Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week 36

We're starting a new sport...BABY WRESTLING!
Max playing with his toys, he's so proud!
Emerson giving "tickles" to Max
Emerson, flying through the air
Max is telling Mommy a story
Alex up to no good!
Austin and Sidney

Week 36
Emerson is what I like to refer to as "the strong silent type" However, on Friday my baby broke his silence. As many of you know none of my kids take a pacifier. None of them have a specific toy they carry around. They don't suck their thumbs or have a "blankie". They seem to be content to just BE. They are happy babies, playing with their toys and beginning to interact with one another. At least that's what I thought. About a month ago or more now, I let the boys watch Disney movies. We tried Cars, nope...didn't like it. Toy Story, not their cup of tea. The little Mermaid, too girly. Finally, Finding Nemo! Success! Emerson in particularly LOVED Nemo. He pretty much insists on watching it two to three times a day. I know, you are all scratching your heads trying to figure out how an 8 month old can insist on watching a movie. Well, my normally angelic child who doesn't complain or make much fuss over anything will scream and cry, throw toys and "nnnnnnnnnnnn" me until I turn it on. I've decided he probably likes the animation more than the message of Nemo. That's what I'm hoping since like most all of Disney movies, the mother dies in the first 2 minutes of the movie! Depressing! The colors are amazing and the movement they have created through their animation is remarkable. So assuming Emerson is liking it for those reasons I give in and let him watch...It's become a security blanket for him. When ever we go to someones house, I bring Nemo and it seems to calm him instantly. So it was no surprise to me when my little boy so lovingly looked at me, and instead of MAMA or DADA, out of his mouth comes....."BRUCE"! If you all remember Bruce is the shark that tries to eat Nemo's Dad! Thanks Nemo for keeping my child occupied and for stealing my thunder! I wonder will Emerson's second word be "Dory"? Only time will tell!

Maxim is such an amazing little guy. He started pulling himself up on all the furniture a couple of weeks ago. Now he proficiently pulls himself to the "stand" position on all his large toys and plays. Just like a real kid. This it self would be an amazing task. But, yesterday (Monday) Maxim Charles...my sick baby...or at least he was my sick baby...took two STEPS! He had pulled himself up on his Fisher Price Kitchen looked at me, let go and then...two big boy steps. He than fell flat on his face. I was in shock! I didn't know if I should clap, cry or pick him up. I of course picked him up since he was crying. I than clapped because I was so proud than I cried! Oh my goodness. He is only 8 1/2 months old and technically should be 6 1/2 months old. He shouldn't be walking yet. What am I going to do? Now all my kids are mobile since Alex is now finally crawling forward and crawling up on pillows and toys so it's a matter of time before he pulls himself up on the furniture. Emerson finally is starting to crawl. Hey better late than never. And Austin is a wild child. This summer should be amazing. Austin will be home with us all summer, Max and Alex should be walking and Emerson will be a crazy crawler. All I can say is Pray for Us! We're in for a CRAZY SUMMER!
On Sunday it was Davids birthday. We actually left the house! I had my mother and sister babysit all 4 boys. We had a lovely time going to dinner, coffee and shopping. When we came home all 4 boys where fed and ready for bed. It was nice. It was very relaxing, almost too relaxing! All I wanted to do was sleep. My mother and sister sprouted some new grey hairs but they did a great job. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week 35

Max discovers the Coffee Table!
YES, he did it all by himself!
Max....Happy Baby
Daddy & Emerson...waving
Alex, up to no good as usual!

Week 35
8 Months and Counting!

This week has been extremely HOT! We got up to around 85 degrees. Which for our area is common since we no longer have Spring and go right from Winter to Summer. The boys seem to enjoy all the traveling that we can now do. They are loving our long walks and trips to the stores but the heat gets to them fast. Max instantly got a heat rash when the temperature spiked and all the babies where red and flushed. We are spending a lot more time outside and we are getting more visitors. This mommy is also making more time for her self and is trying to venture out with friends every so often. I kept myself pretty cloistered this winter to take care of the boys and to bond. So now...I'm breaking free! I noticed they have problems with strangers. This can be a good thing but can also be bad since i would like to start leaving them bit by bit with sitters in order to spend more time with David. We'll see, it's like a test for my little angels.

