Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Day in the Neighborhood

Another Day in the Neighborhood

Did you ever look at your child and think..."why am I so lucky?". With all the negativity that usually surrounds my children, I never think "poor me". I mostly just think, "why am I so lucky?". I still get such obnoxious comments when we go out. I wish people would just keep their negativity to themselves. I know I've said it a million times but, how could a child ever prompt such negative comments? I think people just don't know what to say, so they spew negativity!

I watched the kids for over an hour today. Don't get me wrong, I watch them everyday but today I really watched them. They played so nice. Alex took a toy out of the toy box and handed it to Max. Than Alex took another toy and handed it to Emerson. When everyone had toys he stood back and smiled. He was so proud of himself. He took a toy himself, sat on the floor and they all played. They would swap between these three toys. They did this for almost an hour. There was no crying, no fighting, just three little boys playing so nice on the floor. They are interacting finally and it just makes me smile. They love certain shows, Playhouse Disney in the morning, Baby Einstein and of course Nemo. They really love to dance. The second the music goes on, they laugh and dance up a storm. They most definitely get their rhythm from me. No offence to my husband, but he has absolutely NO rhythm.

My babies, getting their groove on!

On Thursday we had a parent teacher conference with Austins teacher. I shouldn't be surprised that she said Austin is doing very well. He is interacting well and his cognitive skills are right where they should be. I was mostly worried about his behavior but she said he has no issues with behavior. He listens and follows direction. I'm so proud of him. I'm glad he is doing well! I am rather shocked though at the amount of homework a 5 year old receives. I don't remember doing that much.

On Friday night we dressed the kids up and took them to the Halloween Hayride at the Buffalo Zoo. Austin was Darth Vador, of course. Star Wars is the "flavor of the month" with him. Maxim was Lion, Emerson was Tigger and Alex was a Monkey! When I got them dressed, I laughed so hard. They where so cute. We don't usually go along with the whole "Halloween" thing. We never allow the kids to dress up as any demonic or inappropriate. We just like for them to be able to dress up and receive some goodies. We are trying to do more contained projects or outings with the kids. Ones we can control what they see. If we take them trick or treating the chances of them seeing something too scary are beyond our control. Kids are innocent for only so long. We like to keep them that way as long as possible! Anyway, the Zoo was great. We got to walk around after hours see some animals and get treats from different stations around the park. It was great. Nothing scary, nothing jumping out freaking them out. After about an hour they where tired and sick of being contained in their wagon so we gathered our treat bags and left. It was a lot of fun. I can't wait to do it again next year!

Off to the Zoo!