Saturday, December 1, 2007

Week 15

Week 15

Great news, Max is off his APNEA monitor. I told him he is a new improved wireless version of his former self. He has been spell free for a month so he is done! AMEN! I of course will be a nervous wreck when he is sleeping but I think he has grown out of all his issues. Thanks everyone for your prayers!

So the boys have been weighed and measured.....wait for it.....wait for it....Max is 11lbs....Alexander 11lbs 4oz and Emerson my littlest one, my barely 3lb er at birth is now a humongous 11lbs 8oz!!!!!!!! Max who was the biggest is now the smallest. They have officially sucked the life out of me!!!!!!!! They are now all around 22 inches long. Don't blink or you'll miss it! They are growing everyday.

They all started physical therapy this week. Things seem to be going well with that. The boys are starting to hold their heads up and push up on their arms when on their bellies. They are getting so strong. I can't believe they are over three months old already. They will be crawling and walking before you know it.

So let me explain how this blog works, since I am getting some complaints about updates. I know tons of people count on this for information on the triplets and our little family. However, I don't always have time to sit and write, so what I do is write ...when I have an opportunity...usually at my notepad on my computer and when I have the chance I post and update the blog. It's getting harder for me to do this though since the babies require more attention than ever. Who would've known that 3 babies and a 4 year old required sooo much attention. So be patient and eventually you will get updates.

Week 14

Austin Destroying is playroom on Thanksgiving
The Best looking Turket Ever!
The Turkey Triplets

The Mama...I felt left out!

Daddy & His Boys...Pic from the photo shoot we had! Max is so mad!!!

Week 14

So Thanksgiving was wonderful. I cooked a meal that I think was a huge success. Everyone seemed to like it. We had around 15 people not including the kids. They where wonderful. They were held by everyone and loved all the attention. It was wonderful to see them with family. They are getting so big. All well over 10lbs. They are now in clothes size 3-6mos. I can't believe it. They grew out of all their newborn and 0-3 month clothes in just 1 month. They are super babies, I personally think it's the breast milk. They all have those huge cheeks. I bite them daily. OK so we hit some big milestones this week. Both Emerson and Max found their voices. Alex found his a while ago. He has been cooing and laughing for almost a month. But anyway, Max was sitting in his bouncy seat watching a Baby Einstein DVD and he laughed out loud scarring himself half to death. Than he began cooing and making gestures at the television. It was amazing to see his reaction to finding his voice. Than within 24 hours Emerson found his. He was sitting in his swing looking up at the mobile and started cooing. He seemed so proud. Now all of a sudden they are carrying on cooing conversations. It's so cute. They grow so fast.

I sit in my chair looking at them and just cry. I can't believe David and I made them. Less than a year ago I had no clue. I was selfishly living my quite existence contemplating going back to work when Austin went to Kindergarten. Man o Man was I about to get the shock of a lifetime. Within 1 month My Grandma died(I miss her so much it hurts), We bought our house and we found out we were pregnant. As this year comes to an end I can't help but reflect on what had to be the best and worst year of my entire life. I believe God brought these healthy happy babies into my life actually our lives as a replacement for all those lost this year. I have to believe that just to get through the day.I need to talk about my Grandmother for a moment. Lately I have missed her more than I did when she first died. I went call her the other day when the boys where cooing at each other. I thought "Grandma would love this. My heart ached when I realized she would never know them and they would never know her. Don't get me wrong, my Grandma was a pain sometime. But, I loved her so much. I can close my eyes and still hear her voice. And every time I look at my hands I see hers. I wish she would have held on to see them. But I know she is out of pain now and somewhere happy and healthy. I like to think she knows the babies exist, that she had a conversation with God and made it happen. I even think she helped create the three of them just as a last "I'll show her!" I MISS YOU GRANDMA! I wish all those that where lost this year where still here but if you had a choice between here and heaven...what would you choose?

