Friday, June 27, 2008



That's right! I'm angry again! My family and I had a great day. Austin had a play date with his buddy Zack and I got to visit with his mom and younger brother. Austin had his first soccer game, which went wonderfully and than we decided as a treat we would go to the carnival in Mang Park. Now, we had the normal stares and whispers, even a few stupid questions at the soccer field. Nothing out of the normal. But stupid us thought it would be a good idea to go to this carnival. So we stop home, get the boys jammies, sweatshirts and get Austin changed. We arrive at the park, change the boys diapers and put them in their pj's. Put them in the stroller and decide to feed them in their stroller before we go into the park. Now here is when the issues begin. A woman walks up, are those twins????? No, triplets! Sorry...stupid question! Another woman has to walk by, double back and than ask if their is really 3 of them! DUH!!!!!! Than this ASSHOLE walks by, stops, tells her entire family to stop and look and than says to her husband..."look honey, it could be worse"! What the heck!!!I immediately got angry I said, "that was the rudest thing anyone has ever said, how dare you"! Did you just say "it could be worse", and than point at MY CHILDREN! HOW DARE YOU! The woman made no response, no apology, just walked away like a coward! Her husband said "sometimes, people are rude". That's right sometime people are rude! I am so sick of it! I am sick of people looking at my children like freaks or more so like they are some sort of burden! I have never been so angry! Not only did she stop and stare but she ruined what was supposed to be a fun family night! When I came home I continued to stew about it. I thought, what kind of mother looks at children as a burden? I can't imagine. My children are my life. They are the reason I live and breathe. Not for one minute have I ever thought of them as a burden. I was so disgusted at the sheer thought of someone thinking of my children as a bad thing that I cried. I cried for my children, I cried at what they are going to have to endure. I cried for the day my children can understand what people say and understand the pointing and whispers. I'm disgusted, I'm revolted, I'M ANGRY!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week 45

Alex is posing for the camera
Austin is bored
Emerson is sooooooo excited!
Max playing ball

Week 45

This week has been great! No problems of any kind. Max is still trying to walk. He takes a few steps than gets nervous and plops down. The physical therapist said he will no longer need physical therapy soon since he is above average and not testing as a preemie at all. Her only concern was his speech since he seems to be the quiet one. This is just that he is not as verbal as Alex who has been "talking" since he was three months old or Emerson who is the babble king! He was however the first to laugh out loud and the first to shake his head "no". But within a couple of her hours saying he is a little delayed in speech, my angel baby decided to break his silence. He started "dadadadadadada" and "ut oh" and "bababababa". That will show her! Say my baby is delayed in speech...he'll show you! He just choose to not say anything! Emerson is super baby. He was stationary for so long that now I can't get him to sit still. He's mobile from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed. He is standing up on everything and is starting to walk from one side of the furniture to the other. I think I almost liked it better when he couldn't crawl! I could always count on him to be where I left him if I had to leave the room. Now I have to watch him every second. Alex is growing and talking up a storm. Everyday he says more and more words. He now sings at the top of his lungs. He makes me laugh so hard. He will stand at the couch and sing "oh baby, oh baby" over and over again! When David comes home he sings the "dada" song. He dances while he sings, shaking his little bottom all around. What an amazing little guy! Austin had a rough behavioral week. We had some listening issues ,problems with following directions and behaving in general but we are hoping after a long talk and some much needed restrictions we will have a better week to come. We are getting him enrolled in some vacation bible school sessions and possibly soccer, if he gets used to his glasses quickly! I know it's the age and just plain boredom since he is out of school so we are not being to harsh on him. We have finally finished his swing set and are hoping to get the new pool installed within the next week, this should help.

I am feeling ,much better. I am now officially out of my first trimester and the morning sickness has subsided, somewhat. I am still throwing up several times a week but at least its not every ten minutes! I do wish I would get a burst of energy. I am so tired all the time. So I have now heard every stupid comment in the world. Since most people know I am pregnant again, I get so may discouraging comments. I thought it was bad when I was pregnant with the triplets. But now it seems all I hear is..."how awful", "poor you", "I would kill myself", "just shoot me if that happens". I swear if I don't punch someone it will be amazing. I am not a violent person by nature, but these people are getting on my last nerve. So this is what I have to say to those who think this baby is a bad thing...I always wanted to be a mom. I knew if God blessed me with the ability to have children that I would be the best mom I could possibly be. I felt so blessed when Austin came into my life. He was so amazing and perfect. I felt if he was the only one that my life would be complete. When I found out I was pregnant with the boys I was so thrilled, scared but thrilled. I heard the most horrible things from people. But I let their comments slide and concentrated on keeping the babies and myself healthy. When they where born it was the best and scariest moment of my life. But everyone turned out to be happy and healthy. Now I let most comments about the triplets slide. I mean come on people it's only the uninformed and frankly the unintelligent people that make the stupid comments I've heard. When it comes to baby number five...we are thrilled. Thrilled that we have 4 beautiful, happy, healthy children. Thrilled that we have another one on the way and thrilled that God blessed us with the ability and the means to take care of ALL of our children. So to all that think my children are some sort of circus freaks because they are multiples or think differently about Austin because he is adopted or that think baby#5 is a mistake. I say...well...I am a christian woman and will not say what I really want to but I do say, keep your comments to yourself. Didn't your mother teach you, if you have nothing nice to say than say nothing at all!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Week 44

Happy Father's Day David!
Max, loves the water table
...they all did
Emerson and Alex just wanted a cool drink

Austin walking the graduation walk!
I just loved this pic of Max!

