Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a crazy life...

It's a crazy life...

I know, I know...these posts are becoming further apart. I apologize. The boys have kept us incredibly busy lately. Mostly because we are POTTY TRAINING! That's right people, potty training. Alex has been going on the potty inconsistently for about 3 months or so. I think it was more of a curiosity then anything but now, we are getting serious. I think it's a verbal thing. Now that Alex can say "I gocka go potty, mom!", and Max says "Me too",things are getting easier. I actually put them on "POTTY SCHEDULE" and that helps them remember. They know when they have to go for me and are now beginning to verbalize when they NEED to go.

I wish I could say "I'm SuperMOM and this is SO easy". It's not. Max will sit on the potty then stand up and pee on the floor. Emerson tooted and scared himself and is now refusing to go and Alex runs around the house screaming "I PEED", while still going! So let's just say, my house has a lot more air freshners strewn about lately and my carpet cleaner is working overtime.

Speaking of my carpet cleaner working OVERTIME...we had, well let's just say...A SITUATION! First some back story, the boys have finally out grown the sink for baths. This is devastating to me since we have given them a bath there everyday since they where born. We finally decided to start using the bath tub upstairs to bathe the 4 little ones every night. The boys LOVE it. They have lots of room and get to have bubbles and play with toys. They can splash and pour water on each other and have a grand ole time. This has worked out perfect so far. Even one person can do the job if you can take the boys out and let them run naked(hey, they are using the potty)until you can quick slap a diaper on. Well, last night we had Chinese food. It was everywhere. I stripped the boys down, except for diapers and let them run upstairs for baths. By the time I got upstairs, Emerson had run back downstairs. I placed Max and Alex in the tub and washed them up. I got them all diapered and changed and still no Emerson. When I finally returned downstairs I smelled the most foul smell, like the monkey house at the Zoo. Following my nose, I came to the living room where I found a bare assed Emerson covered in his own poop, finger painting the floor and the BABY!!!!! That's right, there was literally crap EVERYWHERE. All over Emerson, ALL over Griffin, ALL over my BROWN carpet, BROWN CURTAINS and tan furniture!!!!! I jumped the fence just in time since Griffin had a large chuck heading straight for his mouth! YUCK. I grabbed them both(with Davids help), ran them upstairs and threw them in the tub where they continued to finger paint! I spent the next 2 hours scrubbing my child's feces from every surface in my living room. The good news is Emerson is scared for life from my insane screaming "NOOOOOOOO, that's SH%t!!!!!!" and will probably never do it again. The bad news is I still smell a little hint of it, and I have NO idea where it is! THANK YOU MR. CARPET CLEANER!

So ends another episode of THE STINNER FAMILY CHRONICLES...Que the circus music!