Now for the next holiday. Christmas is coming. I got a good jump on shopping. I got up at 4am and went shopping on black Friday. I know it was crazy but hey I saved some bucks and when you have four kids every $$ counts. I hit Toys R'Us and Target. Thanks TiTi for helping David with the boys. I still have a ton more to do but I think I will do it online. Home delivery ROCKS! On Christmas day we will be having open house from 2pm on. If you wanna come over, we'll be here. We will not be taking the boys out because of RSV and other virus' that are dangerous for them. So, if you wanna see us, we'll be here and as long as your healthy, come on by!

Week 13 1/2

Me nursing Alex in the Hospital
Emerson nursing at home!

Week 13 1/2

Just a little motherly rant!

OK, so I have a pet peeve. I have discovered that in 2007...almost 2008 people have a hard time with mothers breastfeeding in public. YES, I BREASTFEED...TRIPLETS! On occasions...I need to leave the house with a baby. It's not often but I do when I have too. Recently, I took Alex to Children's for a doctors appointment. I brought bottles but if you've been at Children's you know how disgustingly filthy the place is. The thought of heating my babies bottle in the sink in the bathroom made me vomit! So anyway I decided to breastfeed him...since I do not have to heat that! I was in the waiting room and I very discreetly put a blanket over my shoulder placed my child...covered under the blanket and nursed him for 10 or so minutes. In this time period I watched one woman literally freak out, huffing and puffing she dragged her maybe 2 year old away from the disease riddled toys and put him in the hallway, apparently away from the wayward breast under the blanket. Another man looked at me and rolled his eyes in disgust at the woman but than told someone on the phone "I had a lot of nerve". The other three people in the waiting room where either trying to look at the ceiling as not to see a glimpse of a nipple or staring so hard I thought my face would burst into flames. At no time was I exposed in any way. I was always under a blanket not so much as a millimeter of breast showed but yet I apparently offended several people in the waiting room at CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL! After I was done nursing I put everything back in it's place...never exposing anything only to realize, I had a shirt on that was quite revealing in the cleavage area. Guess what, no one seemed to mind. Go Figure! Anyway, I have waited all my adult life to have these babies and have the privilege and the God given ability to nurse my children so to any of you who are offended I say warmly Kiss my ASS!(Sorry for the Language)They are just breasts we all have them, most of us where breastfed by our mothers. And a little boob(or even a big one)never hurt anyone! Next time I think I'll let it all hang out. Why not, say something...I dare you....I have 4 children, I am sleep deprived, usually hungry, exhausted(mentally) and I could snap at any time...NO jury would convict me!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week 13

Emerson doubling as Uncle Fester from the Adams Family...He does have a neck! Somewhere.
Maxim doing his best Elvis inpersonation.
Emerson, Alexander & Max...Hey look at that!
Max Kissing Emersons Hand...Brotherly Love?Sometime!
Alexander, possibly taking a POOP!
Alexander being the cutest boy ever!

Week 13

Happy Birthday Babies!!!!

Our babies are officially 3 months old. The week was pretty uneventful. We had a family photo shoot which turned out to be pretty interesting. Austin was a wild man. He was practically standing on his head(as I look over at him now...he is standing on his head.) The babies seemed virtually unfazed by the whole thing . They pretty much slept during the whole thing. Emerson screamed during his individual picture, and Max wouldn't take the Binky out of his mouth long enough to take the picture. As soon as we get them back we will post them. I don't think any one smiled or looked interested in any way.

I took Alexander to Children's for a follow up to his surgery. Just as I suspected...everything went fine. No major drama. He healed beautifully. I almost passed out though when they weighed him and said 10lbs on the dot. How fast they grow. Everyday they are starting to look more like kids. The babyness ( not a word by the way) is fleeting fast. They are staying awake more often and interacting with everyone. The smiles are unbelievable. Your heart actually melts when they do it. They are recognizing the world around them more and more, It's amazing that they all do things around the same time. I noticed Max finally recognized the dog. The dog came walking up and sniffed him and he tried to bite her nose. He smiled and let out a huge excited scream. I was shocked and was the dog!!! Within a day or two all three of them had interacted with the dog. I was thinking "wow for the first time I saw them as triplets, not three individual baby's.

