Monday, January 9, 2012

Grif's Birthday Extravaganza!

Grif's Birthday Extravaganza!
Well, my baby is officially 3! I'm not exactlt when are life started to go in fast forward. It seems like yesterday I was heading to the hospital to get Lil Grif from the NICU! I was so thrilled to bring him home. He was perfect! He had the sweetest crooked smile and this black spikey hair that stood straight up. He was a quiet baby that didn't cry until he was 9 months old. He walked at 11 months and hummed from the moment he was born. If I had to guess I would say he will be a composer. He loves classical music! I spend all day with him following close behind me watching his "Baby Einstein" clips on his iPod. Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Handel & Beethoven are his favorites. This is truly an amazing child, but I am impartial...and I understand that. People will most likely look at him as just another Autistic child. I wonder, will they know he read by the time he was 3 and hummed arias day and night? Probably not. They will see a little boy who hops and disrupts with screaming. That's OK, I know he is perfection!
We celebrated Grif's birthday for several days. First on his birthday we had GF cupcakes and chinese food(his favorite). Grandma came over and we danced and sing. My little man passed out from exhaustion and so did I. TOday(Sunday) we celebrated with a family birthday party. Everyone he loves was in attendence. All the Grandmas, Papa, Aunt Kathy, TiTi, Aunt Ella, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Mike & Aunt Kelly, Oma and Opa and of course Aunt Terri & Thomas. We had pizza(his other favorite) and sang Happy Birthday. He was very happy to run around playing while being the center of attention. For the first time he enjoyed opening his gifts. Games, $$, Trucks, Puzzles, Clothes and DVD's all perfect! He opened everything gladly before settling on a small book and relaxing on the floor. After everyone was gone he looked at me with Big Blue eyes as if to say, "Thanks Mom". I think he enjoyed his day. It was all about him just the way it should be!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Griffin!

Happy 3rd Birthday Griffin! Every year on my children's birthday I blog a letter to them. I want them to know exactly what I was thinking at the time they were born or adopted. Tomorrow my baby Griffin Henry Michael turns 3 years old. It has been an emotional year to say the least. This is my letter to him.
My Dearest Grif(The littlest love of my life), The moment you were born was one of the best of my life. I heard you cry and I couldn't help but start to final baby was born! They wisked you away because you couldn't breathe. I was devistated. I starred at you in the incubator and was completely amazed by your beauty. You were my perfect little boy. I had no idea what challenges you would face in life. I assumed it would be charmed and perfect. Fast forward to your 2nd birthday. I knew you were different. Still perfect, yet different. You did things along your own pace. You seemed almost oblivious to chaos around you. 4 other brothers...where? You were just content to watch your shows, dance around the living room and line up everything you found. I took you to a specialist who told me you are on the spectrum for Autism. I guess I already knew. I pulled the car over and sobbed. Then I got over it...time to FIGHT! In the last year we have changed your diet and got you enrolled in speech therapy. You have made HUGE strides. Although you REFUSE to go to bed at Midnight and you still drink your milk from a bottle(when you can tell me your done...I will toss them), you are starting to talk and use sign language on a regular basis! You now play interactively with your brothers and the specialist believe you can read fluently. You have to have your green fuzzy blanket everywher you go. I don't blame's cozy! You LOVE to swim, I think you're part fish! You can shop with your mommy while your brothers are at school and never complain! You are an amazing little man. You received an iPod touch and are obcessed with YouTube! Baby Einstein still remains your favorite. I love it because it enriches your mind and soothes you. You are a truly incredible child. You are about to embark on a new chapter in your life. You are starting intensive speech therapy 5 days a week along with Ocuppational therapy and special education. You will accomplish anything you set your mind too, I just know it. I am so PROUD of how far you've come. I know you will be an amzing man someday, I have faith in everything you do. I love you more then you will ever know. Love, Your Mother

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Most people know that I have a vocational degree in Photography. After the boys were born we took them to several photographers. The pictures were washed out and the children never cooperated. It was a stressful event for everyone involved. So I decided I had had ENOUGH! For years now I have taken to placing myself behind the lens again. i purchased a white background, lights and advanced lenses. The first 2 photo shoots went great. The boys LOVED being in front of the camera. They all cooperated well. Even though I was unable to get a group shot, I could always get great pictures of each individual. That was...until now! This was to be the boys Christmas Card photo turned into something completely different! I decided to put these up here UNEDITED! I did this so everyone can see exactly how hard it is to get nice pictures of 5 STRONG WILLED children!
...There is about 1000 more just like this but you get the point...UGH!

