Friday, June 27, 2008



That's right! I'm angry again! My family and I had a great day. Austin had a play date with his buddy Zack and I got to visit with his mom and younger brother. Austin had his first soccer game, which went wonderfully and than we decided as a treat we would go to the carnival in Mang Park. Now, we had the normal stares and whispers, even a few stupid questions at the soccer field. Nothing out of the normal. But stupid us thought it would be a good idea to go to this carnival. So we stop home, get the boys jammies, sweatshirts and get Austin changed. We arrive at the park, change the boys diapers and put them in their pj's. Put them in the stroller and decide to feed them in their stroller before we go into the park. Now here is when the issues begin. A woman walks up, are those twins????? No, triplets! Sorry...stupid question! Another woman has to walk by, double back and than ask if their is really 3 of them! DUH!!!!!! Than this ASSHOLE walks by, stops, tells her entire family to stop and look and than says to her husband..."look honey, it could be worse"! What the heck!!!I immediately got angry I said, "that was the rudest thing anyone has ever said, how dare you"! Did you just say "it could be worse", and than point at MY CHILDREN! HOW DARE YOU! The woman made no response, no apology, just walked away like a coward! Her husband said "sometimes, people are rude". That's right sometime people are rude! I am so sick of it! I am sick of people looking at my children like freaks or more so like they are some sort of burden! I have never been so angry! Not only did she stop and stare but she ruined what was supposed to be a fun family night! When I came home I continued to stew about it. I thought, what kind of mother looks at children as a burden? I can't imagine. My children are my life. They are the reason I live and breathe. Not for one minute have I ever thought of them as a burden. I was so disgusted at the sheer thought of someone thinking of my children as a bad thing that I cried. I cried for my children, I cried at what they are going to have to endure. I cried for the day my children can understand what people say and understand the pointing and whispers. I'm disgusted, I'm revolted, I'M ANGRY!