Well, the holidays are upon us. I am having both Christmas and Thanksgiving...Lord help me!!! I'm sure all will go well. I mean come on who can't shop, cook for 15 people, clean before and after, take care of three babies and the needs of a 4 year old all while entertaining? Maybe me? Not sure, letcha know in a couple of days.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Babies First Hospital Pictures

Alexander Julius Stinner 5 weeks old
Maxim Charles Stinner 5 weeks old
Maxim, Emerson & Alexander Stinner
Emerson James Stinner 5 weeks old

Babies First Hospital Pictures

Better late then never. These are the babies first professional pictures. They were taken when they where 5 weeks old in the NICU at Sisters Hospital before their release. It took me all this time to get organized enough to order them.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weeks 9-12

Brotherly Love

Austin & Max
Alex Sleeping Baby
Emerson & Max

Titi & Em Aunt Ella & Alex
Grandma Linda & Max

Our Sons
Lil Ones

Alex & Max ready for bed
Alex "Angel Baby"

Baby Chorus Line
Pbbbbtttssss! Emerson Style

Happy Haloween
Austin Gladiator - Protector of Baby Brothers Everywhere!
Watchin' TV
Alex Post Op
Max Baba drunk
Alex too Cool
Babies Eating

Emerson Chilin

Weeks 9 through 12

Well, we have probably had our scariest week yet. First of all Max has decided to have some apnea spells, two of which required us to wake him up. He turned a dusky color and I had to stimulate him to breathe. We ended up in the Emergency Room at Children's just as a precautionary measure. They sent him home....Thank God, I don't know what I would have done had they kept him. Max has always had spells but never before did I have to stimulate him like that and it scared me. Personally I think it was the pushing see our little Max was trying to poop...and poop he did. Put it this way, Max put a grown man to shame. Because Max was premature, he forgets to breathe when pushing. Than his body forgets to reboot. He needs the stimulation to reboot...almost like a computer. So anyway, Max is fine now. He is home and all is well.

Than life got really scary....while opening Alexanders diaper I noticed a lump in his groin. When I say a lump....I mean this huge mass that looked like nothing I had ever seen before. I quickly realized my little man had a hernia....technically a inguinal hernia. You see when little boys testicles drop they come from their abdomen and drop into the sack through a hole in the top of their groin. Full term little boys have time for that hole to close. Because Alex was premature that hole didn't close and his intestines actually fell through the hole. I took him to the Doctors and they said it would need surgery but was not life threatening. As long as it didn't get worse he would be fine to wait a month or so until he could get a surgery date. got worse. My poor baby screamed in pain and his bulge grew hard and bigger. I took him to the Emergency Room at Children's and they immediately admitted him and scheduled the surgery for the next day. The good news is my little angel did wonderfully. He came through like a champ. We (Me & Alex) stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 days. The hardest of my life. To be away from my other sons was awful. But Alex needed his Mommy and I needed to be there for him. He is awesome now. He is having some digestion issues...we recently switched him to Soy Formula...YUK! And he seems to be doing much better. Thanks to my Dad who stayed with me quite a bit in the hospital and helped at home with the boys. Also to my Mom who stayed with David and helped with the other boys. TiTi and everyone else...Thanks so much.

Well, the boys have started their RSV shots. That's the Virus that is deadly to preemies. They get the vaccination once a month. They should be protected against the RSV Virus but I am still not taking them out anywhere and if your sick...stay away. We had a serious outbreak of the Croop. Poor Emerson and Austin. They had it the worst. Austin brings home everything from Preschool. We are trying to maintain their health the best we can so no sniffles or anything. You get my kids sick....I kick You butt!
They are all huge....Emerson is 9lbs 4oz, Alex 9lbs 6oz & Max 9lbs 6oz.....Big Bro Austin is weighing in at a healthy 40lbs on the dot.

Austin is doing amazing. Aside from the croop Austin is starting to be a big help with his brothers. He helps with babas and binkies and he tries to entertain them when their upset. He is a little attention deprived but he'll be fine.

