Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week 35

Max discovers the Coffee Table!
YES, he did it all by himself!
Max....Happy Baby
Daddy & Emerson...waving
Alex, up to no good as usual!

Week 35
8 Months and Counting!

This week has been extremely HOT! We got up to around 85 degrees. Which for our area is common since we no longer have Spring and go right from Winter to Summer. The boys seem to enjoy all the traveling that we can now do. They are loving our long walks and trips to the stores but the heat gets to them fast. Max instantly got a heat rash when the temperature spiked and all the babies where red and flushed. We are spending a lot more time outside and we are getting more visitors. This mommy is also making more time for her self and is trying to venture out with friends every so often. I kept myself pretty cloistered this winter to take care of the boys and to bond. So now...I'm breaking free! I noticed they have problems with strangers. This can be a good thing but can also be bad since i would like to start leaving them bit by bit with sitters in order to spend more time with David. We'll see, it's like a test for my little angels.

Max and Alex have started crawling so we've begun baby proofing and putting up gates. It's pretty much like an obstacle course here. Hop over a crawling baby, trip over an Elmo toy, stub your toe on a walker and try to walk over a gate without falling down the stairs....wheeeee! Emerson is not crawling yet but is flipping himself over and spending time on his belly. It's so hard for him because of the acid reflux. We're hoping he grows out of it soon so he can join his brothers in exploring the house. We had to lower Max's crib finally since he has begun to pull himself up. I walked in his room the other morning to a standing Max, reaching over the side..."hiya mmmmm(mom)". He was so proud of himself. Than all of a sudden...flop! On his way down, he caught his chin on the bar and cried. My poor baby, but now is the time where bumps and bruises come into play. They are growing so fast! Before we know it they'll be walking and than I'll want a new baby!....Just kidding...I could almost here all of you gasp!

Austin has 2 months left of school. Than one loooooong summer and kindergarten. He is playing outside a lot more which tires him out quickly. Thank God! This kid is an unbelievable ball of energy. Everyday he is getting smarter and more rebellious. I know this is just him testing us because he is used to being the center of attention. He is really helping out with his brothers now. He likes that they can react to him. They laugh and coo at him, he's just so funny to them. When he's home he sometimes keeps an eye on them so I can make lunch or do the laundry. He really is a great big bro!