Monday, March 30, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

Big Boys!
Daddy and Austin playing the Wii
The artist
a table full of men!

What a difference a week makes!

This has been the longest winter of our lives. The sickness was unbearable. But this last week was one filled with happy healthy children and warm weather. I was finally able to air out the house. I figured it couldn't do any harm to open all the windows and doors and Lysol everything. Hopefully, I killed all the bad germs that have lingered in here for the last 4 months. We spent several afternoons outside enjoying the sunshine. The boys played in their octagon(the portable fence we set up to contain them) with their bikes and outside toys. Austin rode his new bike up and down the driveway and did his best to pull his brothers around in their wagon. Griffin was content to be snuggled up in the Baby Bjorn. Ah Spring! It's almost to good to be true. But wait, in true Buffalo form SNOWED!

We had a lot of visitors this week. It's always nice to have people stop by and see the kids. We had some family friends come to see Griffin and play with the boys. I love to be surrounded by positive people. People who wish you know ill will, those who just legitimately love us and our kids. And to get love and support from the unexpected was amazing. No drama that's what our life is about now! My sister Adrianne stopped by as well as Grandma Linda and my mom. They all had a blast hanging out with the boys and cuddling the baby. At one point my mother was laying on the kitchen floor coloring. Who could ask for two better Grandma's? They just so genuinely love my boys. It's almost like they can only see the good in them. They never point out the bad. That's what being a good grandparent is all about I guess.
The triplets are growing at such an alarming rate. They hate to be confined to their high chairs now. They want to be big boys, like Austin and sit at the table to eat and color. Well, I couldn't let them do that because the chairs are too high. So we decided to get them a little tykes picnic table for the kitchen. They LOVE it. They sit their for their snacks and to color. I think they like the sense of freedom it gives them. They can come and go as they please and all though this is more mess for me, it is well worth their happiness.

Austin is such a great kid. He has really overcome allot of the issues he was having before. I think he was just overwhelmed and attention starved. We all have such a good routine going now that it frees up more time for him and he just eats it up. He is thriving in school. He almost can't wait for Mondays. I even caught him making up math problems and solving them. He's such a little intellect. I hope it continues. I'm just so proud of him. His spelling is getting so good that David and I now need to censor ourselves. We can no longer spell the words we don't want him to hear. He catches us every time!
What can I say about Griffin? Well, this baby is just such a gift from God. He is so easy going. He sleeps for 6 hour stretches at night, wakes for a small bottle than sleeps again for 2 or 3 more hours. When he's awake, he's the happiest baby. He very rarely cries and is happy to be on the mama. He eats like a champ and at the pediatricians on Tuesday he weighed a whopping 13lbs 5 oz! What a little piggy! He is now in clothes for a 6 month old. The doctor says he is in the 50th percentile for height and weight so he is by no means fat. We like to think he's just pleasantly plump!
Every once and a while I need to say some things about my husband. I know I don't mention him a lot but that's because this blog is my children's life through my eyes. My husband is a very hard worker and it's my job to deal with the day to day dealings of the kids. That sounds really archaic but it's not. It's just our division of power. Through all the tribulations of our life he has stayed true to who he is. He is such a hands on husband and father. He has really stepped up and helped with the kids and dealt with the issues he needed to. 9 years and 5 kids later and we are stronger now than we have ever been. I wouldn't be half the woman I am without him!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick of being Sick!

Sick of being Sick

I can't say too much about this week except that we where all sick with the flu. The week started with Emerson puking and diarrhea for about 24 hours. It than quickly spread to Alex and Maxim, than David and finally ending up with me and Austin. I am grateful that Griffin only had a few hours of discomfort. He ran a low grade fever and had a little diarrhea but was basically spared all the crazy gut wrenching puking that the rest of us got. It seems to have subsided now and for that I am grateful.

When your children are so sick all you can think of is ways to make them feel better. Some time there is absolutely nothing you can do. What a helpless feeling. I tried my best to comfort them but that didn't always work. All I could do is just let them come to me, and they did. I wrote the following letter to my children this week. I hope they never have that feeling of helplessness that I do when their children are sick...but I know they will.

