Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Age Vernacular!

My children's vocabulary eludes me! There, I said it!

I have vague memories of being a little girl and explaining something to my grandmother. She looked at me with a "dazed and confused" look. I explained it again...nothing! Was I speaking another language? I didn't think so. In my 7 or 8 year old head it made sense. Why was she looking like at me like that?

I now know what she was feeling. Maxim was trying to explain the DS game he was playing. The vernacular he uses made absolutely no sense to me. "3-2 Mom, it's resources were depleted and the BLAH BLAH BLAH..." He trailed off after that, probably because I had my Grannies dazed and confused look! I swear he looked at me like "Man mom, you're so lame!".

I'm not sure when the generational gap occurred. I assure you I have been trying my best to stay UP on all the latest terminology in technology. Yup, I failed!

No matter how hard we try to stay current, we ultimately become our parents and grandparents! It's inevitable! I have decided to embrace my senior citizenship. That's right at 40 my children now look at me as if I am as old as the hills! I will sit in the corner knitting and mumbling to myself about the "Olden days" when a loaf of bread was a quarter and we walked to school "up hill, both ways with no shoes on in 3 feet of snow!". That'll show them! Who am I kidding? They wouldn't understand the reference and I would date myself even further!

So the moral of today's story...these young whipper snappers and their new fangled machinery, ugh! I need a nap!