Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 47

Max walking to Austin
The new pool and swingset! Yet Austin has nothing to do?
Mom can we go outside??

Week 47
I know every mother thinks their children are the most amazing kids in the world. I mean there couldn't possibly be any children more wonderful than mine, right? The truth is I'm sure other kids are just as wonderful as mine but this is my blog and I choose to believe my children are the absolute most amazing little human beings on earth! I still look at my kids in such amazement. They have come so far in such a short amount of time. It's just so unbelievable sometimes, that a whole year has past since I was pregnant with them. Last year at this time we where still setting up the house(we moved at the end of June), we where frantically buying things for the babies and everyday just praying that they would stay in just a little while longer! I remember how HOT it was. Walking anywhere...even to the bathroom would cause my legs to swell so bad I wanted to cry. The pain in my mouth, from swollen gums kept me from sleeping and my only solice was the shower. I could let the cool water run over me and just cry and cry. I can still remember not being able to breathe well and thinking if they didn't come out soon my stomach would surely explode...I thought it impossible to stretch my belly even one more inch! Now 11 months later, I reflect with great joy on that time and so look forward to pregnancy #2 with baby #5 and all of the ups and downs it entails. The next 6 months will be tough but think about the last pregnancy and what we got from that. This one should be a piece of cake!

We had a great week. The boys went are spending lots of time outside enjoying the weather, when their wheren't torrential downpours! Max is walking, I mean running everywhere. He walks more than he crawls and is ALWAYS on the go now. The good news is he is sleeping more since he poops himself out running all over. In fact all three babies are finally sleeping through the night. Oh my goodness, it's wonderful 9 hours of solid sleep make all the difference for them and us! Emerson is doing so well. He is fluently walking all over the furniture and can definitely get where he needs to go! He is my music lover too. If he hears music he stops and dances, with rhythm! Definitely takes after the MAMA! He turns every toy into a musical instrument! I can't wait to get them drums. I think he'll love them! Alex is the blabber. He talks so well he can pretty much mimic all simple sounds and can get his point across with the words he knows. Austin is enjoying soccer and all his weekly activities that keep him occupied! Now that the pool is up and running he is sure to swimming up a storm most afternoons!

We had our second ultrasound and baby#5 is doing great. Growing just the way it should. We still don't know the sex of the baby . The next test we should be able to tell.