My Dearest Boys...

Austin, I see you lying so sweetly on the couch next to me, your head warm, your stomach churning and hoping that with the tips of my fingers I can rub your pain away. I know the only thing I can do to make you feel better is to hold you close and kiss your forehead. This is the thing that seems to give you comfort. Emerson, you lay on my lap and look at me with red swollen eyes and I can almost hear you pleading for me to take that awful pain in your stomach away. Believe me when I say that at that exact moment that's what I am praying for. Alex, you laid on my feet and just cried. I put you over my shoulders and rocked you to sleep. I could feel your fever through my shirt. The whole time I was asking God to take it from you and give it to me. Maxim, so strong, trying not to be sick but as I gave you your third bath of the day I can see that it is getting the best of you. For the fourth time in a week I close my eyes and say a soft prayer asking God to make my babies feel better. Griffin, so little but the strongest of the bunch. You fought your way from near death at the beginning of your life. I know this little flu will not keep you down. You angelically coo at me and smile the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. It doesn't matter that I have changed your diaper 8 times in two hours as long as you have your mama, your the happiest baby in the world.

I know I can't always take the pain away. But I will do my best to protect you from all that can harm you. I will always be the one holding you in my arms and praying for the pain to be mine and not yours. I thank God everyday for my 5 beautiful boys. You are the reasons I was put on this earth. I can't imagine my life with out each and every one of you. I love you all so much!!! Oh yeah by the way, God answered my prayers. He allowed Mommy to get everything you all had! The power of prayer!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Austin and his new bike!
Max was cracking up for no reason it was hysterical!
Emerson feeding Alex breakfast!
Austin read ALL these books by himself!
Griffin smiling at the Mommy!
Put a goatee and glasses on this kid and he's his Daddy!
Ut Oh! What's Emerson doing?????
Three handsome boys broke through the gate and ran upstairs!

Spring Fever
Well, we had an uneventful week. Aside from Austin coming down with a bad rash, which I thought was some sort of awful flesh eating bacteria turned out to be Pityriasis rosea. This is a rash normally found in young adults rather than small kids like Austin. The doctor isn't sure why he got it but assured me it is no contagious, it's easily curable and should actually go away on it's own within a couple of weeks. My poor boy, up until then he is itching like crazy and looks like he has the chicken pocks.
The triplets are doing great. They are conspiring with each other though. I watched the three of them work together to stack their drums up so Emerson could climb up on the shelf in the living room to get the DVD's down. Thank God David secured the shelves to the wall with an anchor or I would have three little pancake boys. They crack me up the way they are in cahoots with one another now. It seems there is always a look out too. It's usually Max. Than there's the tattle tale, Alex. Emerson is always the one doing the bad deed though. I wonder if they set him up or if he is just the one that's gonna be my trouble maker?
Griffin is getting so big. He is now the size of a 4 month old. Don't get me wrong, he's not fat. Just pleasantly plump. I think it has to do with his daily routine. He eats, than sleeps, than eats, than sleeps, than smiles for 20 minutes, coos, laughs, farts, than eats, than sleeps. Repeat! That's about it. What a little angel. He is very rarely fusses. He is just happy to be held every now and then and to be kissed and snuggled. Man, I love this kid!
This weekend was amazing. The weather was superb and we couldn't wait to get out of the house, we had serious Spring Fever! On Saturday David and I ventured out with ALL 5 KIDS, alone!!!! We went to lunch and then Toys R Us. Lunch was surprisingly good. We went to a buffet so that the kids would have a variety of food to keep them occupied and that way the food is instantaneous. They where frustrated at first, probably because we had to switch tables and find high chairs with straps in order to accommodate them. But once Austin and I brought them food they where fine. Emerson ate an enormous amount of food. So did Alex. Max was a little more reserved and was more interested in drinking from a glass with a straw. Of course we where a spectacle. Especially when leaving since we resemble a circus act, throwing on coats and hats and trying to carry three toddlers and a newborn along with a 6 year old who has to carry our enormous diaper bag and all the child accessories. That's OK though it was worth the stares and occasional comment. Because the kids enjoyed it and so did we. We than headed over to Toys R Us, we promised Austin a new "big boy" bike for his birthday and he wanted to pick it out. David and I decided instead of making large Easter baskets for the kids full of candy and other non essentials that we would get them each a toy. Well, Austin got his bike and the triplets each got pool toys, they're first matchboxes and clipo's which are like baby Lego's and a clipo table. They really enjoyed getting out and seeing people and having a change of scenery. Of course Griffin was easy during the whole trip. He was awake most of the time, never cried, never complained. He just smiled and cooed! When we got home, we enjoyed the nice day and played outside while Austin tried out his new bike. The kids must of had a blast because they where exhausted. They fell asleep early and slept soundly through the night.
Sunday was a wonderful day. I made my world famous corned beef and cabbage. I cooked all day and the house smelled amazing. Not bad for a little German girl if I must say so myself! My family came over and we enjoyed an amazing meal, great conversation and family bonding. The kids ran around and ate of every ones plates. I caught everyone feeding them sweets...of course!They danced and played there was no ciaos, no drama just a great time. Just the way it should be!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Week in Paradise!