2011 Holidays

Well, it's 2012! That happened so fast! I mean, I swear we were just swimming in the pool and hanging out in the yard and now it's 14 degrees and there is snow on the ground. OK, the snow just fell for the first time yesterday but you get the point. We had a quiet New Years at home. My mom came over and we ate crab legs, shrimp, sushi and an array of goodies. By Midnight we were down 3 kids but that was OK. We toasted to a Happy healthy New Year and crashed in our beds!
Thanksgiving was a great time. My family joined us here. It's just easier for me to host the family parties since the kids can stay in their routine. I cooked the BEST turkey ever...yeah, I said it! Don't be a hater! I love to cook. It's cathartic. The boys had a blast with everyone around. I was glad when it was over though. Cooking since 5am is exhausting. We decided to celebrate Chanukka as well this year. The boys learned all about it from their teacher (who is Jewish) and of course, Jesus was jewish! We thought it only appropriate that the children learn all the traditions. We celebrated the beginning with a feast of potato pancakes and even lit the mehnora. Every night it was the boys job to light it. They loved the ceremomy of it all. To tell ya the did I! Christmas was amazing as always. Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Davids. It all goes so fast! The kids got such amazing gifts. It was probably the most HIGH TECH christmas ever! The boys got electronics galore. Digital cameras for all from Aunt Ella, interactive video games from their Dad. They got tons of fun stuff from Grandma including these amazing radio controlled cars and tops that make music and have lights, and a million other things(Grandma does WAY too much!). They got a karaoke machine from my sister Adrianne that Emerson decided was JUST his! Aunt Terri got them books and toys galore and Papa came through with the gift cards. They had so much fun playing wit eerything they got. They were down right exhausted by 8pm. There were kids passed out everywhere! Christmas morning was fantastic. I noticed Austin trying to sneak downstairs at a little after 7. I jumped up and stopped him before he could ruin the suprise. He immediately ran and woke up his brothers. Griffin decided to sleep in since he had a restless night. The boys ran down like crazy men! It's a good thing Santa is a wise, wise man. He wrapped each childs gifts in different paper so there was no chance of anyone getting anything confused. Also, each gift was numbered so they didn't open their "special" gift until the end. It all worked out well. They opened their gifts in an orderly fashion...NOT! They ripped and tore open gifts left and right. It was a frenzy! I finally gained enough composure for the bys to all open up their video game systems at once. They loved them.
I made my world famous quiche(Bacon and spinach)...ok it's Paula Deens recipe...but I did perfect it. The kids call it mommy's egg pie. They ate it all happily! Griffin eventually decided to join us. He opened all his gifts and danced happily as Mickey Mouse sang his songs. He is now the proud owner of an ipod touch as well. Like I was an electronic Christmas. The day was rounded out by leftovers and David's family. The kids proudly showed off their cool new toys and Emerson even serenaded us. Could life be any better?

An Honest appology!

I know, I know...worst BLOGGER EVER! I mean 2 whole months since the last time I blogged. There is no excuses. OK, in my deffense I have 5 children, 4 that are in school and one that receives services in the home. I go go go and never seem to stop. I have done everything in my power to take 5 minutes to myself but that is usually at 1 am stunned and exhausted beyond recognition. I literally fall on the couch and watch mindless television clipping coupons. Yes, I am a coupon clipper. Not at all like those obcessive woman on tv that buy 2000 tubes of toothpaste just because they get it for free. I am the buyer of bargains and the spreader of coupon joy! I do have a tiny stockpile that will sustain my family for a few weeks if tragedy ever struck but basically I coupon as a hobby. I LOVE TO GET A BARGAIN! So between my 5 kids, PTA, houswork, kid snuggling, love of reality tv, the internet and coupons I have NO time for blogging. I swear I will try harder...I PROMISE!