Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Loves

David and Griffin
So tired
David putting the last of the Christmas toys together.
Grandma and Griffin
Max's new silly face
The silly face wrestling with Alex
"No more pictures, Mommy!"
Alexander and Emerson wrestling
They played with these Easter Eggs for hours.
Max is one cool dude!
Aunt Terri and Alex
Thomas and Emerson

My Loves

When Austin came into our lives I thought to myself "life can't get any better than this", than the triplets where born and I again thought "life can't get any better than this". Now that Griffin is here, I can honestly say..."life can't get any better than THIS!". I knew pretty early on that I wanted to be a mother. I resounded to the fact that I probably would never have children and almost turned my back on the thought completely. Than I met David and within a year of being married to him I knew I wanted to be the mother of his children. So when we adopted Austin I knew that motherhood would be a huge part of my life. He was such a joy. So smart, so sweet and amazing. Just the most perfect child anyone could want. Everyone immediately fell in love with him. I had given up on ever having more than just him. Than the triplets came to be and now Griffin. I now know I was meant to have all these children. God choose me or I should I know this sounds corny to some but I have to think that in God's infinite wisdom he knew we where meant to adopt Austin first and have more children later. I have to think it was a well thought out plan on his part and not some incredibly unfunny joke. It's unbelievable how your life takes twists and turns. Mine is like a roller coaster and I wouldn't have it any other way. They are the loves of my life and for the first time my family feels complete.
Poor Austin is not feeling well. He came home early in the week with a croupy cough. He has been in quarantine in the basement ever since. But now it seems the little boys are starting to get it too. Griffin has been lucky. So far he is showing no symptoms but that can change in an instant. So we just keep him as separate as possible and don't let anyone tough him. The triplets are getting used to the fact that Griffin is home now. Emerson still shows no interest but Alex points at him and says "baby, baby!" and Max wants to kiss him and poke him in the eyes. I think they've realized he is a part of our family and is going to stay. I am trying to spend equal time with all the kids to let them know I'm still here for everyone. That's been a little trying since Griffin is nursing. So I try and let the little ones run around the downstairs in the evening instead of being coopt up in the living room. They love it. They run in circles, laugh and dance. Hopefully Austin will feel better soon so he can help me a little more with the younger three.
Griffin and I both went to the doctors this week. The nursing is working because in 5 days time he went from 8.4lbs to 9.4lbs! Woooo! He might have had an undeveloped lung but his belly is working just fine. He's turning into a little porker! I love it. The boys where all so scrawny! A fat baby has always been my dream. All though he is far from fat. All in all Griffin has overcame is hardships and is doing fantastic. I on the other hand have had some issues with my surgical wound. It turns out I have a really bad staph infection and even after several rounds of antibiotics I still am unable to get rid of it. I'm hoping this is the final round and I can hurry up on my road to recovery!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

He's Home!

Griffin on his way home from the hospital! Mommy and Baby! I very rarely post pictures of myself! I just couldn't resist!
My sleeping angel! Alex and Austin...brotherly love!
Alex and Emerson, wrestling!
Emerson was freaked out a bit by Opa's back massager.
Max thought it was cool!
Aunt Kathy and the little boys, watching Wall-E! Don't they look comfy!
He's Home!

I am so excited to finally announce that Griffin Henry Michael is finally home! I haven't been so happy since the triplets came home. I was so relieved when the Doctor said he would be releasing Griffin on Saturday. I called first thing in the morning and by 10 am he was released. Less than 2 weeks since he was born with life threatening health issues and he's home! The boys where completely freaked out. Alex tried to smack him. Emerson just stared and Maxim thought he was the best thing in the world. He just gentley tried to touch his ear and he stares so sweetly at him. I was both thrilled and worried. They all seem a little jealous but I'm sure that will pass in time. Austin is in love with his baby brother. He talks to him and sings. He touches his hands and does it with such love. He's getting so mature.
Griffin is an amazing baby. He's a great eater, he sleeps 3 1/2 hours at a time and very rarely cries. I couldn't be any luckier if I tried. I feel very blessed to have my 5 beautiful sons. I couldn't ask for more!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He's a Fighter!

I'm not sure what he was thinking but I'm sure it involved either eating or pooping!

How could you not be in love with this little man! He makes me want to have a sixth...ok, maybe not!

He's a Fighter!

My amazing little boy is such a fighter. He came through every little difficulty like it was nothing. Every day we have gone to the hospital he has overcome another obstacle. What an amazing baby! I know, I'm completely biased! I don't know if we shared the severity of Griffin's issues with people but, his ailments where life threatening. He could have died. He would have most certainly have had the amazing Dr's and nurses not detected his collapsed lung in time. It could have caused a chain reaction and caused more life threatening issues. But with a lot of prayers and Griffin's will to overcome, he is now doing so much better. In fact today he was circumcised! This is exciting to us! This means he was healthy enough to do that procedure and it is one of the final things they do before sending a baby home. Now, we are not rushing him home. But we are excited to get him home and get our life rolling! We have faith he'll be home this weekend but are prepared for any delays! God knows we had plenty with the triplets before they finally got home!

