Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let it snow!

The last time I checked I was a buffalonian! However the last 3 years have proven to be a less then stellar winter season. Last year we had such a poor winter season that our local ski resorts went out of business. My children have called me a liar when I speak of years gone by where we had to escape through the second floor because the snow was so deep. That all changed this week. For the first time in FOREVER it snowed...and snowed...and snowed! A whopping 12" of fluffy white happy sow! Yeah, I said HAPPY and SNOW in the same sentence! Since our first dusting I have thrown my bundled up children outside to play and play they have!

Tonight we went out and built our very first Snowman! The boys had a blast. We are naming him "Snowzilla". He is a happy, round little fella! VIVA Buffalo!!!!!

Oh my sweet Alex!

Oh my sweet Alex!

It never fails, David goes out of town and all hell breaks lose! Now why would this time be any different? 2 days after christmas and David leaves for a 2+ day work trip to Connecticut and I of course stay home with the kids. We have big plans to hang out and watch movies and induldge in the rest of the Christmas cookies, little else. That night the snow storm hits. No big deal for us since we are all in the house cozy and warm. David on the other hand had to drive through the blistering snow.

The kids and I all settle in and one by one they all fall asleep watching a movie. I put everyone in their beds and snuggle under my blanket with a cup of tea and a movie that does not include ANY animated creatures. Within 15 minutes I hear a huge crash! i run upstairs to find Alex composing himself after a tumble outr of bed and am met with a DISGUSTING smell! Emerson had coughed himself into a puking frenzy! New jammies, fresh sheets, new blankets and a kiss on the forehead and I am in the basement scrubbing puke out of his comforter! Finally, back to my movie before immediately falling asleep and missing the whole darn thing.

We woke up to 12" of snow blanketing every square inch of the house. It was besutiful! Hey, I know people bitch about Buffalo weather but I LOVE IT! The kids wantd to go out and play so I bundled everyone up and off we went. the plow man had cleared the driveway and sidewalks so I was all set. Except that I had parked the van and my car so close that I had to dig them out to take Austin to tutoring. After 2 hours the van was free and I was exhausted.

My mom came to help me with the boys while I took Austin to tutoring and grabbed some groceries. THANK GOD, because I needed a little break. I picked Austin back up and we headed home. The kids were all playing games with grandma and eating pizza whn out of the corner of my eye I see Alex go flying backwards in the dining room and start screaming. I ran to him and grabbed a towel for his head. After a minute he calmed down and I looked to see the damage. Sure enough he cracked his head right open!

Off to the Urgent Care where he received 4 staples to close his wound, he was such a trooper! I think I was probably more scared then he was! There is nothinh worse then your child in pain and bleeding!

Needless to say it is never a dull moment around here and it always seems to get dramatic everytime David leaves for a trip! I say he stays home and I go on the next trip!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



This year our little Stinner Family has been very blessed. Our children are doing well in school, we are all happy and healthy and we are expanding our business. So WHY is the world falling apart? Day after day there are reports of shootings, stabbings and crimes against children. I almost can't bare to watch the news any longer.

Last week the unspeakable happened...20 children and 7 adults guned down at school. Why? This is the question I keep asking myself. Has the world gone mad? So many news agencies reported that the gunman had Aspergers, a form of Autism. It set off a fire storm of acusations against those struggling with Autism. My little Grif is the most gentle child you can imagine, he would never hurt a fly. So blaming this senseless rampage on human beings with a learning disability is discrimination. I would hope that most people would educate themselves before judging.

A few days before Christmas a crazy man started fires then started murdering the firefighters who came to the rescue. Senseless! A man dressed as Batman unloading at a movie theatre. Disgusting! A masacre at a Military base. A Travesty!

What can we do as parents to prepare our children for the crazy world we live in? I ask this question every day. All I can do is pray. Pray that I teach them right from wrong and ask God to protect them when I can not.

