Monday, April 26, 2010



I knew my life would get busier as my children got older but I had no idea just how busy. They have now decided staying in doors is no longer an option. From the moment they wake up in the morning all I hear is "Ina go bye bye". They are very happy to get all dressed and pile in the van on one mission or another. I have actually started venturing out on my own with all 5 kids. Can you imagine that sight? We have done small trips to the drive-thru pharmacy, McDonald's(again, Drive-thru) and even a small adventure to my Grandparents house. They love the adventure of it all. I have yet to be bold enough to venture someplace where they actually get out of the car! That's not entirely true. On the trip to my grandparents old empty house, I opened the backyard gate to a long grassed play world they had never been before. For me it was bitter sweet. The thought of them running the same chain linked fence that had kept me secure from the time I was old enough to toddle was welcoming and calm. I was flooded with emotion as I saw them try to climb the huge trees that I too climbed. Running up and down the ramp(put in for the ailing, now departed dog)reminded me of my grandpa calling me in to eat. Than to actually enter the house that is now empty, made me sad. Sad for myself and definitely sad for my boys who will never know what amazing human beings my grandparents where. I wish they could have known them! None the less it was an adventure and my kids ran around opening every cupboard and drawer. I wish I would have had my camera to catch the momentous occasion, oh well...note to self, bring camera on all Stinner adventures.

Not all adventures take place outside of the house. In fact, most of our adventures are in doors or in the yard. The children have searched the house for all things dangerous and are trying their darnedest to complete all dangerous tasks and give me a heart attack. So far they have climbed up on dressers and attempted to jump off on their new big boy(they are in fact VERY small)beds. They climb the shelving in the living room, clear off it's contents and use it as a bunk bed. I have found kids standing on counter tops and walking out the front door. They now climb the play set with the swings like old pros and even jump from high on the slide to the recycled mulch below. They push each other on their bikes into stone walls and throw buckets of mulch on unsuspecting brothers below(bucket and all). I'm hoping Griffin doesn't follow in his big brothers dangerous footsteps but i have a feeling he is watching...and plotting!

I don't mind the adventurous sides of my boys. In fact, I embrace it. I want them to want to explore their surroundings. I don't however want them to do it before they know right from wrong. If God gets this family through in the next 2 years without incident I will truly believe in miracles!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear Stinner Children

Dear Stinner Children

Every now and then there are a few things I would like to remember to tell my kids about when they where young. Usually it ends up with me being all mushy and telling them how important they are to me and how much I love them. Well, this isn't one of those postings. This is just a short reminder to my kids about what they where doing at this age.

Dear Children,

Thank you so much for all that you do for me. However, I don't feel the furniture, walls, carpet and steps need moisturising. Please leave the baby cream where it belongs so I may apply it to human beings!

Thank you for feeding Sidney(the dog) your dinner. She is very full now and will show me by puking up green beans all over the living room.

Thank you for using my brand new end table as a drum. The dents, dings and scratches give it character.

Thank you for standing in the window, naked. Now all the neighbors know you are potty training!

Thank you so much for borrowing Austins hand soap and pouring it ALL over the attic, on every surface. The whole attic now has a lovely scent of watermelon.

Thank you for cleaning up the dog poop in the yard. Next time I feel it would be better if we use some sort of shovel or perhaps a bag. Picking it up with your hands is unnecessary.

Thank you for telling me it was your baby brothers who opened up the cookies/candy/crackers that I found the wrappers hidden all over the playroom. I'm not sure how they climbed that high but I'm glad it was the non-verbal kids and not you telling a little white lie.

Thank you for attempting to shave your own head with Daddy's beard trimmer. All though it is time consuming I would prefer to do it myself. It just gives me more time to look at all the lovely bruises on your head.

Thank you for putting your dishes in the sink. However, until you get a little taller and can actually reach the sink it should be left up to someone taller. Milk is very hard to get out of the cupboard.

Thank you for wiping your buggers on the walls up and down the stairs. It shows me they are perfectly normal and no sickness lives here.

Thank you for being so jealous that I am holding another brother that you scratch my arm up like a cat leaving people to believe i am abused!

Thank you for licking the juice from the floor in the front foyer. A paper towel would have been better suited for the job but this was just as affective.

Thank you for the lovely hug in which you wiped your snot/dirt filled face all over my white T-shirt. Again, no infections here!

Thank you for getting my coffee cup off the counter and putting it on the floor where I accidentally kicked it all over the floor. I think it got in EVERY crevice.

Thank you for unraveling every toilet paper role in ALL 4 bathrooms. I don't know why they come like that. I too prefer to have bunched/tore up little pieces of toilet paper.

Thank you for getting into the upstairs cupboard and squirting out a whole BRAND NEW bottle of country apple scented hand moisturizer all over the brown carpet. I too think it was high time I spend 2 hours scrubbing the 3'x4' space up there. Not to mention every floor now smells like fruit!

Thank you for taking your juice cups, bottles and anything else filled with liquid and dripping it ALL over every piece of furniture in this house. At least you are consistent!

But seriously, thank you for trying hard to get into everything and anything you can. You keep my life interesting and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love you ALL, MOM

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter



Hoppy Easter

Well Spring has Sprung in WNY. Actually it's been more like Summer. The temperature rose to a balmy 85 degrees on Saturday. What a huge heatwave for the beginning of April. It is almost unheard of. This burst of warm air officially brought the Stinner's out of hibernation. We have spent as much time outside as we possibly could. I never saw such stir crazy kids in my life. It was like we opened the flood gates the second the door opened, 5 kids went running like little mad men in 5 different directions. I love that the triplets are big enough to just play! I no longer have to hover over them. They just do, what they do! YEAH, Spring!

Easter weekend was AMAZING!!!! In fact it was 75 degrees and sunny for the first time since I was a teenager. It also happened to be my birthday weekend, which made it even better. On my birthday(Saturday) it was 85 degrees and I spent the whole day outside with my kids. We where trying to teach Austin to ride his 2 wheel bike, with no avail. Unfortunately he just kept getting frustrated. I'm sure by the beginning of summer, he will be riding the neighborhood like a pro! The triplets have again discovered to dig in the mud and more importantly to bury random things. I just discovered where my gardening gloves disappeared to...UGH! Hey, they are occupied and that's all that matters. Grif is a wanderer. He just walks from end of our yard to the next(yes, still sucking rocks) and taking it all in. I think he likes the freedom of being able to walk.

As always, I hosted Easter. I find extreme pleasure in cooking for my family and friends. The kids run around and occupy all the adults and I prepare the food. It's like what my life would be in opposite world. The kids had an Easter egg hunt in the yard. They consumed an ENORMOUS amount of chocolate and enjoyed Easter gifts from the Easter Bunny and their Grandma. They had a special guest make an unscheduled appearance. Yes, Elmo came! My kids are going to think Elmo is a part of our family! Too funny. He stayed a long time and even hung out on the couch and watched tv! WE LOVE ELMO! It ended up being an absolute perfect holiday. BRING ON MEMORIAL DAY, LET SUMMER BEGIN!