OK so I have a serious pet peeve I need to discuss with everyone. First of all I think some people need to go back to school and take a biology or health class. I may even need to give some people a lesson on the birds and the bees. Creation is a beautiful thing. God gave woman the most beautiful gift. The gift of being able to create and carry another life. This happens when a man and woman have intercourse. OK...I realize you all know HOW life is created! So anyway, a woman produces an egg or in my case eggs and every egg is fertilized with a sperm. In our case....three eggs three sperm. MY CHILDREN ARE FRATERNAL TRIPLETS! If they where identical it would have been one egg, one sperm that split three ways creating three identical human beings. My children where three eggs three sperm meaning three completely different human beings. If one more person asks me if I can tell my own children apart I may rip their face off. My children are not identical. They are all boys...this is true but think about it do you and your siblings look identical? Can people tell you all apart? It is just like I had three separate pregnancies all at once. My boys are very handsome they all have different personalities, different shaped heads, different eye and hair color. They are not not ask me how I can tell my own children apart...come on think about it...isn't that the stupidest question ever! I'm not trying to offend anyone I just want people to understand I get asked the same stupid questions by everyone I see. Arrrggghhhh!

After I have probably just offended most all of you...I am in need of help. I am looking for people to help out with the boys. If you are in good health and want to come over and hug and love a baby give me a call. You all have our number!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 8 1/2

Grandma, Austin & Alex Emerson in his swing Alex relaxing Max Snoosing

Week 8 1/2

We traveled to the doctors yesterday. Getting a 4 year old ready for school, 3 newborns bathed and ready for the doctors and a mom and dad out the door before 8:45 am was quite the experience. Needless to say we where about 10 minutes late to the doctors office. Anyway, the doctor was impressed how well the boys are doing. Of course there are some small issues...there always is. To start with all three boys have hernias. Emerson's is the worst but the plan of action is to see if they repair themselves. They all have reflux, again Emerson has it the worst but hopefully he'll grow out of it. Developmentally they seem to be age appropriate and their height and weight is progressing beautifully. Max is 7lbs 15oz 20" long, Alex 7lbs 13.6oz 19 3/4" long & Emerson is 7lbs 13.2oz 19" long. They all seem to be keeping up nicely with each other. They are no slackers!

The doctor also gave us quite the compliment in saying how well we are doing with the boys. He said he has seen parents that are frazzled with one healthy full term newborn. The fact that we have three and are still standing is amazing. I say it's age. I know I couldn't have done this at 20+. I am more seasoned now. It makes a heck of a difference. The boys had three shots yesterday. Actually, they had two shots and an oral vaccination. They where due for 9 vaccinations but David and I decided against giving them everything at once. 3 was the max we would allow. I know the doctors must think we are horrible people for not wanting our children vaccinated and it's not that we don't want it done. We just do not find it necessary to inject our premature children with all these vaccinations we know nothing about. It can't possibly harm them to have them spaced out a little bit.

So, I am looking for a photographer. Someone local who will come to my house and take professional pictures of my family. If anyone knows someone reliable, healthy and trustworthy, please call me with their number.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 8

Week 8

As of yesterday our babies are officially born. Yesterday was their due date and they are now at 40 weeks. All the specialists say that the babies start from ground zero as of then. Because they are triplets and where born at 31 weeks 6 days they technically should be delayed somewhat ....them specifically delayed by 8 weeks, the number of weeks premature they where. I had this thought looking at these incredible little miracles, let me paint a mental picture for you. They are laying on a blanket in the living room fat and happy from their morning feed. Alex is smiling and cooing and yesterday laughed out loud while being held by his Oma. Max is grunting and trying to reach over to Emerson who is also grunting and trying desperately to roll over to get to Max. there are bottles dripping a lovely mixture of breast milk and formula all over my cream color carpet, there is puke on Max's head and I believe it to be Alexanders, someone just burped so loud he scared the other two and there are sounds and smells coming from Emerson's diapers that would put a trucker to shame. I have had less than 3 hours of sleep and my coffee cup sits nestled upside of someones morning diaper. Max's monitor just went off, sending a high pitched noise permeating throughout the house...good thing it was just a low battery. When that happens I realize how desensitized my children are because no one even flinched. Even the dog, who once picked up the monitor in her mouth to try and stop the noise, barely stirred. So my thought they sound delayed? Are all the experts wrong in saying there will be delays? Are my children just gifted?(Just kidding)!

