Saturday, February 27, 2010

Calgon, tak me away!

OK, he looks all sweet and innocent, but just picture his happy face at 2am!

Calgon take me away!

WOW, what a week. Little Mr. Griffin Stinner has decided he no longer needs sleep. Apparently now, my nocturnal child, will take 5 hour naps during the day and wake up happy and smiley. The whole time planning his mode of attack which starts around 10pm and doesn't end until sometime between 2am & 5am! Or he will go to bed at 10pm and sleep until 1am just to get up and want to play until 7am! Dear Lord help me! This kid has his days and nights completely messed up. Now I know he is teething, so I can't really be upset. i have heard that if adults teethed like babies do that suicide rates would sky rocket! In general, he is an AMAZING baby. It's just the last few weeks. If I don't get some sleep soon I may have to run away from home! Griffin, mommy needs some sleep & a vacation!

Monday, February 22, 2010

What a Week

Happy Baby, Emerson making a mess, Silly Alex, Busy Austin and serious Max!

What a Week

When your loved ones die, you feel lost. I feel as if I have been walking in a fog for the last week. Everyday I go through the motions of my life. I get up, feed the kids, clean the house, play, do homework with Austin and love up all the boys, put everyone to bed and start over the next day. However, for the last week throw in wakes, funerals, family fights, mounds of paperwork, pictures, memories and tears. Not to mention a teething 1 year old who doesn't sleep and you have a recipe for exhaustion. At one point(while uploading pictures)my little Alex came up and hugged my leg. "Don't cry, mommy". How poignant those words from my little love. I thought, WOW...I just need to pull it together. Easier said than done.

The boys have handled all this drama in stride. I know the 4 little ones have no idea what's going on, they just know I have been gone a lot. I see their faces light up when I walk in the door and remember all the joy in my life, that seems to melt the sadness away. Austin knows what's been happening and keeps asking me little questions here and there. He even asked "where do you go when you die?". He said "I know...heaven, right". That's right, I said. He said..."That's cool." I'm not exactly sure how much he understands so we keep most conversations to a minimum. He was able to spend some time over the weekend with his Uncles Michael & Frankie. They took him to the Monster Truck rally. He said it was loud but really awesome. All I know is that it was very manly.

The triplets have stepped up their game. They have recently figured out the art of opening doors. This means three little men come running out of their room while it's still dark and get into the bathrooms and every closet you can imagine. They have figured out they are a team and one will distract as the others descend upon the attic. At some point over the last week, Emerson got into our bathroom and shaved the side of his head with Davids beard trimmer. Since we have discovered a mystery wound in Maxim's ear as well, we think he may have gotten in on the action. Let's just say they all got their heads shaved after that. Speaking of haircuts, Griffin got his very first big boy haircut. I really had no choice. His hair was down to his shoulders. I think I showed great restraint. I wanted to cut it when he was 8 months old, but held off. I figured since everyone else was getting chopped, so would he. He handled it well and looks like such a big boy. My baby is growing up!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Protector, My Friend, My Grandpa

These picture are of Him in Korea(my favorite)Him and I at Christmas and a classic 70's picture of my Dear Grandpa

It is with deepest sadness and a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my Grandfather, Charles Abshagen. He was an amazing Grandfather. Strong and bold. If he loved you, he would protect you from the world. He taught me to cook. "Spice is your friend. Without Spice there is no taste". He told me that when I was 3. I never forgot! He was the grandpa that took me to school and held my hand when I was scared to go in. We grocery shopped and waited at the bus stop for Grandma, playing ISPY. He would tell me stories about life on the west side of Buffalo and how he was a hard ass. Fights where his specialty. He was scrappy. He wasn't afraid to tell me he was proud of me or that I was a doing something wrong. I loved his booming voice that would say "DAWNMARIE" whenever I walked in the room. Or how he would proclaim(at 2 in the morning after being "out"..."WANT SOME PIZZA". He loved me, unconditionally, and I him.

