Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Better Day

This is the professional picture we had made for our family for Christmas. I had to wait until the last Christmas gift was given before I could post it. I am not a fan of the picture. I think it looks like I have floating children. If my kids weren't so darn cute, the day would have been a complete wash!

A Better Day

Day 9 after surgery and Austin is doing well. He says he is ready to return too school but in my opinion he is not eating well and is still on antibiotics. I told him maybe Wednesday if he is eating better. I think 10 days isn't long to be off from school after surgery. I'm just worried about him relapsing when his birthday is just a few days away. When I told him we would reevaluate on Tuesday he said "OK, that's why your the mom". I knew I raised him well!

I myself had surgery on Wednesday to alleviate the pain from the varicose veins the kids caused during pregnancy! Damn kids! It was actually rather painless but has proven to get a little sore as the days go on. Probably because I can't take more than 3 minutes of sitting down without stressing about what I need to do next.

The little boys are doing great. In fact they are doing amazing! I am proud to say that Alex has begun potty training. Yesterday he peed on the potty 3 times. We had a parade and sang the "we're so proud of you" song. He even got an Elmo sticker that said "Hurray"! He was so proud of himself that he keep saying..."I DID IT"!!! I think he will be ready for preschool in September. Yes, I will send him by himself if he is ready. We don't think it will harm them by being separated. In fact, we think it may motivate the other two to step it up.

Emerson is Mr. Independant. He likes to do things his own way. Don't get in his way're in trouble! He sits and plays Lego's for hours. He makes huge skyscrapers than transports them onto wheels. I personally think he's a visionary, it's the wave of the just watch! Maxim is my little helper. He helps me pick up the toys and he loves to vacuum and his main job is to help me change the sheets and make the beds. He always needs to be right next to me. If it would only last!

Max & Em are in speech therapy and making great progress. We are hearing a lot of words coming out of their mouths. They like their therapist and seem to be making great progress. We have a little concern when it comes to Max. He is going to a specialist to make sure his hearing is OK. I'm sure he's fine but we are just covering all of our bases.

Griffin is just my little joy! This kid is such a sweet baby. He is so independant since he started to walk. He just runs all over the place. He is a little rough houser though. He loves to be thrown around and smooched all over his face but watch out, he recently got more teeth and he is not afraid to use them! He's just a little smaller than the triplets and he can definitely hold his own!

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Austin Update

*********An Austin Update********

First of all Thank you again to ALL the friends and family that have called, come by, prayed and sent well wishes to our boy. Austin is doing OK. I wouldn't say he is doing good. He is still in a ton of pain and is just having a rough time relearning how to breathe properly. Unfortunately because he had surgery on both his throat and nose, breathing is extremely difficult for him. We are doing our best to keep him well medicated and drowsy, this way he sleeps most of the time. I would say he has slept 18-20 hours a day over the last 3 days. We ask that you all continue to pray for Austin's speedy recovery.

Friday, January 22, 2010

******Austin's Surgical Update*******

These pictures are of Austin at Hockey! He is our little superstar! This hockey league is done but he starts a new competitive league in February!

******Austin's Surgical Update*******

Today was Austin's surgery. He started the day saying "Don't worry mommy,I'm not worried". Little did he know I was a mess. What an awful feeling, to know your child is going to be in pain. Even if it is for the greater good, it is still so scary!

Austin is one of those kids that is extremely literal. When asked what he had to eat or drink today and he replied "apple juice, sugar free apple juice". Throughout the afternoon he continued to charm all the nurses. Somethings never changed.

So the surgery he underwent was a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/nasal endoscopy and cauterization. His surgery was pushed back until 1:30 but he went in with a smile on his face and he seemed much more worried about me than himself. After an hour plus long surgery my big boy emerged victorious and tonsil FREE! My poor boy has been pretty drugged up though and has yet to wake up for more than 2 minutes. The doctor said this was to be expexted because of the extent of his surgery. I'm not sure what tomorrow holds for Austin but I know he will do fine.

I want to thank EVERYONE for their encouragement, thoughts and prayers for Austin. Thank you to my amazing husband for taking care of the 4 little boys. Thank you Adrianne for going with me and Mom for helping me get him home. Thank you Pastor Jon and Yolanda(Austin's Sunday School teacher)Hasselbeck for coming to the hospital and offering your shoulder to lean on and beautiful prayers, it meant so much to us! I would also like to thank my Dad and all the other people that texted me throughout the day to keep tabs on Austin and to offer support. Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL! God is good!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Griffin's 1st Birthday Party

Griffin's 1st Birthday Party

Well, my baby officially turned 1 year old on the 5th. However we waited until the following Saturday to have his 1st birthday bash. Those that know me, know that the 1st birtjday party is always the most important. I know the kids won't remember it but everyone else will. It's my job as the mom to make this day all about the birthday boy. This was no exception. The day turned out amazing and it was ALL about my little Grif!

