Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's POTTY time!

It's POTTY Time!

I never thought the day would come when the boys wanted to start going on the potty. I backed off from my original plan of forcing them to go. What I realized is that they needed to be able to articulate their need to go before the would actually go all by themselves. Emerson shows little or no interest in the potty. Which is fine. He is still having speech issues and really can't tell me yet. If I put him on the potty, he goes through the motions but hasn't really gone yet. Max is doing great. He pees whenever I ask him to try and very rarely gives me a hard time. He has a lot of G.I. issues so I haven't stressed about making him go. Alex is the pee champion! He very rarely pees in his diaper and wears big boy pants whenever I am home to remind him.

With potty training comes GREAT responsibility. You have to stay home and be aware of where bare bummed children are running to. God forbid I lose sight of a little one who has just left a deposit in the ELMO potty chair, he will certainly be marking his territory ALL over my house. But with two happily on their way I can sit back and have a brief sigh of relief until I again here the phrase..."MOM, I pooped in my underwear"! Back to the drawing bored!

Friday, February 4, 2011



I know most people get down and depressed come winter time. I can honestly say I was never one of those people, until recently. I feel bad for the children. They are unable to go out and play because the temperature is too low. I remember my mother couldn't get me in the house even in the winter. Now the thought of sending my babies out into the tundra that is Buffalo, NY makes me panic. We have been out several times to play in that fluffy white snow that dances around the yard. However when we get lake effect snow it's a whole different story. It's heavy and wet and the kids can barely move. Is winter over yet???? Probably not!

We need a vacation bad!!!! When I hear of people heading off to places that have palm trees and sandy beaches it makes me long for those summer days where the kids run and play in the yard in just their diapies. Where Austin jumps in the pool and exclaims "MOM, look what I can do". We have recently put down a deposit on a beach front vacation to take place this summer. The time can not come soon enough.

Do you think anyone would notice if this mama hopped on a plane, alone and headed for warm sun and cold Margarita's???? Somehow I think I would be missed. Long gone are the days of making last minute vacation plans. Now it is a collaborative effort meticulously planned months in advance. This is reality in the Stinner household. We have even planned our first Disney vacation to take place 2 years from now...that's how long it takes!!! Our lives are crazy and our vacations are adventurous...imagine when they're teenagers! God help us!