Friday, July 15, 2011

Things we discovered on our trip to Virginia BEACH!

1. Grunion are a source of entertainment. 2. Emerson has NO fear of large waves. 3. Griffin has NO fear of large waves!!!! 4. Alex has fear of sand in his flip flops. 5. Austin instantly turns into the tannest kid I have ever seen. 6. Max can play the iPad ANYWHERE! 7. Very LARGE spiders hide in shoes on the beach then jump out and bite the mama for NO REASON! 8. Blue crabs are not as tasty as you think. 9. Any shell will do for collection. Even broken, crushed or still occupied. 10. We can not go anywhere without technology. I was Facebooking on the beach! 11. Grocery stores in other states are fun to explore. 12. SONIC is the BEST fast food joint EVER!!!!! 13. You can still feel the waves crashing over your body even when you sleep! 14. Eating large quantities of sand makes poopy diapers MORE disgusting then usual. 15. Small beach crabs eat Chex mix. 16. Pelicans are ENORMOUS! 17. We are a spectacle no matter where we are. 18. Triplet paparazzi exist in every restaurant, in every state and on every private beach. 19. Childless families in restaurants HATE US! 20. Sharks create a wave of panic even if they are 500 yards off shore. 21. Dolphins travel in packs and they love attention. 22. Sun screen is a beautiful thing! 23. Armpit farts are Austin's talent. 24. Hotels are code for "Let's see how fast we can destroy this room". 25. My kids find Seafood...creepy. 26. Beach toys are weapons. 27. Puke is not held back even if Sebands are worn! 28. Long walks on the beach with my babies are the best therapy. 29. We can create almost anything with sand, even an alphabet lesson. 30. My kids are having the time of their life in a beach house right on the ocean...and so am I!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Days Like These!

Once upon a time I was an interesting person. I had deep philosophical conversations with adults. I drank the occasional glass of wine and I ventured out of the house WITH my husband. Then GOD decided to answer my prayers ALL AT ONCE. He gave me 5 children in 5 years and I'm sure CHUCKLED to himself while doing so!

Now my days are no longer filled with work and my nights are not spent in clubs or out to dinner with friends. Now I read "Goodnight Moon", change 25 poopy diapers, sing "the itsy bitsy spider" and watch the same Disney movies OVER and OVER!

You would think I would be bitter and nasty having ALL the fun drained from my adult life....RIGHT? Well, I'm not. Sure I yell a little louder and have moments of sheer insanity but it's all worth it. They are CRAZY some days. I mean full on LOST THEIR MINDS CRAZY!!!! But it's all good. I have to remember...I PRAYED FOR THIS!!!! I looked to the heavens and said "GOD help me. I want to be a mother.". I'm not sure why he couldn't spread them out a little more...but hey...who's complaining?

I thank GOD mostly every day for keeping my boys healthy and happy. I never ask "WHY ME?". I'm not saying this makes me a great mother. Heck, I'm not even sure I'm an OK Mother. I am proud of my little brood and all their accomplishments. They have definitely made my life more interesting! They are ALL my gifts and I am extremely grateful!