Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 8 1/2

Grandma, Austin & Alex Emerson in his swing Alex relaxing Max Snoosing

Week 8 1/2

We traveled to the doctors yesterday. Getting a 4 year old ready for school, 3 newborns bathed and ready for the doctors and a mom and dad out the door before 8:45 am was quite the experience. Needless to say we where about 10 minutes late to the doctors office. Anyway, the doctor was impressed how well the boys are doing. Of course there are some small issues...there always is. To start with all three boys have hernias. Emerson's is the worst but the plan of action is to see if they repair themselves. They all have reflux, again Emerson has it the worst but hopefully he'll grow out of it. Developmentally they seem to be age appropriate and their height and weight is progressing beautifully. Max is 7lbs 15oz 20" long, Alex 7lbs 13.6oz 19 3/4" long & Emerson is 7lbs 13.2oz 19" long. They all seem to be keeping up nicely with each other. They are no slackers!

The doctor also gave us quite the compliment in saying how well we are doing with the boys. He said he has seen parents that are frazzled with one healthy full term newborn. The fact that we have three and are still standing is amazing. I say it's age. I know I couldn't have done this at 20+. I am more seasoned now. It makes a heck of a difference. The boys had three shots yesterday. Actually, they had two shots and an oral vaccination. They where due for 9 vaccinations but David and I decided against giving them everything at once. 3 was the max we would allow. I know the doctors must think we are horrible people for not wanting our children vaccinated and it's not that we don't want it done. We just do not find it necessary to inject our premature children with all these vaccinations we know nothing about. It can't possibly harm them to have them spaced out a little bit.

So, I am looking for a photographer. Someone local who will come to my house and take professional pictures of my family. If anyone knows someone reliable, healthy and trustworthy, please call me with their number.