I know he read this blog to keep up on the boys. He was so proud. He told me I was a one woman baby making machine. He knew I always wanted to be a mom. I can't imagine a world without him. He commanded every room and I was privileged to be his granddaughter!

Losing both my grandfathers in 2 days is devastating. Although I know they where both sick and are out of pain now, for those of us left behind it is beyond words...even for me. Love the people in your life. Leave the difference of opinions behind you and look only to the future. You never know what tomorrow holds.

Good Night Grandpa, take a Gennesee for the road(maybe a Heineken), a shot of Goldshluger, a 20lb pizza with all the fixins' and $100 to buy some new jeans!

I love you and I will miss you ALWAYS!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This picture was of me(1 year old) & my Grandpa. He was always on the ground with us.


When I was a little girl, one of my fondest memories of my Grandfather was sitting on his lap. He was a big man, to me…a GIANT. He would put his long arms around me and squeeze. I felt so small, so protected, so loved. I never heard him raise his voice or say a harsh word. I can see him standing in the kitchen doorway asking my Granny…”Whatcha need, Babe?”. He never called her Donna, only Babe. They had a love that we all strive to achieve. 63 years married, 3 children, 10 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren & counting. When my Granny died in August 2009, my grandpa was lost. His heart broken.

Today my grandpa has gone to be with my Granny, his son Richard and daughter Terry. Leaving the rest of us behind, sad and broken hearted. Our only comfort is knowing he has arrived in heaven his wife waiting at the gates of heaven…

”I’m home, BABE”

I love you, Grandpa!!!!!!!! I will miss you. Thank you for all that you where and all that you did.

The end of a truly amazing love story. The story now complete…fade to black.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The World According to Alexander Stinner

Alex is our talker. He talks CONSTANTLY! His articulation is amazing. Every once and a while he just comes out with stuff that makes me laugh.

While eating a grapefruit..."mmmmm, goot(good). I dink it wit my nose."

While watching a baby being born on tv..."MOM, a bebe. Awwww, I bite?"

While being a tattletale..."Ass(Max)gok(got)da foor wet, AGAIN!"

When falling down..."Mommy, I pall dowan, I OK."

When sharing..."Wook mom, I nice."

While going on the potty..."Mommy, I did it. I peeeeeee on da foor!"

...and that's the world according to ALEX!

Monday, February 8, 2010



My big boy turned 7 yesterday. It almost seems surreal. One minute I was bringing him home from Poland and the next he is 7 years old. I can't believe how the time has flown by. My little toddler chatterbox that ran around charming everyone is now this big kid who is responsible, extremely smart and still charming everyone. I am so proud to be his mother.

In lue of a large birthday bash, Austin chose to have a sleep over with his best buddy Zack. Him and Zack have been best friends since they where 3 and attend the same pre-school. I thought it would be fun for the two boys to hang out and play video games. They seemed to have a great time but huge sighs where heard from miles around when I exclaimed..."it's clean up time!". I know, worst mother ever. They went to bed with little fuss. I think they where just exhausted. Suddenly in what seemed like the middle of the night I hear little voices. Only to discover it was 6 am and the boys where raring to go! They where excited because we planned lunch, shopping and a movie. By 11 am I mustered enough strength to get them going. Lunch at Mighty Taco(their choice), shopping at Target(an experience I choose to NOT relive) and then Alvin & The Chipmunks movie. By 4 pm I was exhausted and returned Zack home. Austin was excited about his adventures with his buddy and I SURVIVED!

On Sunday we celebrated as we always do. We had a family party for Austin, My mother(same birthday as Austin), My brother in law Jose(2/11), My sister Gabrielle(2/14) and my mothers husband Anaur(1/29). That's right, February is my killer month. This considering my other sister Jennifer also had her birthday on he 5th. We enjoyed are day a lot. The 4 little boys just ran from room to room enjoying the company and visiting with family. It was a wonderful, stress free day that is until someone filled the marshmallow shooters that my mother
bought Austin. Let's just say I am still finding marshmallows in every crevice of this house!