Max and Alex have started crawling so we've begun baby proofing and putting up gates. It's pretty much like an obstacle course here. Hop over a crawling baby, trip over an Elmo toy, stub your toe on a walker and try to walk over a gate without falling down the stairs....wheeeee! Emerson is not crawling yet but is flipping himself over and spending time on his belly. It's so hard for him because of the acid reflux. We're hoping he grows out of it soon so he can join his brothers in exploring the house. We had to lower Max's crib finally since he has begun to pull himself up. I walked in his room the other morning to a standing Max, reaching over the side..."hiya mmmmm(mom)". He was so proud of himself. Than all of a sudden...flop! On his way down, he caught his chin on the bar and cried. My poor baby, but now is the time where bumps and bruises come into play. They are growing so fast! Before we know it they'll be walking and than I'll want a new baby!....Just kidding...I could almost here all of you gasp!

Austin has 2 months left of school. Than one loooooong summer and kindergarten. He is playing outside a lot more which tires him out quickly. Thank God! This kid is an unbelievable ball of energy. Everyday he is getting smarter and more rebellious. I know this is just him testing us because he is used to being the center of attention. He is really helping out with his brothers now. He likes that they can react to him. They laugh and coo at him, he's just so funny to them. When he's home he sometimes keeps an eye on them so I can make lunch or do the laundry. He really is a great big bro!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Blog

Austin swinging...soon a new set!

Playing in their Pack N Play
Emerson looking at the clouds
Max playing

Alex was telling me a story...dadabababubba
Daddy with ice cream...I knew I loved him for a reason

They started out like this.....
....and ended up like this!
This smile just about sums up our day!

Random Blog
It's been a long time since I just posted a random blog for no particular reason. So I thought, what the heck. We had an amazing Spring day today (even though I have the worst cold). We where going to go to the Zoo but than I woke up feeling terrible. I couldn't bare the thought of fighting off all the obnoxious on-lookers and answering all the stupid question. So, I cancelled the trip and decided to stay home and rest with my children who have all been a little under the weather. The day started out as usual, babas, breakfast than baths and a nap. I tried my best to clean up but for once I didn't feel like doing the thorough job I usually do. After the boys naps I went outside to take the garbage out and couldn't believe how nice it was. I gathered the boys, set up the pack n play and we headed outside. Daddy brought us ice cream...to make us feel better. We lasted about an hour or so before returning inside for lunch and our afternoon 20 minute snooze. My boys all looked so cute, happy and refreshed so I felt compelled to take pictures. Hope you enjoy them...and these beautiful Spring Days!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week 34

My Boys watching Nemo...AGAIN!
Max really is starting to play with Austin...What a good Big Brother!
Going to Grandma Linda's
Max hates his hat!
Emerson getting ready to go
Alex diggs his new hat!
Emerson wasn't thrilled with the yard!
Max slept!
Alex loved it!
Alex waving bye bye!

Week 34

What a beautiful week in Western New York! We have had some incredible weather. Looks like Spring may finally be here, yeah but than in true Buffalo form, IT SNOWED! We have been doing some outings with the kids. On Tuesday I even took all 4 kids to Target and Babies R'US, alone! I was very lucky, the boys where in great spirits and did minimal fussing! Austin was a huge help and gave the boys their bottles and toys. The kid is almost too efficient, he gave them toys that I discovered at the checkout and had to pay for them. Oh well, it kept them busy! He's good at that. He does the same thing at home. I can always count on him to play with the boys while I'm making dinner or cleaning up. What a great big brother he is.

On Thursday we restarted are dinners at Linda's(Grandma Linda to my kids). That works out great since there are several other adults and I can actually eat. It was a little rough in the beginning, the boys weren't used to all the ciaos and noise but after a while they calmed down, watched Nemo and played with their toys. Uncle Michael, Aunt Kelly, Grandma Linda, Uncle Frankie & Sissy kept them all occupied. Playing on the floor and carrying them around. I'm sure after a few weeks they will be as comfortable there as here. It's wonderful to have the nice weather and to have a routine where we go certain places on certain days. I'm hoping the boys will pick up on their social skills since they have been sheltered for the last eight months.

