Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bliss

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The Easter Bunny left us LOOT!
Griffin and his Easter Dinosaur!
Tres' Babies! Easter 2009

Easter Bliss
Easter is not at all as it began. In the beginning(I always wanted to say that), it was the day Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified three days prior. I'm not sure how a large rabbit bearing baskets of candy and toys came to be, but hey...who am I to question tradition? The kids woke up at 7:15am . Since they went to bed at 8pm Saturday night, I'm not complaining! They came down stairs and immediately started spotting brightly colored eggs filled with candy. They all started gathering the eggs and putting them in a basket. I'm not sure how they figured out that if you throw the eggs on the floor they break open, but someone did. Than 4 happy little guys started throwing eggs and feasting on M&M's and jelly beans. Anyone who knows me, knows that I allow my children very little candy. Needless to say this is my exception to the rule. Within a half an hour there where chocolate covered kids as far as the eye could see. And since we had colored eggs for the first time the night before, there where blue, green and orange fingers covered in chocolate as well.

Austin couldn't wait for candy.
Coloring Eggs

Even Griffin got in on the action!

As always I had dinner at my house. A feast of Ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, lamb, antipasto, blessed loaves of bread and of course the butter lamb. Austin did the honors of sacrificing said lamb by biting and eating lamby's head off. Gruesome but tradition. My Aunt and Mother brought the kids bags and baskets of candy and toys, continuing the sugar rush!

Griffin was amazing even though he has a little cold. Sleeping pretty much the whole day. He woke up only for a few moments here and there to have a bottle. When my mother gave him a small blue stuffed dog, he instantly hugged it tightly and went back to sleep. The triplets where burning off an intense sugar high running from room to room with chocolate faces and little toys that light up and walk. The smiles where from ears to ears and I very rarely heard a distressed cry or had to break up a fight. Austin was completely happy to play with his "Xtreme parachute man" throwing it from the top of the stairs down several hundred times and screaming "Too the extreme" over and over again! I did have to stand watch at the kitchen table for a while since all the Easter baskets where being stored. Mr. Austin had way too much! It was actually a very relaxed holiday for once. There was no problems just family coming in and out loving up my boys and eating a good meal. We had several family members stop by that had dinner elsewhere just to hang out. It was nice.

Between the bevy of toys, jelly beans, chocolate and desserts of cupcakes and cheesecake the kids where coming off a their sugar high fast and hard. Within 20 minutes the triplets where bathed and in their beds. The baby was still swinging in his swing and Austin was helping me fold the laundry while watching a movie. I sat and looked around. Just 6 short years ago are house was silent. A holiday consisted of dinner at family or friends and than home to watch television or read a book. Now we have 5 amazing sons. Our house is LOUD, our children are crazy men and our life is exhausting. However, in thinking back to our laid back life before children I am so thankful to be blessed with 5 wild little men that make our life complete. Happy Easter Everyone!