I realize I should be sleeping right now. But if I blink I will miss it all. I'll catch up when they're adults.

I don't know any of their stats yet I am assuming Max is around 8lbs and the other two are right behind him. They are doing everything that 8 week olds should be doing. Cooing, complaining, lifting their heads, laughing and everything thing else age appropriate. Max even pressed a button on a toy to make the music start. I know it was an involuntary movement on his part, a fluke that happened right at the moment I asked him to. But that's my "SUPER BABY" story and I'm sticking to it! Emerson has started to nurse on his own. At night, whenever he lies next to me he pulls down my shirt and latches on. He did this completely unassisted this morning. It must be nice to have fresh Mommy on tap whenever you want it. It's like a mommy buffet. Hey, I'll take the bonding long as they don't have teeth. I have heard conflicting breast feeding theories. Some experts say breastfeeding is the best way to feed and nourish your child. And formula can cause allergies and other harmful reactions. Others say after the first couple of weeks there is really no major benefit to giving your child breast milk over formula. I say God created me to bare children, he gave me the means in which to feed them! I'm going to feed them by that means as long as I can or until someone bites me! I do supplement with formula for the calories and the convenience, if not I would never get anything done.

We have a doctors appointment for the boys later in the week. I will post their major stats when we get them. Erie County Early Intervention is also coming out this week to asses the boys for delays and special needs services. We will let you know their conclusions as well.

Don't get used to all these posts so close's not normal for me to have all this free time. (I started this posting 2 hours, three diapers, a bottle mishap, two coffee runs and a scream at the guy letting his very large dog poop on my front lawn without picking it up....ago!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 7 1/2

Austin the big helper w/Alex
My three Angels

Max..being too cute
Alex & Emerson
"Brotherly Love"

Our 4 Sons...The loves of our lives

Week 7 1/2

I had 5 min in between Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, Playing and loving up my children so I thought I would right a love letter to and about my children.

This is this Mothers Perspective:
When Austin came into my life I was a little wet behind the ears...OK really inexperienced. I had babysat, but rearing your own child is different. I was absolutely obsessive when it came to my home...everything had to be perfect. His toys where lined up just so, his DVDs all in their cases, his blocks stacked just so high and even. As for his hygiene...well, I would bathe him 3 times a day and change his clothes so he would look impeccable. I would correct his grammar and get out the flash cards just so he would be the smartest kid in his class and everyone would say..."what a smart boy you have". I watched everything he put in his mouth to make sure his nutrition was top notch. What I didn't do was take the time to truly love the time with him. I loved him but I didn't take the time to study his face and kiss his baby toes and to enjoy all the baby time. THIS I REGRET. I now look at my beautiful 4 year old....he is so hard on himself sometimes and I know it's because I am hard on him and i realize...I missed so much. I was here but in body alone. I now vow to be the mom I never thought I could be....letting go of the little things. I will allow messy faces, toys in the living room, Nickelodeon on the living room TV and cookies before bed. I will not let one more minute pass without enjoying my children. I now look at my three new sleeping angels and I thank God that he gave me a second chance to change my views on motherhood and life. I am taking the time to kiss those baby toes and study those faces and to enjoy this time because it passes so quickly. To my amazing 4 year old I say I'm sorry for my lack of experience. I love you more than words can say. I will try to not miss one more moment. And to my three angels sleeping so calmly...for the moment, thank your big brother because he made me the Mom I always hoped to be. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all my friends and family, forgive me for not calling, stopping by or updating this blog. I will do what I can when I can . Please understand that my life has changed and I now am busy loving, living and enjoying the beauty that is my children and being the best mom I can possibly be.