Friday, January 22, 2010

******Austin's Surgical Update*******

These pictures are of Austin at Hockey! He is our little superstar! This hockey league is done but he starts a new competitive league in February!

******Austin's Surgical Update*******

Today was Austin's surgery. He started the day saying "Don't worry mommy,I'm not worried". Little did he know I was a mess. What an awful feeling, to know your child is going to be in pain. Even if it is for the greater good, it is still so scary!

Austin is one of those kids that is extremely literal. When asked what he had to eat or drink today and he replied "apple juice, sugar free apple juice". Throughout the afternoon he continued to charm all the nurses. Somethings never changed.

So the surgery he underwent was a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/nasal endoscopy and cauterization. His surgery was pushed back until 1:30 but he went in with a smile on his face and he seemed much more worried about me than himself. After an hour plus long surgery my big boy emerged victorious and tonsil FREE! My poor boy has been pretty drugged up though and has yet to wake up for more than 2 minutes. The doctor said this was to be expexted because of the extent of his surgery. I'm not sure what tomorrow holds for Austin but I know he will do fine.

I want to thank EVERYONE for their encouragement, thoughts and prayers for Austin. Thank you to my amazing husband for taking care of the 4 little boys. Thank you Adrianne for going with me and Mom for helping me get him home. Thank you Pastor Jon and Yolanda(Austin's Sunday School teacher)Hasselbeck for coming to the hospital and offering your shoulder to lean on and beautiful prayers, it meant so much to us! I would also like to thank my Dad and all the other people that texted me throughout the day to keep tabs on Austin and to offer support. Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL! God is good!