The little boys are doing so well. Max is teething so bad! He has had a fever for three days. He wakes up almost every night and is just cranky and miserable. Emerson and Alex have 99% of their teeth so they don't have these issues. Just poor Max. He still has 6 or so left to come in. My poor boy. Alex is cracking me up. His vocabulary is developing more and more everyday. He now is starting to sing. Talk about funny. He sings "in ME"...aka "You've got a friend in me" from Toy Story. He rocks back and forth and screams out..."IN ME". It's hysterical. Emerson is loving his new CD, Britney Spears. He loves the song "Womanizer". He dances and shakes his shoulders so sweetly. He bounces with such rhythm. I've never seen such a little kid with such good rhythmic timing. I think he'll be a musician. Austin in doing much better in school. We have had no reports of bad behavior or "class clown" issues. I'm hoping it stays like this. I know sometimes he gets bored and that's why he acts out. He's such a smart boy. Sometimes his brain goes faster than his actions and he gets himself over stimulated! He's doing much better.

I again want to Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. I do however wish that people had been a little more supportive while I was in the hospital. Most where great but I didn't hear from a lot of friends and family that where front and center for the triplets birth. They seemed to have disappeared when Griffin was born. I have still not heard from certain people(they know who they are) and that is so disappointing since I have gone out of my way more than once to take care of them when they where sick or in need of companionship. It almost seems phony for those who where so attentive to the triplets. I think maybe because they where unique and people like to brag about knowing them or being related to them in some way. I just want to say to those people that my children are ALL unique. They are ALL amazing and they should ALL be loved for who they are not what they are. I hope certain family and friends get the point that I now know how people truly feel. Next time I may not be so willing to do all I do for people.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 1

Griffin looking perfectly angelic!
Week 1
Well, I wish I could say, "we have begun our life as a family of seven", but I can't! I finally was released from the hospital on Saturday. But sadly Griffin is still in the NICU. I came home even though I have a terrible infection in my bladder, kidneys and my c-section wound. I was given antibiotics and sent home, again leaving behind my new baby boy. It's like reliving the hardest of my life over again. Normal woman come in the hospital, give birth and leave three days later...with their baby. Not me. The thought of leaving him behind while I go home is heartbreaking. Your natural instinct is to love and protect them with every fiber of your being. When you aren't by their side how can you do that? I know I had to leave the triplets for several weeks (5 and 6 weeks to be exact)but they at least had each other. Griffin is there all alone and that's really hard for me. I have all the faith in the world that the Dr's and nurses are taking excellent care of him, but I miss him terribly! I go up once a day and drop off milk and have begun breast feeding him, but it's not the same. Oh well, maybe their is another plan for me. Maybe I was meant to go home without out him to get the boys back in their routine before bringing him home.

Anyway, the boys all did great while I was in the hospital. My sisters, mom, mother in law, nanny and Aunt Debbie all helped out and did a tremendous job. They are all out of their routine but that just takes some time and they'll go back to normal. Austin was a little wild but he is already returning to his normal self. He's a little disappointed about not seeing his baby brother yet, but understands he's sick. Everyone was happy to see me. That made the transition home much easier. I can't wait to get all my boys together safe and sound, happy and healthy. Any time now!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

She's Baaaaaack!

She's Baaaaaack!

I'm back! Well, not really. I am still in the hospital. I will probably be here a while. My c-section was quite complicated and am recovering nicely on the maternity floor. It's a little bitter sweet since I am without my new baby boy. As David let you all know, when Griffin was born he was having some respiratory distress or difficult breathing. At first they thought it was just do to underdeveloped lungs but after an Xray they discovered that my beautiful baby boy has a Pnuemothorax. In layman's terms he had a collapsed lung. It was discovered that he also had a small hole that was not allowing the lung tissue to inflate properly. The incredible Neonatologists reacted quickly and placed a breathing tube in Griffins lungs and put a chest tube, through his tiny chest wall into the hole in his lung to relieve the pressure and to start the reinflation process. I am very happy to say that early this afternoon we where told that Griffin's lung was reinflating and that the Pnuemothorax was resolved! AMEN!

As a mother the hardest thing to do is sit back and watch your baby suffer. You keep them inside of you for 9 months praying that you deliver them healthy. When you don't, you feel like you should have done something different. I know that I did nothing to cause Griffin's illness. It's just something that happens. I mean come on...he weighed 8lbs 5.2 ounces! There is no reason for under developed lungs! Now Griffin is on the road to recovery and we are just so grateful to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I draw my strength to get through these tough times through all of you!

