to wish my husband of now 9 years a happy anniversary. On Tuesday we celebrated 9 years and 5 kids strong(our new motto). I know we where predestined to be together. God knew what he was doing when he brought us together! We have had an interesting 9 years. Irregardless of all the drama, good times and bad, one thing has been consistent and that is our love. We have had our share of nay sayers and have proved them all wrong. We promised this year would be the year we focus on our family and rid our lives of all the stresses from outside sources. So to the love of my life I say Happy anniversary and here's to many more. I love you!
New veggie garden pictures to come next week! I am very proud to be doing this project just me and my hubby.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oops he did it, AGAIN!

Boo Boo lip!
Boo Boo lip and two bandaged knees!

Oops he did it, AGAIN!
Now for this installment of the bumps and bruises of Maxim Stinner! Well my clumsy little man is at it again. On Wednesday I was cleaning up the kitchen while the triplets ran around and ate lunch(They no longer sit in their high chairs for lunch except when with Mrs. Debbie). When all of a sudden Max comes running around the corner, into the kitchen. By the time I turned to him he was tripping over the rug and flying face first into his little table. I immediately grabbed him to asses the damage. He bit almost completely through his lower lip. I called David at work to prepare him for another possible trip to the ER. The ironic thing is that last weeks finger drama was exactly one week to the day and almost to the minute! After monitoring the bleeding and cleaning up Max's mouth I discovered it wouldn't need stitches. Thank God! Can you imagine stitches in your mouth. He would have yanked them out for sure. After about an hour of calming him down I decided to take the boys out back for some fresh air. Big mistake! Within 5 minutes, Max ran down the sidewalk and tripped skinning both knee's! Ugghh! I think this kid is an accident waiting to happen. I know little boys are rough and tough but COME ON! My poor baby! Well, Max is doing much better. He hasn't skinned, broken or bruised anything in a day or so. However, he did wake up with one HECK of a cold! Oh God give me strength!!!!!!

Going, Going, Gone!

Yesterday Austin came home with a loose tooth. It's actually been loose for some time but today it was LOOSE! You know the kind of loose that a tooth gets when it's clinging to that last ligament. So he played with it and played with it. I kept offering to yank it out for him, but NO...he wanted to do it himself. Finally I convinced him to let me take a look and "see" how loose it really was. With that I reached in and yanked out his first tooth! It came out with no blood and no problems. He was so excited! He ran around in circles looking in every mirror he could find. I guess next time he won't be such a scardy cat when it comes to pulling out the tooth. Who knows he may just start yanking them all out!

He was so excited to put his tooth in his little star tooth holder he got when he was 2. He put it under his pillow and this morning was very surprised when the "Tooth Fairy" left him a one dollar bill and a coupon for dessert at school! The "Tooth Fairy" was apparently out of new toothbrushes...she better stock up for next time! He was so excited to go to school and show all his friends that he's growing up and loosing his teeth. I on the other hand am feeling a little sad. Sad that my first baby is growing up so quickly. I don't know where the time went. I'm hoping it slows down.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy, Busy 2

Austin and Zack (his BFF). He asked me to post this pic!
My baby sister getting her diploma(trust me, it's her!)
My baby, eating his hand and watching Aunt Ella graduate!

