Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christmas 2007

Emerson Chilllllllllllllin'
Baby Wrestling!

Keeping babies occupied!
Thank God for C-Sections...Those are some big heads!

Christmas Ciaos
Oma & Opa
This wasn't half of it!

Could this kid be any cuter?
Max and that tongue
Austins Christmas loot

Triple Threat

Max seems to be plotting a Christmas caper.What you can't see is Alex's outfit says "Major Giggler". How appropriate.
Max's first walker experience

Alex is a big boy in his walker

Emerson is off and running!

Week 22

Emerson and "BoBoSol" ....his special monkey friend
Max...."Stop with the pictures Mom!"
Alex..."Don't make me get off this couch MOM!"

I love these pissed off baby pics!

Week 22

OK, so not a ton to talk about. The week has been pretty uneventful. The babies are great. They do something new everyday. The verbal skills on these guys are amazing. They goo and gaa like crazy. But, unlike I've heard they seem to have little or no interest in each other. I mean they do communicate but there is no secret language or anything like that. They just coo like regular babies. They all seem to really like music. Not that it is a huge surprise to me since both David and myself are huge music fans. They are really into "Choo Choo Soul". It is this amazingly catchy music by Disney. As soon as I put it on they stop all they are doing and look at me...probably because I am singing and dancing like an idiot. Hey. I would do pretty much anything to occupy them when they cry. You all can not imagine the sound of three infants screaming their heads's deafening!

I registered Austin for Kindergarten today. I'm hoping he does well. I know the kid is extremely intelligent and the work won't be hard but he is having some listening issues that his teacher is concerned about. No one seems to think it's an ADD thing, more of a lack of attention thing. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do about it right now. However, today I implemented a new reward system with Austin. I have a kids notebook and every time he listens or helps or does something positive he is given a sticker. He has the chance for 5 stickers in a day. If he gets all 5 he can trade them in for special Mommy or Daddy time. He can play a game or watch a movie or anything he wants. If at the end of the week he fills his page with stickers he can have a "Date" with one or both of us outside the house. We just started this so we'll see how it goes. I have the highest hopes. His birthday is coming up and he seems to be testing the 5 year old waters. He is talking back and getting seriously mouthy. I hope it's the age and he'll grow out of it. We'll see!