Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 8

Week 8

As of yesterday our babies are officially born. Yesterday was their due date and they are now at 40 weeks. All the specialists say that the babies start from ground zero as of then. Because they are triplets and where born at 31 weeks 6 days they technically should be delayed somewhat ....them specifically delayed by 8 weeks, the number of weeks premature they where. I had this thought looking at these incredible little miracles, let me paint a mental picture for you. They are laying on a blanket in the living room fat and happy from their morning feed. Alex is smiling and cooing and yesterday laughed out loud while being held by his Oma. Max is grunting and trying to reach over to Emerson who is also grunting and trying desperately to roll over to get to Max. there are bottles dripping a lovely mixture of breast milk and formula all over my cream color carpet, there is puke on Max's head and I believe it to be Alexanders, someone just burped so loud he scared the other two and there are sounds and smells coming from Emerson's diapers that would put a trucker to shame. I have had less than 3 hours of sleep and my coffee cup sits nestled upside of someones morning diaper. Max's monitor just went off, sending a high pitched noise permeating throughout the house...good thing it was just a low battery. When that happens I realize how desensitized my children are because no one even flinched. Even the dog, who once picked up the monitor in her mouth to try and stop the noise, barely stirred. So my thought they sound delayed? Are all the experts wrong in saying there will be delays? Are my children just gifted?(Just kidding)!

I realize I should be sleeping right now. But if I blink I will miss it all. I'll catch up when they're adults.

I don't know any of their stats yet I am assuming Max is around 8lbs and the other two are right behind him. They are doing everything that 8 week olds should be doing. Cooing, complaining, lifting their heads, laughing and everything thing else age appropriate. Max even pressed a button on a toy to make the music start. I know it was an involuntary movement on his part, a fluke that happened right at the moment I asked him to. But that's my "SUPER BABY" story and I'm sticking to it! Emerson has started to nurse on his own. At night, whenever he lies next to me he pulls down my shirt and latches on. He did this completely unassisted this morning. It must be nice to have fresh Mommy on tap whenever you want it. It's like a mommy buffet. Hey, I'll take the bonding long as they don't have teeth. I have heard conflicting breast feeding theories. Some experts say breastfeeding is the best way to feed and nourish your child. And formula can cause allergies and other harmful reactions. Others say after the first couple of weeks there is really no major benefit to giving your child breast milk over formula. I say God created me to bare children, he gave me the means in which to feed them! I'm going to feed them by that means as long as I can or until someone bites me! I do supplement with formula for the calories and the convenience, if not I would never get anything done.

We have a doctors appointment for the boys later in the week. I will post their major stats when we get them. Erie County Early Intervention is also coming out this week to asses the boys for delays and special needs services. We will let you know their conclusions as well.

Don't get used to all these posts so close's not normal for me to have all this free time. (I started this posting 2 hours, three diapers, a bottle mishap, two coffee runs and a scream at the guy letting his very large dog poop on my front lawn without picking it up....ago!