On a personal note I just want to make a statement about my wonderful husband! David has been so supportive during these last few days. He is here with me in the afternoon, talking to Dr's, supporting me while my hormones are raging and I am an emotional wreck all while running his business and taking care of our 4 big boys at home! He is the strongest man I have ever met. He just amazes me. David, thank you for being my rock! I would have curled under the bed and just died had I to do this alone! I love you! I also want to thank our incredible Nanny...Deb, my hero! My sisters, mom, mother-in-law and Aunt Debbie all for helping while I am recovering! Now that I feel like I just won an award, I guess I'll go see my beautiful baby boy! (who by the way does look so much like his Daddy, it's like I had no part of it at all!) Go figure!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today Griffin Henry Joins our Family!

Today is the first post from Dad. Yes I do exist for all you blog readers who have not seen any posts from me. Well it has been a long day, but I found time in a dark and quite house to upload the pictures. All the kids are sleeping and Mom is recovering in the hospital. She did so Well!!!

Our house and other 4 kids are all in order, as she did preparation and pre-planning for this day.

Griffin Henry Michael! 8lbs 5.2oz!

Today I became the Proud Father of my fifth son! For all of you asking, we are not going to try for a daughter. God gave us 5 sons and we are blessed to have each one of them. We know how to handle boys and we like having all boys, and we have completed our family at 7. The next baby in our family witll be a grandchild, but no ealier than 18 years from now. :)

We went in to the hospital at 8AM, by 10AM Mom was preped and ready for the C-Section. At 10:15 was all suited up in my protective garments and was able to join her in the Operating Room. I was able to witness the whole procedure. It was an awesome miracle of mordern medicine to see what is possible, and now I know why it will hurt so much during her recovery. I won't give any details here, except to say OUCH. Then... out came our fifth son! The first thing I noticed was how big his feet and long his toes were. This is probably because Mom told me repeatedly that it was my job to count all his fingers and toes as soon as he came out. (He has all of them Mom.)

As soon as the nurse cleaned him up and weighted him we realized he was a big baby at 8 lbs 5.2oz, a pound more then the weight of Alex and Emerson at birth combined. He is beautiful, and he looks just like me. You can be the judge, but I added picture of me at birth for you to compare.

Griffin comapared to David(when he was a few weeks old)
Griffin is now in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) as he had some trouble breathing, with fluid in his lungs and not getting the CO2. He was breathing under stress for the first few hours, so the excellent Neonatal team took him for monitoring. His PulseOx was in the 70s so they were a bit concerned, as this should be in the 90s, but after a small amount of O2 it was in the 90s. PulseOx is a measurement (ercentage) of the oxygenation (saturation of O2) of his hemoglobin (blood). When the CO2 does not get exhaled, the level is too low. When he went to the NICU they first put a oxygen dome over his head on an open infant warming table in the, but untimately they had to intubate him, and he is now on a respirator for a few hours. Don't worry was he was given some pulmonary surfactant which greatly reduces surface tension, allowing his lungs to inflate much more easily and therefore eliminating the work of breathing. When I went to see him in the afternoon he had clamed down and was breathing without the stress he had at birth and his color was much better. He may or may not need more surfactant and he could be down with Mom in as little as a day if he does well. Keep him in your prayers.

We are not nervous, as we have already had 3 kids in the NICU in the past, and Griffin is much stonger and larger than the triplets were at 31 weeks. Well, I will give all you readers another update tomorrow. Good Night! Pease give us your comments or just tell us you are reading the blog, we want to hear from all our readers around the World.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Alex is my musician.
Austin thinks he's the dancer...not so much!
Max is my silly boy!
Emerson is my nurturer.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. On reflecting on the last year, I realize that, it has been a series of ups and downs. But mostly ups! We have come so far that it hardly seems like a whole year has passed. The boys have grown so much. They walk, they talk(in their own way) and they play like real kids. Now here we are ready to have another baby. It's almost too much to deal with sometimes. Although I wouldn't change it for anything. Austin is a great big brother. He has adapted to brotherhood so well. I know he has had his behavioral issues this year but he really is a good boy.

So today is the last day I will officially be the mother of 4. Tomorrow at 10am baby Griffin will be born. I feel anxious and just so ready to meet this little guy. I have no idea how the boys are going to do without me for 3 or 4 days. I hope they'll be fine. I've only left them one other time before(my Dad's wedding in Las Vegas) and that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Austin will be fine, he's an old pro at this!
As soon as we have all the official information on Griffin we will make a post. I personally want to thank all the well wishers out their your thoughts and prayers mean so much to us!