Monday, November 10, 2008

The Countdown

The Countdown

I have begun the final countdown in my second pregnancy in two years! Think about it...24 months, two pregnancies....5 kids! I think I deserve some kind of reward! I am really feeling this pregnancy now! Everyday that passes I feel more and more tired. My legs have begun to swell and my hips are spreading so they ACHE so bad! There are some days I think, "this is it! I'm pushing him out right now". I won't of course, but I want to.

We have begun to prepare the boys for the arrival of the new baby. They all seem so interested in my growing belly. Alex climbs up, kisses and rubs my belly. He so sweetly says "baby"! Emerson is interested when he hears the babies cry on the videos. We show them the videos of when they where little. He says "ut oh" every time he hears the little peeps they used to make. Max is pretty much unenthused about the whole thing. As long as he has food, baba's and his blankie he is good to go. I really do think they are going to be horribly jealous when he comes. I hope I hold up well, for them. I won't be able to pick them up for a couple of weeks because of the c-section. I have absolutely no idea how that is going to go over.

Austin is handling the whole idea of a new baby very well. I think in his head it doesn't matter if their are three little brothers running around or 4. I just wonder if he realizes that the baby will be small and unimpressed by him. Not like the triplets that light up every time he walks in the room. Well, it will be eventful that's for sure!

We also got some great news this week. Emerson and Alex are being discharged from physical therapy. This is a huge deal. It means that our little teeny preemies are now considered completely age appropriate. I am so proud of them. All three of them have caught up and than some. Max was discharged way back in August but we all know he is super baby. But to have all three discharged in such a short amount of time is amazing! That's the power of prayer people!!!!!!