Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long Weekend!

Griffin walking in his walker, what a big boy!
Patriotic triplets!
Maxim playing intensely.
Alex trying new foods, sloppy joes YUM!
Emerson says "no more pictures Mama, I'm sick!".
Boys, being boys!
Happy Earth Day!

Long Weekend!

What a week. The week and the long weekend seemed to fly by. Isn't that always the case? When you want to take some leisure time and enjoy the beautiful weather, it's just here and gone before you know it. Since early last week the boys have been sick. You know the sick I mean, runny noses, stuffy heads, coughs and snot everywhere. I know it has to do with sinus' and there is really nothing I can do about it. Even poor little Griffin was sick. The colds barely affected our outdoor activities though. It was so beautiful outside, the thought of being couped up all weekend was too much to bare. Needless to say we spent the weekend at home and enjoyed the yard. On Saturday our good friends Mike & Kelly along with Kyle and Gabby all came to visit. It was a lovely evening and the weather was great. We spent the rest of the long weekend roto tilling, weed pulling and erecting a fence for our new vegetable garden. We have around 50 vegetable plants that will be in the ground by this coming weekend. I have to say my husband did a wonderful job putting up the new fence and gate. It looks quite professional. We also opened the pool. It was nerve wrecking to wonder what we where going to find under the winter cover. Much to our surprise the water was crystal clear. The debris was minimal and all we needed was to fill it up with more water. We are hoping to get it cleaned and chemicaled up this weekend after the planting is done. We'll see, the weather is supposed to be iffy.

Looking out the window, triplet style!

Like I said the triplets where sick all week. This didn't stop them from playing hard everyday. Emerson has a new hobby of sitting in the back of the couch in the living room and watching the cars go by. Occasionally the other two join him and at certain times all three are hanging from the tops of the windows looking out. It must be quite a sight from outside. We have had several people honk and passer-byes wave. While waiting for Austin to get off the school bus one woman said to me "your boys are beautiful", when I turned I saw them all in the window laughing. Maxim had a heck of a week as you could probably read from my previous post. I'll be glad when he looses the "clumsys". Alex is well, Alex. He actually grabbed my face on Wednesday and said "Wuv vu"(love you in Alex-ize). I thought I would melt right on the spot. His talking is getting better and better. The other boys are still just in the "mama, dada, austin, meow, nums" phase. I don't think they are overly delayed in speech but they definitely lag behind Alex. All in good time they will ALL be yelling at me!
I know I've said it before but Griffin is Super-baby. He is now cruising in his walker! I put him in, just as a change from his seats and swing and he loved it. He scooted(backwards of course)all over the kitchen. He smiles and laughs and loves to push the buttons for the music. He still needs a little propping by a blanket but at 4 1/2 months he has amazing strength and control of his body. Like I said...SUPER BABY!
Austin is doing great. He is working hard at getting tooth number 2 out! He wiggles and wiggles that thing. He won't be happy until he's toothless! He is almost done with school for the year and we are contemplating some programs for him. I am hoping to get him into a reading program and possibly martial arts of some kind. He needs something since his coordination leaves something to be desired. I also think the discipline that martial arts offers can only benefit him in the long run. We'll see, all options are under discussion.
I would like to wish my husband of now 9 years a happy anniversary. On Tuesday we celebrated 9 years and 5 kids strong(our new motto). I know we where predestined to be together. God knew what he was doing when he brought us together! We have had an interesting 9 years. Irregardless of all the drama, good times and bad, one thing has been consistent and that is our love. We have had our share of nay sayers and have proved them all wrong. We promised this year would be the year we focus on our family and rid our lives of all the stresses from outside sources. So to the love of my life I say Happy anniversary and here's to many more. I love you!
New veggie garden pictures to come next week! I am very proud to be doing this project just me and my hubby.