Friday, October 29, 2010



As we prepare for the onset of winter we are doing our best to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Luckily Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the feel of the cool air, the crunch of leafs under my feet, dressing warm and hot chocolate. Most of all I love fruit picking and pumpkin harvesting. I love all the Fall festivals WNY has to offer and the look on the kids faces when they see thousands of pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is a really a big deal and the kids love to make happy faces on them and roast the seeds. Most of all I love the smell in the air, it smells like apples, cinnamon and burning wood. Ahhhhh Fall, it's coming to an end soon and winter will be here. We enjoyed our Fall though and plan to enjoy the wonders of snow for the first time this year. It's actually an exciting thought. It'll be here before you know it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is my children as they are. They are not perfect. In fact,they are perfectly imperfect!

It seems like the last year of my life has been in fast forward. The boys have decided every waken moment must be dedicated to them. I very rarely get time to myself or even 5 minutes to update this blog. I thought I better try and at least get on here once a month for an old fashioned overview of what my crew is up to. it goes...


Austin started 2nd grade last month. This means, he is a grown man. OK, so he thinks he is a grown man. He comes home with what seems like enough homework for 5 kids. He is reading at a level above his classmates but his hand writing is AWFUL. I'm thinking he is probably going to be a doctor of some kind because of it! He is a social butterfly. He has a ton of friends and they seem to be the rowdy ones. He is infatuated with Science and how the world works. His new passion is SPIDERS. We have a very large garden spider(Peter Parker AKA Spiderman) in our front bush and we have watched him grow and grow for the last few months. Austin can explain any stage the spider is at and all about his needs. I love that he is inquisitive but he does have the 7 year old attitude that he knows all.


Emerson is making huge strides. He is having speech therapy and has begun talking and expressing himself. He is still my little actor. He is obsessed with movies and memorizes the whole dialogue. He loves MUSIC! He makes up little dance routines and tries his best to sing the lyrics. He carries around several blue woven blankets made by Aunt Leisel. He can't be very far away from them at anytime. They bring him comfort. He has had his since he was in the NICU and refuses to go to bed without it. He loves school. Puzzles are his specialty. He is making great progress and I am so proud. Don't get on his bad side though...he's a biter!


Maxim or "Computer Max" as he is lovingly referred to, is obsessed with electronics. He has his daddy's inquisitive nature when it come to computers. We even just purchased him his very own laptop. We had to because he steals mine or Davids and gets into all kind of trouble on them. He also LOVES our cell phones. He has texted everyone in my contacts with gibberish. He is definitely going to follow in Davids footsteps. He is in speech therapy and is talking like crazy. He is ALWAYS by my side and wants me to explain everything I'm doing. He is still working on potty training...any day now!


Alex is a comedian. The things he says just kill me. I don't think he knows he's 3. He yells at me when he doesn't like something I say or do. He always says the most hysterical things for example here is an actual conversation...."Mommy I wanna watch a scary moobie". "You can't, your too little". "Daddy watch a scary moobie". "Yes, but Daddy's a grown up". "Daddy's a DONUT????"..."Yes Alex, Daddy's a DONUT...just don't tell him". I call them "AlexISMS" or "The world according to Alex". He is so smart. He remembers everything and is doing excellent in school. He is Mr. Social and loves to shop. He always notices if I get my hair done or have a new outfit on. He's the perfect child, most of the time.


Ahhhhh, now to My littlest love...Griffin. He is a mommy's boy. He is learning to talk and gets into everything. He recently started running up and down the stairs. Now every time I turn around he's gone. He loves to dance and is still the master bouncer. He has the best smile I've ever seen. He smiles all the time now. He was a sour pussed baby so trust me this is a huge achievement. He loves books. He will sit and look through books for hours. Everything is new for him ands I love that look he gets when he finds something he has never seen before. He is just an absolute joy to be around. The littlest love of my life.

We have had a lot of new experiences lately. We are taking the children on all kinds of adventures. The thought of them growing up is scary but I'm up for the challenge.