David and his boys!
All my men...except for Griffin who was snoozing! Aren't they handsome?
Max and Alex watching Sesame Street!
Happy Max.
Austin loves his baby brother!
My little penguin.
Austin giving his penguin presentation at school.
Griffin looks like he's saying "Who the heck are you?" to Alex!
Emerson playing with Sidney. She took a bite than he did...too funny!

Another Week in Paradise!
This week was great! The boys are all healthy still, the snot hasn't returned and the last cough has been coughed! Let's just pray it stays that way. We seemed to have successfully removed the people in our lives who insist on causing us stress so aside from the occassional drive by stalking it's been quiet on that front. All and all our lives are returning to a normal state of hectic ciaos.
Austin had a production, Tuesday at school. It was so cute. All the kids stood up one by one, said their names in the microphone than gave a little fact about penguins. Austin stood right up with no hesitation. He said his name loud and proud and gave his fact. He's a natural! No fear of public speaking on his part. In fact he seemed intensely confident. David and I where both very proud. Afterwards Austin showed us around his classroom, introducing us to his friends and proudly showing off his works of art and projects. He's growing and maturing so fast. Where did my little boy go???? We also got his report card this week and he did amazing. Any issues he had in the beginning of the year are gone. He is reading very well, his writing is improving and his listening skills are much better. On Saturday I took him to the Buffalo Zoo for his friends birthday party. He ran around and played like a wild man. He seemed to really enjoy being with kids his own age. I am hoping to get several play dates for him this summer since all the kids at the party live in our neighborhood.
The triplets had a terrific week. They are really getting into Sesame Street lately. They watch one episode every morning. This is great since I can take that hour and get ready for the day without having to tend to them. They will sit on the floor and watch, intensely. They love Elmo (of course), cookie monster and oscar the grouch. Emerson laughs out loud at them sometimes. I wonder what they are thinking while watching. I love that they are getting into it since it was so helpful to Austin when he was their age. I really owe so much to the Children's Television Workshop and PBS for helping teach Austin the ABC's and to count. I mean I worked with him constantly but they made it fun too learn! I even caught Alex counting as we walked up the stairs...he said "un, two, tree", close enough!

The triplets visited the Robert Warner Center at Children's Hospital today. They go there every 6 months to evaluate their growth. When I say "growth" I mean their physical, mental and cognitive growth. They are all completely age appropriate and above on all testing. No bad for being born 8 weeks early. So many kids, even full term children are just left to heir own accord. Then people wonder why their kids have delays. They evaluated the triplets to make sure they don't have any delays due to their prematurity. Alexander does have an issue with his one leg(it bows out) and he is pigeon toed so he is going to see a physical therapist next week but aside from that they all tested between 16 and 1/2 months(their corrected age) and 20 months. So they are all on target. They should have no long term effects of their prematurity!!! Amazing. I am so proud.
I have to say, I am so in love with Griffin. What an incredible baby he is. He sleeps like a champ, gets up only to get a diaper change, feed, smile and coo than goes right back to sleep. He is sleeping 6 hours at night and is only awake for 15 minutes to eat before going back to sleep. I am so lucky. It could have been awful throwing another kid into the ciaos of our lives but he fits right in. He is holding his head up for long periods of time. He is laughing out loud and cooing up a storm all at 2 months old. He sleeps through everything. He never wakes up when the boys are screaming or I am. He actually seems to sleep better when the house is at it's noisiest! I am so incredibly lucky!!!!
Thanks for all the inquiries on my new blog. I have been writing up a storm. I should have it all up and running later this week. I just had no time to publish it yet but I will. It's full of rants and raves that you all have come to love so I'm sure it will be a huge hit!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Finally Healthy!