Busy, Busy 2

The week started out crazy with the trips to the doctors and ER and the rest of the week was pretty much the same. I have been trying to get the kids acclimated to spending as much time outside as possible. So every chance we get we are in the yard or going for walks. As anyone with multiples can tell you their children are usually pretty isolated. It's a difficult task to watch several children, all he same age going in all different directions. Not to mention having a 6 year old who doesn't always listen and an infant who is needy on a whole different level. For most of the winter we where inside for fear of flu or sickness that would leave the whole family debilitated and now it's such a huge task to get 5 children ready to go anywhere that we tend to stick to our home and the surrounding areas. When we go outside our normal realm the kids tend to act out and then we get the stupid comments like "oh, you've got your hands full" and the "better you an me's ". All though I have seen people with just 1 child who is acting like a crazy kid and I would never think to say anything, people always feel the need to make comments to me. Don't people think..maybe they should just let me be when I'm trying to control the kids rather than getting involved with stupid comments.
So anyway, the weekend approached and the weather turned cold as it often does in the Buffalo springtime. We still dressed the kids as warm as we could and sent them in the yard. Surprisingly enough the weather doesn't seem to bother them. I did a lot of gardening and the boys did their best to help. As I was planting the annual flowers they were digging them back up and handing them to me. They looked so proud that I couldn't possibly be angry. Than as I filled another planter with dirt, they would dig it back up. At one point all three little boys where covered with dirt and so was Austin. I guess it was my own fault for buying them gardening equipment. We had been looking for to Saturday for several months. We where invited to the NICU Reunion at Sisters Hospital. The NICU is someplace that is very important to my husband and I. All four of our little boys spent time there and they all did such a wonderful job. The nurses and the doctors became a part of our family. I personally couldn't wait. When the time came I dressed the kids in special matching outfits(so I could tell my children from the others) and we headed out as a large family of seven to Sisters Hospital. When we arrived it seemed like such organized ciaos. Their wee families as far as the eyes could see, kids everywhere and a juggler of sorts in the corner entertaining the masses. I scanned the area hoping to see our favorite nurses but saw no one. Emerson was already starting to fuss since he refused to take a nap. Within 5 minutes my boys where off and running. I went to get snacks to entertain them (again scanning the room). They ate, Austin complained, Emerson cried, Alex colored and Max observed. Griffin just hung out in the stroller the whole time. I was disappointed, we only saw 2 nurses the whole time we where there. None of the doctors where their and we pretty much wasted our day. Maybe next years reunion will be better.
Sunday was a beautiful day. My sister Gabrielle graduated from Niagara university. Actually she graduated in December(a semester early) but the ceremony was Sunday at UB. I brought Griffin as to not torture David by leaving all 5 kids and quite frankly he is the lesser of 5 evils. He seemed to enjoy having my mother, sister and Aunt all to himself that was until he was awoken by our hoots and hollers as my baby sister crossed the stage. Shortly there after we left. I went home and gathered the family for the party. We among the first to arrive and believe me that is quite a feat for us. The boys where irritable but in their defence we where outside, there where a ton of people they didn't know and it was freezing. After visiting for several hours I was more than happy to take my tired, filthy brood home. They seemed the happiest when finally getting into their cozy car seats and watching their movie. After that crazy day I was happy when all kids where home bathed, jammied and in bed by 8:30. Only 30 minutes off from our schedule. Not bad for this cranky mother of 5! I'm happy this week is over. I hope the weather gets better so we can start another crazy week off better. No Dr's appointments, no trips to the ER!

Medical Intervention!

My beautiful boy!
Max's boo boo!

Medical Intervention!

I took Griffin to the Doctor for his 4 month check up. He is an amazing little man. Trying to sit up and rolling over. He is in the 75th percentile for height and weight! 15.35lbs and 23 3/4 inches long! He's a moose. A happy, smiley, talkative, mostly sleeping through the night moose! The only downside is he will need minor surgery soon for an undecended testicle. AWWW, my poor baby. I'm sure he'll be fine. Unfortunately I have to post pone some summer plans until I know when his surgery will be but I'm sure all involved will understand.

Wednesday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and birds where singing. I decided that the boys needed fresh air and I needed to do some yard work. I set up the boys fence, brought out some toys and started to trim the bushes out front. I figured since Austin was due home at anytime I would work out front. Before long Max was getting fussy. He really doesn't like to be confined for very long. I decided I would put the kids back in the house one by one and clean up later. First Max since he was fussy, than Emerson, Alex third and Griffin last. The older boys are pretty easy to just open the door and set them in. The house is baby proofed so they really have no where to go. I didn't want to leave anyone alone so I would just put them through the front door than go get the next one. I put Max and Emerson in and went to grab Alex when I hear SCREAMING! It was Maxim. My heart sank as I ran into the house with Alex. Max was holding his hand and their was blood dripping down. A mothers worst nightmare. I grabbed Max and a towel that was conveniently on the floor. I wrapped his hand, placed him on the floor and went to get Griffin. When I got everyone safe in the house I looked at Max's hand I realized he had got his finger slammed in the large oak door leading to our foyer. Emerson loves to close everyone in the hallway and he must have shut it as Max was pulling himself up. Oh well, what could I do. After I cleaned Max up I realized this would be the first trip to ER for one of my boys. I had to take him because he was favoring his middle finger as if it where broken. I called David, who immediately came home. I rushed Max to the hospital fearing the worst. They ushered us in quickly and into X-ray. Within 1 hour we where told Max did not break any bones! He just bruised it very badly! Thank God! I was so worried and the fear of having his hand in a cast and trying to prevent everyone form yanking on it was freaking me out. Anyway, he is doing well. The finger is still swollen but is healing. I hope he doesn't loose his nail, that would just be gross!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy, Busy

Awww, my babies.
Alex and Griffin hanging out.
Happy Alex
My sweetie Emerson.
Alex and Griffin strollin!
My handsome boy, Austin!
Griffin's first food, he hated it!
Maxim growing up so fast!