We had some instances this week with what I like to call "The Stupid Triplet Questions". I was asked at the grocery store"what day care center are you from?" assuming the kids where on a walk from daycare. I got quite bitchy at the stupidity of that woman. I swore (I really am a good christian woman, but some people just test me!)at a woman at Babies r'us when she made the constant stupid comment..."oh, you have your hands full!" It wouldn't be so bad if people didn't say it in such a condescending manner as if in some way shape or form that my kids are some sort of burden. Quite the opposite my children are a gift from God. They are the biggest and best blessing I have ever received. Austin is the smartest, sweetest most amazing kid, and my babies are happy, healthy, growing and thriving! What more could a mother ask for. A burden they are not. I have never considered myself burdened. Who wouldn't want these amazingly beautiful sons that I have? When we are old and grey(OK, I'm already grey) we will have lots of sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren surrounding us. It's the ultimate blessing. The thought of it brings tears to my eyes. When someone makes a comment about having my hands full, they're right, I have my hands full of the most amazing children in the world and that is the most incredible gift I could have ever asked for.
Now that I have gone on yet another rant...the kids are a little under the weather. They must have a little bit of a cold. On top of that they are teething so bad, if these teeth don't break through, I'm going to go in there and pull them through myself. Austin is off from school this week and I'm hoping to take all 4 of my sons out on some day trips to the park, the Zoo and shopping. Hopefully, they will all feel up to it. And yes I will be doing it alone! Even though they are hand fulls, they are my hand fulls and I welcome the challenge! However, if I end up "smacking" some condescending idiot for stupid comments, I hope my loving family and friends would understand enough to bail me out of jail! HAPPY SPRING ALL!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week 33

Oh my Goodness....Triplets!
Mom...can we get a Bear?
Spectacle....Who Us?
Emerson enjoying Cheese Doodles
Max loved the doodles

Week 33

Well, it seems Spring has sprung in Western New York. Today was a beautiful day. The temperature got up to around 65 degrees. We were so excited we decided to go to the zoo. Of course we where our normal selves and created a stir at almost every turn. Sometime it almost seems that we are the attraction and not the animals. At one point I was walking all 4 of my sons, two in the triple stroller, one in the Baby Bjorn(front sack) and Austin by my side. We where walking to see the baby Rhino. There where so many people gathering around us and pointing that I actually had to say..."the baby rhino seems way more interesting than my children"! I know I shouldn't get so pissed off but I kick into "mommy mode" and I will do anything to protect my children from the stares, points and stupid comments. I just hate the fact that people look at my children as some kind of freak show and not someones babies. I mean would they want people stopping and staring and trying to touch their children? Anyway, all the kids enjoyed the Zoo. Max was bright eyed through the whole thing. I think he likes to people watch. He would look at all the animals and smile and coo. I'm not sure exactly what he was thinking but he looked as if he liked all the new sights and sounds. Emerson and Alex seemed unfazed and Austin was so excited. He had a fun just showing us all around. I plan on spending tons of time at the Zoo since we live so close and we got our family pass so we are good to go!
We are really taking the kids out a lot now. This weekend alone we went to the Galleria Mall, for a long walk around the neighborhood, grocery shopping and to the Zoo. They seem to be getting used to their car seats now and are in better spirits when going into environments that are foreign.
We took the boys to two separate Dr's appointments this week. First we went to the Robert Warner Center at Children's Hospital. This was to evaluate them for delays. It's basically protocol because they where premature. The Dr. evaluated all three boys and was happy to report that all where age appropriate. I know age appropriate behavior is irrelevant because all children progress at different rates and age appropriate milestones really depend on the child themselves. But all the boys where evaluated according to the 5 1/2 month age group which is what age they should be but tested at 7 1/2 months which is what they are! This is wonderful. It means they are showing absolutely no delays from being premature. They also had their 6 month visit to their pediatrician...better late than never since we where all sick and had to postpone their original visit. The boys again are doing amazing and all their evaluations are amazingly showing that they are age appropriate. They are even starting to catch up in height and weight. Max is 15lbs 6oz, Emerson 15lbs 12oz and Alexander 16lbs 1oz. They are all on the curve as well for their height and head circumference! Phewwwww! I look at my babies and see 3 wonderful happy, healthy boys but it is so reassuring to have professionals tell you that they are normal and progressing.
Now that the boys are almost 8 months old we have been trying new foods. They love all the Gerber 2nd stage foods but now we are trying more finger foods. They have started eating bread, biter cookies and puffed cookies. But now, by suggestion of their Physical Therapist....Cheese Doodles. I know I am not the kind of mother that gives her kids that awful artificial color, taste and preservative stuff but these where amazing the boys loved them. I never saw them react like that. Just like any kid with "junk" food they ate them faster than I could put them on their trays. They are supposedly very good for teething. They dissolve but are hard enough to allow them to grate them along their gums. Anything that gives the boys relief from this awful teething pain is good enough for me! Chomp on babies!
On a personal note I would like to say Thank You to everyone who called, wrote and sent cards for my big birthday. It means so much to me to have such wonderful friends and family! Thanks All!