Happy sick baby!
New slippers, they stayed on about a minute and a half! Austin was cracking up on the background!
Sick Emerson! Awwwwww!
Sick Alex! Awwwwww!

Finally Healthy!
Last night I was watching television after all the older children had gone to bed. When I looked over at Griffin, who was sitting in his bouncer chair I was amazed at what I saw. He was staring into the corner of the living room ceiling laughing, cooing and smiling. It almost looked as if someone was there. He continued on for about 4 or 5 minutes before his eyes became heavy and he eventually fell asleep. I wonder, do babies see things we don't? I remember the triplets doing the same thing and the ironic thing is, he was staring in the exact same place they always did. I like to think it's my Grandmother, who passed away in January of 2007, the same week the triplets where conceived. Or maybe David's mother who passed away when he was 10 years old. It's amazing how the mind works. I can just imagine my Grandmother in the corner making silly faces and smiling so big at my baby. She always loved the little ones. Or David's mother coming to check on her newest grand baby. One never knows I guess. I wonder what they both would have thought of all these baby boys. I'm sure they both would have been the best grandmothers and loved them unconditionally. I wish they where both still here, life would be so different, less dramatic I'm sure!

Me and my baby!

The triplets are finally over their colds. It was the longest month of our lives. They would feel good for a day or two than be sick for a week. I can't wait for the weather to break so we can air out the house and get rid of all these sick germs that seem to linger. They have started playing like big kids now. I think they are playing games. One smacks the other than they run after the third. They can do this for hours. They are needing me less and less which is nice since Griffin needs me now. But I kind of miss them only wanting me.

Austin had a great weekend. He hung out with his Aunt Ella. They watched movies, went shopping, visited Aunt Terri, who has been quite ill and went roller skating. Then on Sunday him and I played the WII and he crowned me Queen Mother of the WII! I think he was impressed that his mom could play his video game better than he could! Than he started watching the original Star Wars movie. I knew all the characters since I saw it as a child. Again he was impressed by his mom! I think he has a brand new respect for me after this weekend, as he should...I'm one cool mom!

As many of you know, I have been collecting data and writing a book based on my blog...mostly my experiences as a mother of multiples, foreign adoption and MY life. This includes all MY experiences as a mother and the trials and tribulations that come with it. This week I have started with the experiences of extended family and their opinions of you and your life. Let's just say my book is taking an interesting turn. I have a whole chapter in my head and can't wait to have the time to sit and write it down. I have also decided to start a new blog. I really feel the need to write on a more adult level sometimes. So I think maintaining a blog with more grown up content would be appropriate and leaving this blog about the kids is a better fit. I will start it soon and those of you interested in the site can email me at themamaofive@ hotmail dot com and I will direct you to my new site. It will not be a blogger site or able to be found through google so you will have to email me for the site name. I will still maintain this one about the kids but maybe keep my rants and raves to a minimum. Maybe not.

To those few people(they know who they are) who are telling stories to anyone who will listen, just know this. Everyone is now talking to each other and therefore the lies you are telling are now becoming very evident to everyone. So if your going to lie to several people in the same family it would be wise to tell the same lie instead of making up new ones with each new person. Maybe then no one would question your credibility or your sanity! It's like the story of the man that caught the 6 inch fish. By the time the story has been told and retold the fish is now 40 feet long with razor sharp teeth. I'm wondering, after 3 big is the fish today????