Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 50

"Look Mom, I did it!"
Austin kicking the soccer ball.
Get that goal kiddo!

Alex analyzing his surroundings at the soccer field "what's that?" is his new favorite phrase!
Max, flying with Daddy!
Emerson cheering on his big brother at Soccer!

Emerson is happy to be nakey!
Alex fell asleep on Max

Week 50
OK, so we are less than two weeks away from the boys big birthday extravaganza! It almost feels like the walls are closing in. I can't believe this year went so fast. On one hand I can't imagine them ever not being here and on the other I can't believe they are going to be a year old! When did that happen? It's crunch time for David and I. We are doing all the last minute preparations and getting the yard and house ready to accommodate 70-100 people, (that's if all show!) and finishing up the menu preparations on who is making what. Wheeeew, it's gonna be crazy but worth it! I just wish everyone that was coming would RSVP, so I can make final preparations. I just can't wait to sing to them!
Austin had two soccer games this week. He finished up the season yesterday so he is done with that and on to the next thing...Kindergarten. Wow, less than a month away now! We still haven't got Austins room assignment/teacher or his supplies list so we are panicking! We want to go get him all prepared but with no list, we are at a standstill, just waiting!

The boys are doing great. They are getting out with us and loving it. We traveled far and wide this week and they seem to love the new wagon. They love it allot more than I do! I absolutely hate the attention. I think it's the "mommy bear" syndrome. I just want to protect my baby cubs. I don't like it when people stop us and ask questions and sometimes I just want to go from point A to point B without being hassled but that is never in the plans! We are always bombarded with people and their curiosity. But, what can I do? Anyway, the boys enjoyed a weekend out. Saturday we went to our friend Abigail's 8th birthday. The boys had a blast. They loved eating their hot dogs and traveling around in their wagon. They where loved and held by all. Especially Miss Carolyn, Miss Mindy and Nani Star! They also had their first piece of birthday cake, they LOVED it! Just another reason I can't wait until their birthday! On Sunday we went to Uncle Michael and Aunt Kelly's for a BBQ with them , our friends Lisa, Rich and their kids and Grandma Linda! It was great. We bought a new play yard for the kids that sets up quickly and keeps them contained. They where a little unsure of it, and they seemed grumpy and uncomfortable but all in all they where better than I thought and we had a great day.
Next week is vacation time for the Stinners. We will be spending some time preparing for the party, but also trying to get out to the Zoo, the Museum and the Fair! We are hoping the weather holds out for our week of fun in the sun but also for the party. It would stink if it rained! But Buffalo weather is Buffalo weather! Unpredictable!