Father's Day Week 44

Summer is here. It has been a HOT month. I am newly pregnant, sick as a dog and have no energy! I do not like the heat! 90+ degrees is just stupid! I can't do anything but lay on the couch in the air conditioning! What an awful feeling.

The boys are crazy! We have been outside a lot, they love their swings, wagon, water table a little baby pool. They are not real sure of the grass though. Max navigates it like it's little knives stabbing his knees. Poor baby, he'll get used to it I guess. Emerson is loving the water and being outside. He will splash in that little pool for an hour and I never laughed so hard as I did when we set up the water table. All three babies splashing and laughing, Austin trying to play along, but he's so big! Alexander is loving the outdoors, he loves to be pushed in the wagon and just to sit in the yard and look at everything. They have developed the most amazing way of interacting with each other now that they are all mobile. It's amazing to see them play and switch toys, they goo and ga at each other and Alex likes to hole his brothers hands. AWWWW, too cute!

Austin has graduated from pre-school, he is officially on to Kindergarten. He will have his screening in early July to determine placement. His new school is a great one. It has advanced classes for the kids that need it, and with Austin being who he is, I'm sure, down the road this will help him. He is getting his glasses tomorrow and I am hoping this will really help him out in all areas he is lacking, like reading. He can read to a point but with his eyes, his writing isn't what it should be. I'm sure it will all work itself out soon.

Fathers Day was great. We had a small BBQ in the yard for David and his father. It was German-fest 08. We had German and Hungarian sausage, German potato salad, cucumber salad and all kinds of fruits and desserts. It was a wonderful day! Happy Fathers Day ALL!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weeks 41-43

After Graduating, Austin plans to become a model!
Max, swinging and smiling
The new swingset, minus the slide that isn't up yet
Alex and Emerson loving their wagon!

Weeks 41-43

Like usual our life is crazy. It's a plethora of kids, appointments, crying fits, temper tantrums, baby fights, biting, teething, dirty diapers and 5 year old attitude. All in a days work, right? Well I had resounded that this would be my life for the next 18 years! Craziness and ciaos is what I thrive on. All 4 of these boys would give me a run for my money and I would be fine, after all this is what I do! Nothing could stop me or slow me down, after all I am ..."The Triplet Mom". Or at least that's what I thought. A couple of weeks ago(Memorial Day) was mine and Davids 8 year wedding anniversary! To all you nay Sayer's who said it wouldn't last, HA! We where just to spend a quiet weekend at home with our kids or at least the triplets since Austin was at my moms for the weekend. When we decided to put up the new swing set and invite family over for a BBQ and an impromptu birthday party for my 14 year old God Son Thomas. I had been feeling tired and run down but had assumed like most days it was due to taking care of the kids and lack of sleep. When I went up stairs to take a shower, I became dizzy and nauseated. Than all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks, "no, it can't be!". I went to the linen closet where I found a left over pregnancy test. I quickly went into the bathroom and followed the directions. It said, wait 5 minutes for results. Much to my surprise within 30 seconds a "plus" sign appeared! "No, way. How old is this test?" I went downstairs and handed David the test. I said "Happy Anniversary, we're Pregnant, AGAIN!"...maybe! Go get more tests, the one that says "pregnant" or "Not Pregnant". After 15 minutes or so David returned from the pharmacy. I followed the directions and than....BAM! PREGNANT! SO there you go folks. We are now expecting baby#5. I am in complete and utter shock. I mean, come on! We adopt, get one child! Fertility drugs, 3 children! And one time, I was apparently to tired to remember (sorry for being graphic) and "TADA" Baby #5. I have gone to my first OB appointment and all looks great. I am 10 weeks pregnant and am do January 15th. David and I went for our first ultrasound went great, ONLY 1 BABY! WHOO HOO! And it's heartbeat is strong. No abnormalities, everything looks great. I on the other hand am dizzy, nauseated and have absolutely no energy. This will probably be the hardest 8 months of my life, but I welcome the challenge. I wasn't really looking to get pregnant this early, but I am a fir, believer in God will only give me what I can handle.

The boys are doing so amazingly. They are growing so fast. All their teeth seem to come in all at once, now we have these beautiful babies who smile with all these teeth in their mouth. Max is taking more and more steps everyday. It's so odd to see this little teeny guy trying so hard to walk. Alex is all over the place. He will no longer lay down. He is walking fluidly along the furniture, he has yet to take steps but any day now! Emerson finally started crawling! He just got up on his knees and took off, now he is pulling up on everything and it's just a matter of time before he too is walking! Austin is out of school. He will be starting school in the fall and frankly I can't wait until he is occupied for 7 hours a day. He is at that age where he just wants every second of my attention. We are fighting like crazy because of it. He just doesn't want to spend "alone time" or "play time" of any sort. Now that the Nanny has started I have been taking him out once or twice a week and that seems to help but is only a temporary fix. I am hoping to find some programs for him this summer but he is getting glasses and it will take some time for him to get used to them before school. He has terrible eyesight in one eye from astigmatism and because of this we had to keep him from sports and other activities until he was old enough for glasses. This has been terrible because he wants to play so bad. But, I was so afraid he would get hurt, I waited. Now, he will be getting glasses this week so let the good times roll. We are also installing a pool sometime this month so hopefully he will be occupied for the rest of the summer.

Again, I have been having a terrible time with this blogspot. I seem to get errors a lot and am unable to download the blog or pictures so please be patient while
I figure this out.