Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Week 44

Happy Father's Day David!
Max, loves the water table
...they all did
Emerson and Alex just wanted a cool drink

Austin walking the graduation walk!
I just loved this pic of Max!

Father's Day Week 44

Summer is here. It has been a HOT month. I am newly pregnant, sick as a dog and have no energy! I do not like the heat! 90+ degrees is just stupid! I can't do anything but lay on the couch in the air conditioning! What an awful feeling.

The boys are crazy! We have been outside a lot, they love their swings, wagon, water table a little baby pool. They are not real sure of the grass though. Max navigates it like it's little knives stabbing his knees. Poor baby, he'll get used to it I guess. Emerson is loving the water and being outside. He will splash in that little pool for an hour and I never laughed so hard as I did when we set up the water table. All three babies splashing and laughing, Austin trying to play along, but he's so big! Alexander is loving the outdoors, he loves to be pushed in the wagon and just to sit in the yard and look at everything. They have developed the most amazing way of interacting with each other now that they are all mobile. It's amazing to see them play and switch toys, they goo and ga at each other and Alex likes to hole his brothers hands. AWWWW, too cute!

Austin has graduated from pre-school, he is officially on to Kindergarten. He will have his screening in early July to determine placement. His new school is a great one. It has advanced classes for the kids that need it, and with Austin being who he is, I'm sure, down the road this will help him. He is getting his glasses tomorrow and I am hoping this will really help him out in all areas he is lacking, like reading. He can read to a point but with his eyes, his writing isn't what it should be. I'm sure it will all work itself out soon.

Fathers Day was great. We had a small BBQ in the yard for David and his father. It was German-fest 08. We had German and Hungarian sausage, German potato salad, cucumber salad and all kinds of fruits and desserts. It was a wonderful day! Happy Fathers Day ALL!