Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter



Hoppy Easter

Well Spring has Sprung in WNY. Actually it's been more like Summer. The temperature rose to a balmy 85 degrees on Saturday. What a huge heatwave for the beginning of April. It is almost unheard of. This burst of warm air officially brought the Stinner's out of hibernation. We have spent as much time outside as we possibly could. I never saw such stir crazy kids in my life. It was like we opened the flood gates the second the door opened, 5 kids went running like little mad men in 5 different directions. I love that the triplets are big enough to just play! I no longer have to hover over them. They just do, what they do! YEAH, Spring!

Easter weekend was AMAZING!!!! In fact it was 75 degrees and sunny for the first time since I was a teenager. It also happened to be my birthday weekend, which made it even better. On my birthday(Saturday) it was 85 degrees and I spent the whole day outside with my kids. We where trying to teach Austin to ride his 2 wheel bike, with no avail. Unfortunately he just kept getting frustrated. I'm sure by the beginning of summer, he will be riding the neighborhood like a pro! The triplets have again discovered to dig in the mud and more importantly to bury random things. I just discovered where my gardening gloves disappeared to...UGH! Hey, they are occupied and that's all that matters. Grif is a wanderer. He just walks from end of our yard to the next(yes, still sucking rocks) and taking it all in. I think he likes the freedom of being able to walk.

As always, I hosted Easter. I find extreme pleasure in cooking for my family and friends. The kids run around and occupy all the adults and I prepare the food. It's like what my life would be in opposite world. The kids had an Easter egg hunt in the yard. They consumed an ENORMOUS amount of chocolate and enjoyed Easter gifts from the Easter Bunny and their Grandma. They had a special guest make an unscheduled appearance. Yes, Elmo came! My kids are going to think Elmo is a part of our family! Too funny. He stayed a long time and even hung out on the couch and watched tv! WE LOVE ELMO! It ended up being an absolute perfect holiday. BRING ON MEMORIAL DAY, LET SUMMER BEGIN!