Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Whenever one of my children has a birthday it brings me back to the day they came into our lives. I like to write my children letters on those days. I need them to be reminded how much they are loved at that particular moment in time.

My Dearest Griffin-

One year ago today I felt you wiggle inside me for the last time. The little flutters and hard kicks are all a distant memory. They took you from my body and held you high for me to see, “8lbs 5oz” the nurse yelled. A big difference from 16 months prior when your brothers entered the world. You had pink cheeks and red lips and much to my surprise, black curly hair surrounded your round little face. Within moments the doctors and nurses began buzzing around you. They came and said you would be taken away for observation. No, wait…he’s full term and BIG! How could something be wrong? It seemed like forever before they came in to tell me you where in the NICU. They where observing you because you where having troubles breathing. Later the doctor would tell me just how sick you where. We almost lost you in those 10 days you stayed in the NICU.

Fast forward to today, you started to walk just this month. Within days you where running. Trying desperately to keep up with your 4 big brothers who laugh and play around you. You laugh at Elmo and think Baby Einstein was made just for you. You love to play with the blocks and jump incessantly in your bouncer. You still don’t sleep through the night but I think it’s just because you like the private time we share when it’s just me and you alone at 4am. You carry around one of two “blankies”. One is green with white polka dots and the other blue with stars. You love them, and they seem to calm you when nothing else can. You are a happy baby. You smile and laugh almost always. You are quiet and reserved but make your presence known with a high pitched squeal that your dad says can shatter glass.

When I found out I was pregnant with you I was scared. How could I possibly handle ANOTHER baby? Your brothers where so little and Austin needed attention. All that fear disappeared when I felt you move inside my tummy. You where my little miracle. No drugs needed. No planning. My little surprise. From the moment I held you I knew you where the last piece of the puzzle. As I’ve watched you grow over the last year I was reminded of everything that is good with this world. You have been a bright shining ray of light in my life. You are my littlest love and you made my life complete. I love you Griffin! Happy 1st Birthday!
Love, Mommy