Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 7

Max shuns the papparazzi
The Deitzman Clan
Max on his way to the Doctors

Week 7
OUR FAMILY IS COMPLETE!!!THEY'RE ALL HOME!!!!!! That's right, as of last Monday all three of our babies are home. Max is doing fantastic, he is home on a heart monitor strictly as a precaution, and we are happy to report he has not had any spells at all. It was so hard waiting for him to be released but we now know that it was the best thing for him. He was able to get a little extra attention from the nurses and a little more rest before joining his brothers....the little trouble makers!!! AS soon as he came home it was like we where never separated.

We have settled into a nice routine. The boys get changed and eat every three hours than there is a two hour stretch where they sleep or sit in their bouncers or swings before the whole routine starts again. They are all so spoiled already. No one likes to sleep in their own bed. Both Alex and Emerson would rather be on Mommy or Daddy when the lights go down. Max will not sleep in his bed during the day, instead he would much rather be on his daddy or Mommy's hip. It's amazing how quickly everything changed after leaving the hospital. It seems like the days fly by and I really have no recollection of the day most of the time.

The boys are growing like weeds. Max was 7lbs 6oz at his last doctors visit. Alex is 6lbs 14oz and Emerson is 6lbs 9oz. They are all over 19 inches long and look like full term babies. Their original due date was October 13th so the fact that they are all home and doing well is such a blessing. We thank God everyday for what we have, four healthy happy children. The boys are all reaching some great milestones. They have started to coo and even have their own grunting language, It's amazing to hear them grunt at one's like a bitchfest. I can just imagine them saying "she's taking her sweet time with that baba", or "if we work as a team, we can escape these bouncy chairs". All the boys are starting to recognise the people around them and they seem to like their hanging toys. They are all still breastfeeding but we have stared to supplement with formula at night in order to bulk up on calories.

Austin is doing great. He seems to have little interest in his brothers right now. He is just enjoying all the company that is stopping by. He gets a little jealous but after a while calms down and enjoys all the family interaction.

We thank everyone who has stopped by and has helped us out. We also want to thank everyone who has been patient about seeing the boys. We just wanted to have the boys get acclimated to their surroundings before exposing them to a lot of people. We are still limiting the visitors because cold and flu season has started, but give us a call if you want to see the boys. Just please use your discretion if you are sick in any way shape or form because the common cold can be fatal in premature infants.

We thank everyone who is really faithful in reading the blog. We will try and update it every couple of weeks. But as you can imagine with three newborns and a 4 year old, we are terribly busy.