Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Spring break has arrived! It's 31 degrees in Buffalo, NY and I'm convinced its because 60% of the population has retreated to Florida and other warmer destinations leaving us hold outs to suffer! We were unable to fly off to a warm destination because David is hard at work completing the construction on the new location of US itek. It's amazing the work that goes into moving a company from one location to another! Especially when you are gutting the new location!

So we stayed home. I'm a little sad and can't help but be frustrated by all the pictures on my social media site that show bathing suit clad sunbathers frolicking in the warm ocean. It would have been the perfect year to fly off to an exotic location since tomorrow is...{{{GULP}}} my fortieth birthday. But business comes first.

To try and make the best of our vacation we decided to make a ton of plans, bowling, lunches with friends, fancy dinners out(complete with throwing peanut shells on the floor 'cus that's how we do!", museums, bounce houses, naval ships and visiting the buffalo Zoo to see Luna the new baby polar bear! Yeah...as if that would happen! Unfortunately on the last day of school the boys came out and said "Our friend PUKED in class today!"...that's right, within 24 hours my kids were puking! I swear we can't catch a break! I'm not usually "Debbie Downer" but what the hell!

As of today (t-minus 5 days until vacation is over) we are all feeling better! We plan to fit all of the above in over the next few days and maybe even a piece of cake for this FORTY and FABULOUS momma! Our life doesn't always work out as planned but whose does? We will make the best of our time together!

Happy Spring!