Busy, Busy

Did you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? Lately that's what I feel like. I had one of those weeks that was so busy. Even when I was sleeping, I was dreaming of all the things I needed to get done. The week started out calm enough. A trip to the vet for the cat(just her normal yearly physical), shopping and some time outside with my boys. We had some underground electrical work completed for the pool and their was a huge trench in the yard. So I went out and filled most of it in while the boys ran and played. I than started to work on pulling the weeds out of my soon-to-be garden. Not fun! I picked up all the plants I ordered from Austins school and we have begun work on clearing our veggie garden. We don't have the plants in the ground yet but plan to do so in the next few weeks. I volunteered to work the plant sale at Austins school as well, that was fun. I was only there a few hours but it felt allot longer. I'm glad I limit my volunteering. Just the smell of cafeteria food makes my stomach turn! School is behind me and for that I am grateful.
Friday I went to Austin's school again this time for a Mother's Day Tea celebration. It was lovely. Austin gave me a "makeover", he brushed my hair, applied makeup and painted my nails. This was encouragement from his teacher to be attentive to moms on their special day. He was not thrilled about it but he obliged. He gave me a beautiful planter he painted his self complete with a pink impatient. He also drew a lovely picture of me(it was cute, had big blue eyes with long crazy eyelashes and no hair on the head) it looked just like me!On Saturday we where supposed to go to Fantasy Island with the kids. However the weather took a strange turn and we decided to skip it. It was a good thing we did because the wind would have made t impossible. In the afternoon, we headed to a birthday party for our friends son. Within 10 minutes both Max and Emerson made it clear they wanted no part of the bounce house scene. David took them out for a walk while I stayed with the other 3. Austin loves to bounce and was gone every time I turned around. Running like a mad man! I had Griffin in the Baby Bjorn(front pouch)he loved to people watch. He seemed almost unfazed about the ciaos around him. Alex just loved the baby bouncing section and the miniature golf course. They had all been there not too long before since Austins Birthday was there in February. After the party we joined David and the boys in the van where they'd been sitting for a little while watching a movie. Thank God we installed that DVD system! Best thing we ever did. I was glad to get home and bathe the boys. I needed down time.

Sunday was Mother's Day. David made reservations for a buffet but at the last moment we decided not to go because the kids where fussy and 6 kids(mine +my brother)along with us and my mom would just be overwhelming and enjoyable. So I decided to make a surf and turf feast for me and my mom at our house. The food turned out great. Everyone enjoyed the extra thick steaks on the grill, crab legs, shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms, tons of appetizers and a super sonic antipasto. I didn't eat much for fear of screwing up my diet(down almost 10 lbs in less than a month!). I'm sure Mother's Day will be more enjoyable for me when my boys are older and can take care of themselves. But until than it's just another work day for this Mommy! I do want to say Happy Mother's Day to all those Mother's and Mother type people.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Austin, nice new grown up
Who us?


First of all I would like to say that my children had a wonderful week. Aside from a small cold everyone is doing fine. Griffin is a little chatterbox. He is cooing up a storm. He is trying desperately to sit up and rolled over for the first time over the weekend. We borrowed a crib from our niece Renee(Thanks) and he is transitioning nicely. I almost think he likes being in a big boy bed. Austin is doing phenomenal. I had a meeting with his teacher this week and she told me his vocabulary is through the roof and he is a wonderful reader. She said he definitely has an active imagination and has really come out of his shell. (I was unaware he had a shell since he is the most outgoing kid I've ever met.) The triplets where a little fussy this week. It's hard to have a Spring cold. I took Max to the doctors thinking he may have an ear infection but he was clear. I think they may have seasonal allergies like me. They have been enjoying the outside. We took several walks in the new stroller this week and even went to the park behind Austin's school. They loved running in the open areas and Emerson cracked me up with his fascination with the slides. Alex is Superman. He is talking so much. We actually have conversations now. His vocabulary is going to be like Austins. He is way advanced in the speaking areas, God help me. The other two say what they need to get by. I think Alex and Austin do all the talking for them. What a joy my boys are!

Now for one of my motherly rants. I have heard some disturbing statements lately. Not necessarily about my children but about life in general. One thing that disturbs me most is the FEAR I hear in peoples voices and see in their faces. I hear about religious propaganda that claims the worlds recent events are a foretelling of the end of the world. Wow, even if the end of the world was coming shouldn't us Christians be the ones that are fearing the least. Our souls are saved, we know where we're going, so why fear? That's how I feel. I have no irrational fears about events happening or outbreaks. Another disturbing issue is the Swine Flu epidemic or pandemic now. It is a flu, people! The only difference between this flu and the others we all seemed to get this winter are that they haven't come up with a vaccination to prevent it. However it is completely curable. Unless your a newborn, 90 or immuno-suppressed you will be fine. Stop freaking out and wearing masks in public...they do nothing! Wash your hands and steer clear of people who look and sound sick. Antibiotics are treating and curing it. I too am watching the news and hear all the rumors and inaccurate information that's put out to scare people into buying products they don't need. As a mother I always have an over abundance of food in my home. But would I stock pile? No. I have what I have and refuse to waste what I won't use. It's always a good idea to have some emergency essentials but why go overboard? I look at my kids and I have everyday fears. Fears they will get hurt if they fall, fears they will get sick, fears they will not feel loved enough or fears I will somehow out live them. These are normal parental fears. I will not stay in my house for fear of flu. I will not sand bag my house for fear of flood, I will not stockpile food for fear of famine. Instead, I will live my life with love in my heart and not fear in my soul! I know where I'm going so I don't fear!