Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week 28

Emerson, I love that face.
What are you lookin' at?

1..2...3..Max pins Austin for the win!
Daddy & Alex
Max is mobile
Don't make me tell u again!
Austin cracks himself up
Emerson cutie boy

Week 28

DEAR GOD HELP US, MAX IS MOBILE! My darling little peanut, Max "The Crazy Man" Stinner has begun to crawl. Now what do I do? Within the last couple of days, Max realized he can stick his butt in the air while on his belly and lunge forward creating movement. Today, I went to take a shower, all three babies on the living room floor sleeping peacefully in their boppy's. I had the baby monitor in the bathroom with me when I heard Alex start to stir. I than heard Max ans subsequently Emerson. I got dressed and came downstairs within 3 or 4 minutes of hearing the first baby make a sound. I find Alex and Emerson in the same positions I left them in but Mr. Max was half way across the living room on his belly underneath his swing. He looks at me with this huge smile like"Ah ha! I did it". Like I said God help's just a matter of time before they are all mobile!

So, last week the triplets had what I perceived to be "flu like" symptoms. Cranky, lethargic, oozing stuff, pukey and feverish. Now my poor children have developed ear infections! I'm new at this because Austin has been a relatively healthy child. Aside from the flu twice and the occasional head cold, he is healthy. Now I have these three non-verbal children crying uncontrollable, not sleeping, oozing the nastiest stuff I've ever seen pulling at their ears and SCREAMING. I feel helpless. I know every mother goes through this feeling of complete helplessness. But today I am feeling more helpless than usual. Poor Alex slept with me for 3 nights. He was so congested. He was choking on his own snot and I couldn't help him. He is coming out of it slowly after taking him to the pediatrician and getting antibiotics. However, within the last 24 hours both Max & Emerson have become symptomatic. I have started them on the meds and hopefully in a week everyone will be better. I guess I should feel lucky. Three babies born 8 weeks premature and they only have had 1 major cold.

The boys have continued their physical therapy for the past few months now. They are doing amazingly. They are all sitting up(w/little assistance). They roll and now Max is starting to crawl. This is actually right where they should be. It's amazing that they are not delayed. They are almost completely age appropriate. In fact, Alex's verbal skills are unbelievable. He already is saying "Hiya, ooooooh, ahhhhh, ut oh" and most recently "Opa". That's right....not mama, not dada....OPA. We are not sure if he is referring to Davids dad which the kids refer to as "Opa", Grandpa in German, or if he thinks Austin is Opa. Every time he sees Austin he says Opa, Opa, Opa. So he may be confused or maybe he's just playing mind games. We'll see.