Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where has this year gone?

Daddy and his little boys watching Toy Story 2.
They wresteled...guess who won?
Daddy and Emerson doing a flip!
Max's newest trick!
Alex is Mommy's little drummer boy!
Austin and his funky dance moves!
Emerson is Mr. Smiley. Alex's blue eyes melt me.
So do Max's

Where has this year gone?

Here we are the beginning of December. The year will be over in less than a month and our new baby will be joining us probably sooner than later. I'm not sure exactly when the year past me by but I think it was somewhere around May. It seemed like the year had just begun, we found out we where pregnant and we had begun making plans for the boys first birthday bash. Now here we are, the year almost done, the boys walking and talking the birthday bash long from our minds, Austin looks sounds more like a young man everyday and our new baby about to arrive. I'M FREAKING OUT! I just had this unbelievable image of a teenage Austin coming in and asking for the car keys to go on a date. It's seems like that is where life is heading. I'm not exactly sure what next year holds, but I am so looking forward to it. So I pose this question to you...Where has the year gone and what will the next year have in store?

Thanksgiving was great. We hosted both my family and David's. Talk about two families that are at complete ends of the life spectrum. But that's OK. We all seemed to get along well. There where a few incidents of passionate discussions...that's when people raise their voices. But in general the day was wonderful. By the time the day was over and I finished the dishes, I was exhausted and so where the kids. We all just crashed. I've never slept better. Now for Christmas. I am hosting Christmas eve this year (as long as Griffin doesn't decide differently). I made the decision that Christmas eve will be the day we invite family or friends to visit and Christmas day will be the day we spend in our jammies enjoying our kids! It's really not fair to give them all new stuff and then say..."you can't play until all our company leaves later!" So Christmas day will be all about playing! I can't wait!

Austin is getting excited for the holidays. He talks about Santa constantly. He wants everything he sees but than retracts when he notices it says 3 and up. He'll say..."Well how about that for my brothers, since I'm 5 and way to old for that toy". He thinks he's grown and quite frankly I think he is an old soul in that five year old body. My son is wise beyond his years!

The boys are great. They have begun to venture out of "the worlds largest playpen" or my living room as we like to call it, and explore the world around them. They get in all my cupboards, they put all their greasy, slimy little fingers all over my spotless furniture. But I love that they enjoy exploring so I don't mind much. It is hard to watch them when they are going in three different directions. But that's half the fun. They are loving playing with their daddy and Austin. They grow so fast. They amaze me every day with the things they do. I feel like I'm looking at life for the first time in their eyes. I really do have 4 of the most amazing kids in the world...soon to be 5!