Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weeks 41-43

After Graduating, Austin plans to become a model!
Max, swinging and smiling
The new swingset, minus the slide that isn't up yet
Alex and Emerson loving their wagon!

Weeks 41-43

Like usual our life is crazy. It's a plethora of kids, appointments, crying fits, temper tantrums, baby fights, biting, teething, dirty diapers and 5 year old attitude. All in a days work, right? Well I had resounded that this would be my life for the next 18 years! Craziness and ciaos is what I thrive on. All 4 of these boys would give me a run for my money and I would be fine, after all this is what I do! Nothing could stop me or slow me down, after all I am ..."The Triplet Mom". Or at least that's what I thought. A couple of weeks ago(Memorial Day) was mine and Davids 8 year wedding anniversary! To all you nay Sayer's who said it wouldn't last, HA! We where just to spend a quiet weekend at home with our kids or at least the triplets since Austin was at my moms for the weekend. When we decided to put up the new swing set and invite family over for a BBQ and an impromptu birthday party for my 14 year old God Son Thomas. I had been feeling tired and run down but had assumed like most days it was due to taking care of the kids and lack of sleep. When I went up stairs to take a shower, I became dizzy and nauseated. Than all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks, "no, it can't be!". I went to the linen closet where I found a left over pregnancy test. I quickly went into the bathroom and followed the directions. It said, wait 5 minutes for results. Much to my surprise within 30 seconds a "plus" sign appeared! "No, way. How old is this test?" I went downstairs and handed David the test. I said "Happy Anniversary, we're Pregnant, AGAIN!"...maybe! Go get more tests, the one that says "pregnant" or "Not Pregnant". After 15 minutes or so David returned from the pharmacy. I followed the directions and than....BAM! PREGNANT! SO there you go folks. We are now expecting baby#5. I am in complete and utter shock. I mean, come on! We adopt, get one child! Fertility drugs, 3 children! And one time, I was apparently to tired to remember (sorry for being graphic) and "TADA" Baby #5. I have gone to my first OB appointment and all looks great. I am 10 weeks pregnant and am do January 15th. David and I went for our first ultrasound went great, ONLY 1 BABY! WHOO HOO! And it's heartbeat is strong. No abnormalities, everything looks great. I on the other hand am dizzy, nauseated and have absolutely no energy. This will probably be the hardest 8 months of my life, but I welcome the challenge. I wasn't really looking to get pregnant this early, but I am a fir, believer in God will only give me what I can handle.

The boys are doing so amazingly. They are growing so fast. All their teeth seem to come in all at once, now we have these beautiful babies who smile with all these teeth in their mouth. Max is taking more and more steps everyday. It's so odd to see this little teeny guy trying so hard to walk. Alex is all over the place. He will no longer lay down. He is walking fluidly along the furniture, he has yet to take steps but any day now! Emerson finally started crawling! He just got up on his knees and took off, now he is pulling up on everything and it's just a matter of time before he too is walking! Austin is out of school. He will be starting school in the fall and frankly I can't wait until he is occupied for 7 hours a day. He is at that age where he just wants every second of my attention. We are fighting like crazy because of it. He just doesn't want to spend "alone time" or "play time" of any sort. Now that the Nanny has started I have been taking him out once or twice a week and that seems to help but is only a temporary fix. I am hoping to find some programs for him this summer but he is getting glasses and it will take some time for him to get used to them before school. He has terrible eyesight in one eye from astigmatism and because of this we had to keep him from sports and other activities until he was old enough for glasses. This has been terrible because he wants to play so bad. But, I was so afraid he would get hurt, I waited. Now, he will be getting glasses this week so let the good times roll. We are also installing a pool sometime this month so hopefully he will be occupied for the rest of the summer.

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