Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week 34

My Boys watching Nemo...AGAIN!
Max really is starting to play with Austin...What a good Big Brother!
Going to Grandma Linda's
Max hates his hat!
Emerson getting ready to go
Alex diggs his new hat!
Emerson wasn't thrilled with the yard!
Max slept!
Alex loved it!
Alex waving bye bye!

Week 34

What a beautiful week in Western New York! We have had some incredible weather. Looks like Spring may finally be here, yeah but than in true Buffalo form, IT SNOWED! We have been doing some outings with the kids. On Tuesday I even took all 4 kids to Target and Babies R'US, alone! I was very lucky, the boys where in great spirits and did minimal fussing! Austin was a huge help and gave the boys their bottles and toys. The kid is almost too efficient, he gave them toys that I discovered at the checkout and had to pay for them. Oh well, it kept them busy! He's good at that. He does the same thing at home. I can always count on him to play with the boys while I'm making dinner or cleaning up. What a great big brother he is.

On Thursday we restarted are dinners at Linda's(Grandma Linda to my kids). That works out great since there are several other adults and I can actually eat. It was a little rough in the beginning, the boys weren't used to all the ciaos and noise but after a while they calmed down, watched Nemo and played with their toys. Uncle Michael, Aunt Kelly, Grandma Linda, Uncle Frankie & Sissy kept them all occupied. Playing on the floor and carrying them around. I'm sure after a few weeks they will be as comfortable there as here. It's wonderful to have the nice weather and to have a routine where we go certain places on certain days. I'm hoping the boys will pick up on their social skills since they have been sheltered for the last eight months.

We had some instances this week with what I like to call "The Stupid Triplet Questions". I was asked at the grocery store"what day care center are you from?" assuming the kids where on a walk from daycare. I got quite bitchy at the stupidity of that woman. I swore (I really am a good christian woman, but some people just test me!)at a woman at Babies r'us when she made the constant stupid comment..."oh, you have your hands full!" It wouldn't be so bad if people didn't say it in such a condescending manner as if in some way shape or form that my kids are some sort of burden. Quite the opposite my children are a gift from God. They are the biggest and best blessing I have ever received. Austin is the smartest, sweetest most amazing kid, and my babies are happy, healthy, growing and thriving! What more could a mother ask for. A burden they are not. I have never considered myself burdened. Who wouldn't want these amazingly beautiful sons that I have? When we are old and grey(OK, I'm already grey) we will have lots of sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren surrounding us. It's the ultimate blessing. The thought of it brings tears to my eyes. When someone makes a comment about having my hands full, they're right, I have my hands full of the most amazing children in the world and that is the most incredible gift I could have ever asked for.
Now that I have gone on yet another rant...the kids are a little under the weather. They must have a little bit of a cold. On top of that they are teething so bad, if these teeth don't break through, I'm going to go in there and pull them through myself. Austin is off from school this week and I'm hoping to take all 4 of my sons out on some day trips to the park, the Zoo and shopping. Hopefully, they will all feel up to it. And yes I will be doing it alone! Even though they are hand fulls, they are my hand fulls and I welcome the challenge! However, if I end up "smacking" some condescending idiot for stupid comments, I hope my loving family and friends would understand enough to bail me out of jail! HAPPY SPRING ALL!