Sunday, October 12, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast!

Morning play session.
Brotherly love!
Max needed to fix his lawn mower.
Doesn't Max look like a big kid?
The lawn mower was fixed, so Max moved on to the Elmo bike!
Emerson dug up the yard.
Daddy made Alex's boo boo all better.
Austin picked up all the chestnuts.
Emerson ate leaves.
Austin tickled Emerson until he couldn't stand it!
Alex was very serious about the yard work!

They Grow Up So Fast

It seems like yesterday that I brought my little babies into this world. They where so small and helpless. Now all that has changed. They are these 20lb, running, growling, wrestling little creatures that every time I turn around they are jumping on top of one another screaming like banshees. I have had to break up no less than 10 fights this week between my 1 year olds. Can you even imagine. Where did my sweet babies go? OK, their still here. Most times they play so nicely. Max will gladly give up a toy for another baby who wants it desperately. Emerson will go onto another toy if one gets grabbed from his hands and Alex, well, Alex will grab whatever toy he wants and run like hell! I can't believe how quickly they turned into toddlers. They are into absolutely everything. If you open up their "little gated community", our living room, they run for the front door, the basement steeps or the stairs going to the bedrooms. Max is now Houdini! He can disappear so quickly and get into something before you blink an eye. Don't get me wrong, the boys seem to love each other. They play so nice sometime. I catch them all rolling the ball back and forth or playing with their Fisher Price Kitchen. I can't wait until my 5th little angel joins the crew. Can you imagine the fights!

Speaking of baby #5. When I found out I was pregnant again I was a little shocked. OK, really shocked. I will never say I was unhappy because to me a baby is always a blessing. But I was absolutely shocked. The last 7 months I have pretty much put the pregnancy out of my mind. The terrible morning sickness is gone and aside from the occasional kick in the ribs and the increasingly expanding waist band, I forget this little man is growing inside of me. That is until I hear the comments. You know what I'm talking about..."OMG! They have triplets and she's pregnant AGAIN!" Or the "I wanted to kill myself with 2 kids, how are you going to do it?" Or my newest one "Those POOR people!" That one pissed me off, so of course I told the woman she was an awful and rude person! I think she was kind of shocked that I was pissed about her comment. I know I can be a little bit of a joker when it comes to my life, but I wouldn't change a thing. My children are my biggest accomplishment and I look at everyday as a gift from God and not a prison sentence. Who I truly feel sorry for is the people that dislike their children and their life so much that they can look at my kids and think they are anything less than a miracle!

Austin is doing better in school. He seems to be holding his own when it comes to the other children. Not that I had any doubts. I mean my son is "Mr. Personality". He's been wanting to play outside more which makes me really happy. He seemed to become a little bit of a couch potato over the summer. Maybe he's like his Mom and prefers the Fall air to the hotness of Summer. We all spent the day outside this week. Enjoying the warmer Fall days. It was nice to see all three of the babies running around the yard instead of having to be contained. The ran around and picked up leaves, most of the time trying to eat them but so what! Emerson has acquired a taste for rocks. Strange I know but it could be worse. Alex was just content to play on all the bikes and trucks. They are growing up so fast. The next few seasons should be a riot. I can't wait to put them all in their snow suits and throw them in a snow bank.