During this season pray for those that have been lost to these unspeakable acts and protect your children the best you can.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


****This post was one I wrote and never posted****
August 2012

I read a post on Facebook today about a friend of a friend that lost their 2 year old daughter today to brain cancer. As I sat on my couch reading the story, I couldn't hold back tears. It was almost as if I was transported to a place where
I could see the parents mourning for their little girl. That's what happens when your a parent, you mourn for ALL children.

Social media has mde it possible for me to hear a story like the one today. It also brought me to the story of a set of triplet sisters and injury of her two sisters in a bus crash. Years ago I would have only been able to pass this article by with no reaction. Today i am rduced to a blubbering idiot! I guess this is what happens when you become a parent. So today I sit here as a mess of tears and snot living others saddness and looking lovingly at my babies. I thank God everyday for their beautiful faces!

Long time no BLOG!

****This was a blog I wrote in August but did not post****

Long time no BLOG!

Well, it's been over two months since I blogged. Ususally I keep a note sheet open and I write my blogs there and then transfer them here. In this case...I did just that. However, I decided to abandon those writings and start from scratch.

If I could sum the last two months up in one word it would be INSANE!!!! You see, I went back to, GULP...WORK!!!! That's right, WORK. A four letter word that I thought I would not say until my children were grown. To say this idea was forced on me would be a lie. The thought of going to a place where I could talk to grown up people about grown up ideas was the just what I needed.

5 kids all with busy days of school, extra curicular events, therapies and sports would make any normal person think that "WORK" wouldn't make sense. Not to me. I embraced the challenge. Little did I know within my first two weeks I would develop "Mothers guilt" and reconsider the whole thing. After that faded, I embraced my new position and realized I had a whole new set of children and temper tantrums to deal with...DOCTORS! My new position is selling EHR(Electronic Health records). I sell software that will literaly revolutionize the way healthcare is done. I belive in the product and myself as a salesperson but dealing with tight walleted physicians and non compliant office staff has proven to be a challenge. I made a commitment and I will show my children that with persevierence and dedication succcess can be achieved. Even if I have ulcers!

Everyone has adapted really well to be out of the house 3/4 times a a week. I think they even enjoy it. The best part of my day is being met at the door with smiling faces, homework questions, art projects and BIG HUGS! I don't know how long it will last or what the next few months will bring but we are all up to the challenge!

2012 in Review

2012 in Review

Well, I am the world's worst blogger! I haven't posted since June. In my defense all 5 kids started school and my life became unrecognizable. I am now "Mom's Taxi Service". I bust my butt running from day to day from one area in WNY to another. By the time we get home, well...I'm sure you can imagine. It is a a blur of homework, extra curricular activities and school events. Our days and night have become one in the same. The boys are growing up so fast.

The triplets are in KINDERGARTEN! I'm not exactly sure when my babies grew into young men. They are such characters. They love school and look forward to going everyday. It's such a long day though. When I arrive at their school to pick them up, I'm usually met with tears and breakdowns. It has gotten better but it can still be a struggle. Emerson is showing much inprovement. He is working with a special education teacher, speech pathologist and a personal aid to get him through the day. He's like a new kid. I think he may end up being a musician of some kid. He loves to sing and dance up a storm. He makes me laugh every single day with the silly things he says. Alexander is "The Charmer". He is Mr. Social. He makes friends really easy and is always hugging his friends and teachers. He is such a sweetheart. Maxim is my genius. He can do fractions in his head and is already beginnig to read by himslf. He's quiet but outgoing. they are all doing amazing and I am one proud momma!

Griffin is an incrdible child. He is learning so much in school. He is talking more and more. The most amazing thing about Grif is his musical ability. He loves to memorize arias and hum along. He is almost 4 yars old. I almost can't belive my baby is growing up.

Austin is the king! Or at least he thinks he is. He is doing really well in school and plans on playing Lacrosse or basketball this winter. He is growing everyday. Any minute he will be taller than me! (Not that that is saying much). He finally got his braces off and boy does he look like a little man.

2012 has come and gone so quick! I am making a resolution to blog more in 2013! We have so many exciting things happening next year! Well, it's christmas and I am exhausted. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!