Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Week 49

Que the circus music!
Look Opa!
We love this thing!

Week 49
BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! That's how I like to describe our lives. Life has been so crazy. The boys are
getting so active it's hard for me to get anything done anymore. Now that Max is walking and the other two proficiently walk holding onto to things, there is no stopping them. I have to watch so they don't crawl behind the couches, pull the curtains down on their heads and crawl into the fireplace. (Don't worry about the fireplace, you have to manually turn on the gas to ignite it and we are getting an insert before winter.) They have broke the floor lamp and the table lamp needs to stay unplugged so come evening we are pretty much in the dark! Aside from Dr's appointments, daily outings, Soccer games and normal summer parties and activities, I guess you could say the backyard has become our sanctuary. The pool, water tables, kiddy slides, swing set and new wagon really seem to be keeping the kids occupied.
David is taking a weeks vacation finally! The week before the boys birthday party so that should be a huge help. We plan on taking a lot of day trips that week and hopefully getting ready for the big birthday bash.
A little pregnancy update. We are now over 4 months pregnant. The baby is beginning to really move around and is growing, growing, growing. My belly is definitely expanding like crazy now and although I feel huge I am not nearly as big as I was with the boys. One year ago this week I was SOOOOO Big that I thought I would explode!!!! That seems like a million years ago!