Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Week 30- Happy 7 Month Birthday Babies!

My babies 7 months ago!
Alex, my intellectual
Emerson, my carnivore

Max crawling to his toy
Austin and Alex- What a proud big Bro!

Week 30

Happy Birthday Babies!

7 months and counting. The time has flown by for me. The babies are doing so amazingly. I can't believe they are rolling, sitting up(with assistance), talking (mama...whoo hoo) and now crawling. OK only Max is crawling but put all the babies in their walkers and back up. They cruise in those things. They have just come so far since being in those little incubators with all the tubes and wires. I look back at the pictures and feel such depression that my babies had to go through all that. As their mother I will always feel responsible for not keeping them in longer. If only I where several inches taller maybe I could have but frankly, I ran out of room! I know I shouldn't feel guilty, but I always will. It's like guilt accompanies motherhood no matter what.

OK, so we ventured out this weekend with the triplets(Austin was with Grandma). WOW! What a circus. I actually heard that circus music in the background as we walked through the mall! Yup, we went to the mall. Why we went to the mall is beyond me, but we did. Within moments of exiting the minivan, people began the "Oh my goodness...three"! Than, after securing them in the triplet stroller or as I like to call it "The TRAIN", we entered the mall. Only to have people STOP....let me reiterate....STOP directly in front of us and say...."Are they triplets?". NO....we've abducted 3 different peoples children and decided to parade them around The Boulevard Mall! Than starts the inevitable whispers, "Wow, three babies", "Triplets?", "OMG three", "Twins...No Triplets!". Like we don't know there are three of them. We had people make the comments "You are so blessed", "What a blessing", "You must have a lot of patients" and "Good luck!". Those aren't so bad. The ones i can't stand are the people who stop directly in front of you(blocking us from walking any further) and wanna tell us "how much work it's gotta be", "how tired I am", or that look of utter disgust, you know the "better you than me look"! We had people ask these questions..."Are they all yours?", who else's would they be. To David, "How many jobs do you have", "do you have super sperm" (yup someone actually said that). "Are they identical?", look at them, NO! "You had a c-section, right?", "Are those three twins?", WOW! And my favorite..."Do they have the same birthday?". Are people in general just completely stunned by the fact that their are three of them and it turns their brains to mush? I'm just curios. I got to the point when we walked by people that I would say..."yes, they are triplets, yes their are three of them, yes they are all boys and yes we know it's gonna be rough." I felt such a feeling of anxiety for my children. They are going to have to live their lives like a carnival side show. They don't deserve that. People will always stop and stare at them. I know most people don't mean them harm but, come on people...they are human beings not circus freaks. I don't think we will be venturing out to the mall again anytime soon. However, I do plan on getting T-shirts made....Yes we are triplets, Yes we are boys, Yes we are cute, now back off before we throw poop on you! Think that will get the message across? Poor Austin, he's gonna have to be such a protective big brother in the future! I can already see the "what are you looking at?" look in his face!

On a much lighter note, Max got his first war wound. While struggling with a toy, Max knocked it loose and straight into his eye! Now, my poor lil man has a small bruise under his left eye. First of many I'm sure but just thought I would share that. Also, I heard the most beautiful thing a mother could hear. Emerson started saying "Mama". It started out a small "mmmmmmmm" sound, went into a "mmmmmaaaaaaaaa" and ended up the most amazing sound "mmmmaaaammmmaaa". I haven't been this happy since Austin muttered "mama" for the first time almost 4 years ago. I am one proud mama right now! It was worth the wait!