Trying to find a venue for a 1st birthday party is always hard. There are very few places that cater to the littlest toddlers. Usually you throw a party and it is all about the attendees rather than the actually birthday baby. Well, I did a lot of research and decided to go with a venue that specified in toddler parties and It was PERFECT. We rented the whole place out and made it all about my lil' birthday man. The kids loved running around and playing with a ton of age appropriate toys, games and tumbling equipment. It was so much fun that even the adults got in on it! I watched as everyone, young and old played with the little ones and socialized. It was such a relaxed atmosphere. I was actually able to talk to all of our guests and that very rarely happens when I host a party. To watch Griffin run around and play and just be loved up by all our friends and family was an amazing feeling to have. I'm positive he had a great time. Happy Birthday BABY!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Austin's Stuffy Nose!

Austin's Stuffy Nose!

Do you know what it feels like to have a nasty stuffy nose? Austin sure does. This poor kid has had a stuffy nose for months. It seemed like the cold that would never go away, or so I thought. Yesterday I brought him to the ENT Specialist (Ear, Nose & Throat). This was the same doctor that performed a nasal cauterization on him when he was 2. He took one look up Austin's nose and said "this kid is all stuffed up". Well, no kidding! He whisked Austin off to what looked like a dentists chair. He turned on a huge light and proceeded to suck the crap out of Austin's nose. I know, I know...GROSS! Well, he had to do this in order to find the route of the stuffiness. Turns out, aside from having HUGE veins in his septum, Austin also has enlarged adenoids and tonsils. You know what this means...THEY'RE ALL COMING OUT! Instead of just having his veins cauterized again to stop the ever present bloody noses the doctor strongly suggested we remove the adenoids and tonsils as well. It seems these glands are pretty much useless after infancy. When your an infant you need adenoids and tonsils to collect all the bacteria that enters your body through your sinus' and work as a filter. When your older they are really rather useless. They tend to get inflamed when your sick and anyone with tonsillitis will tell you it is rather painful.

We noticed a few months ago that Austin's bloody noses where increasing again and a cold he had in early Fall just never seemed to go away. I'm glad we finaly found the source of the issue but am concerned for my boy who will be undergoing surgery this month. Maybe now he will be able to sleep without flopping all over his bed like a fish out of water! When I explained to Austin about the surgery he seemed concerned until I told him about all the ice cream, jell-o and pudding he will consuming during this period. Than he just asked..."do I get to choose the flavors?" and "can I request milk shakes?". My boy is tough and he will be strong! Just keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Whenever one of my children has a birthday it brings me back to the day they came into our lives. I like to write my children letters on those days. I need them to be reminded how much they are loved at that particular moment in time.

My Dearest Griffin-

One year ago today I felt you wiggle inside me for the last time. The little flutters and hard kicks are all a distant memory. They took you from my body and held you high for me to see, “8lbs 5oz” the nurse yelled. A big difference from 16 months prior when your brothers entered the world. You had pink cheeks and red lips and much to my surprise, black curly hair surrounded your round little face. Within moments the doctors and nurses began buzzing around you. They came and said you would be taken away for observation. No, wait…he’s full term and BIG! How could something be wrong? It seemed like forever before they came in to tell me you where in the NICU. They where observing you because you where having troubles breathing. Later the doctor would tell me just how sick you where. We almost lost you in those 10 days you stayed in the NICU.

Fast forward to today, you started to walk just this month. Within days you where running. Trying desperately to keep up with your 4 big brothers who laugh and play around you. You laugh at Elmo and think Baby Einstein was made just for you. You love to play with the blocks and jump incessantly in your bouncer. You still don’t sleep through the night but I think it’s just because you like the private time we share when it’s just me and you alone at 4am. You carry around one of two “blankies”. One is green with white polka dots and the other blue with stars. You love them, and they seem to calm you when nothing else can. You are a happy baby. You smile and laugh almost always. You are quiet and reserved but make your presence known with a high pitched squeal that your dad says can shatter glass.

When I found out I was pregnant with you I was scared. How could I possibly handle ANOTHER baby? Your brothers where so little and Austin needed attention. All that fear disappeared when I felt you move inside my tummy. You where my little miracle. No drugs needed. No planning. My little surprise. From the moment I held you I knew you where the last piece of the puzzle. As I’ve watched you grow over the last year I was reminded of everything that is good with this world. You have been a bright shining ray of light in my life. You are my littlest love and you made my life complete. I love you Griffin! Happy 1st Birthday!
Love, Mommy