Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

First I would just like to acknowledge this day for what it is, a CHRISTIAN holiday. Despite all the commercialism and ciaos that comes with Christmas, it is still a celebration of the birth of our Lord! For that I say Happy Birthday Jesus!

OK, now that I said that we can get on with the last week of our lives. WHOA! Can you say insanity? Well, the last week was insane! Last minute running and shopping, wrapping, baking and subsequently cooking. I don't know what I was thinking! Why do I take on SO much? Well, I do so for my children. On Christmas eve they where so happy to see family come in. They giggled, smiled and laughed harder than I've heard in a long time. To hear the laughter waifing from every room in the house was music to my ears. It seems everyone they love came in and out the last week, bearing gifts of course. For the first time the triplets enjoyed opening gifts. They eagerly grabbed them and ripped them open. They almost couldn't wait to get the next one. Than the wrapping, ripping, tearing ensued! It was snowing wrapping paper, and little pieces of boxes everywhere I looked. The noise increased 10 fold as my mother got the boys these HUGE talking, moving, engine revving trucks that played music at an unGodly high level. There where books that talked, animals that quacked and trucks that squealed. The boys where in heaven. Austin screamed "MOM, LOOOOOOOK!" every single time he opened a gift! He was so excited. Griffin was not so enthused, but hey he's not even 1 yet! He was happy to walk around picking up scraps of cookies everywhere. It was almost 9 by the time we cleaned up and got the little ones to bed. Austin set out the milk and cookies for Santa and this year it was his turn to help read "twas the night before Christmas". Between my mom, myself and Austin we read it all. Without much of a fight Austin was in bed and snoring by 9:30.

Christmas morning started late. I was up early making breakfast, getting the coffee ready and turning on all the lights. I grabbed the video camera and started waking everyone up. The triplets where all still sleeping but jumped right up. I barely opened Austins door when he came running out like a mad man. Griffin REFUSED to wake up no matter what I did so I let him sleep. David and I brought the boys down and just watched their facial expressions change. They started opening gifts right away and seemed pleased at what Santa got them. A Mickey Mouse Playhouse, Toy Story Chairs, Dinosaurs, games and a toy laptop for each. Austin was very excited to get the game Battleship and the Star Wars AT-TE Vehicle he had asked for! When all was done the baby decided to join us. He came down and opened his new train set, and Elmo toy. He was unimpressed. He just wanted to run around. So, we let him!

After breakfast we played and hung out. The Saletta's came to visit and Grandma Linda brought the new favorite toy of the season the "Zhu Zhu pet" This is a hamster that rolls around when you press it's back. Emerson laughed hysterically, Max tried to throw them and Alex tried to smash it like a bug. It was a blast. A very relaxing holiday.

I'm glad it's over now. I just need to reorganize and reassess all the kids toys now, God help me, it's going to be a lot of work. We are all so blessed to have the BEST family and friends any family could ask for. Everyone was so generous and loving. I'm so glad we got to spend time with everyone. Merry Christ6mas to ALL and to ALL...a good night!