Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Last year instead of a traditional Christmas card I sent out a newsletter to all our friends and family. Well, it was so well received that I decided to do it again. It also included a picture collage of all the boys 2010 portraits that I took myself. I wish I could brag a little harder on my talent but the portraits are quite hideous. Oh well, they will get better with time....I hope!

Merry Christmas from THE STINNER FAMILY!

This year has been one full of adventure. We took the kids on their very first family vacation this summer. With very little planning, we piled our brood into the ‘ole mini van and headed out on the open road. We traveled to the exotic state of Pennsylvania(hey, they thought it was exotic) where we took the kids to Sesame Place and Six Flags African Safari. Sesame Place is an amusement park for kids 8 and under (perfect for us)based on Sesame Street. I seriously think the kids thought we where on Sesame Street. We ate breakfast with the characters and even saw a “LIVE” version of Elmo’s World, Griffins favorite! We spent 2 days there and 1 day exploring the African Safari where I think most of the animals where looking at us in amazement. I think the one male bear actually tried to high five David! It was a lot of fun. We then headed out to New Jersey to visit the shore. While there we destroyed a series of hotel rooms and ruined the carpets at several restaurants. The 4 little ones got to see the ocean for the first time and Austin collected enough shells to make one of those tacky lamps you see in beach side gift shops. Every door we walked in to people would ask us questions and offer blessings. Surprisingly, New Jersey was full of incredibly nice people, who’d a thunk it?

Austin has grown into quite the Big Brother this year. He can often be found holding seminars in the playroom on Lego’s and Star Wars. He is doing well in school and is reading and writing like a true champ. He recently told David he wanted to work at US itek so he could kick him out and be the boss…what can I say, the boy has dreams! The Triplets are growing up fast. Emerson is the thinker. He can take apart and reassemble a puzzle like nobody’s business. He has incredible fashion sense and can be found wearing a hat, gloves and shoes most days. Maxim or “Computer Max” as we lovingly refer to him has an obsession with electronics. We have to watch him though because he steals cell phones and laptops and searches the web like an expert. He can also program the DVR better then I can. Alexander is a little Austin. He is infatuated with Lego’s and Star Wars. He really loves spending time with his big brother but sits and has these long intense conversations with me on why the world works the way it does…he’s going to question everything! Griffin is perfection! He is a mommy’s boy. He runs around singing the “mama song” all day long. If he can’t see me, he’s calling me. He loves to dance and hop and bounce. We refer to him as “The Collector”. He finds small objects around the house and carries them all in his tiny hands. He can often be found with 6 or 7 items in his little hands. I think he’s afraid his brothers will take his toys…truth be told, they probably will.

As for David and myself, we are great. David is working hard as usual. The last year has thrown us some curve balls but it looks like the economy is rebounding and so are we. I have begun home schooling the 4 little boys. I just didn’t think they where emotionally ready for school or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way I am enjoying the time with them and the classroom we built in the attic is amazing. As I reflect on this year I realized that we have an amazing life with 5 healthy, happy boys who have recently realized they out number us and are beginning to mutiny. So if your reading this…send help!!!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The Stinners…
David, Dawn, Austin, Emerson, Maxim, Alexander and Griffin

Friday, October 29, 2010



As we prepare for the onset of winter we are doing our best to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Luckily Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the feel of the cool air, the crunch of leafs under my feet, dressing warm and hot chocolate. Most of all I love fruit picking and pumpkin harvesting. I love all the Fall festivals WNY has to offer and the look on the kids faces when they see thousands of pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is a really a big deal and the kids love to make happy faces on them and roast the seeds. Most of all I love the smell in the air, it smells like apples, cinnamon and burning wood. Ahhhhh Fall, it's coming to an end soon and winter will be here. We enjoyed our Fall though and plan to enjoy the wonders of snow for the first time this year. It's actually an exciting thought. It'll be here before you know it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is my children as they are. They are not perfect. In fact,they are perfectly imperfect!

It seems like the last year of my life has been in fast forward. The boys have decided every waken moment must be dedicated to them. I very rarely get time to myself or even 5 minutes to update this blog. I thought I better try and at least get on here once a month for an old fashioned overview of what my crew is up to. it goes...


Austin started 2nd grade last month. This means, he is a grown man. OK, so he thinks he is a grown man. He comes home with what seems like enough homework for 5 kids. He is reading at a level above his classmates but his hand writing is AWFUL. I'm thinking he is probably going to be a doctor of some kind because of it! He is a social butterfly. He has a ton of friends and they seem to be the rowdy ones. He is infatuated with Science and how the world works. His new passion is SPIDERS. We have a very large garden spider(Peter Parker AKA Spiderman) in our front bush and we have watched him grow and grow for the last few months. Austin can explain any stage the spider is at and all about his needs. I love that he is inquisitive but he does have the 7 year old attitude that he knows all.


Emerson is making huge strides. He is having speech therapy and has begun talking and expressing himself. He is still my little actor. He is obsessed with movies and memorizes the whole dialogue. He loves MUSIC! He makes up little dance routines and tries his best to sing the lyrics. He carries around several blue woven blankets made by Aunt Leisel. He can't be very far away from them at anytime. They bring him comfort. He has had his since he was in the NICU and refuses to go to bed without it. He loves school. Puzzles are his specialty. He is making great progress and I am so proud. Don't get on his bad side though...he's a biter!


Maxim or "Computer Max" as he is lovingly referred to, is obsessed with electronics. He has his daddy's inquisitive nature when it come to computers. We even just purchased him his very own laptop. We had to because he steals mine or Davids and gets into all kind of trouble on them. He also LOVES our cell phones. He has texted everyone in my contacts with gibberish. He is definitely going to follow in Davids footsteps. He is in speech therapy and is talking like crazy. He is ALWAYS by my side and wants me to explain everything I'm doing. He is still working on potty training...any day now!


Alex is a comedian. The things he says just kill me. I don't think he knows he's 3. He yells at me when he doesn't like something I say or do. He always says the most hysterical things for example here is an actual conversation...."Mommy I wanna watch a scary moobie". "You can't, your too little". "Daddy watch a scary moobie". "Yes, but Daddy's a grown up". "Daddy's a DONUT????"..."Yes Alex, Daddy's a DONUT...just don't tell him". I call them "AlexISMS" or "The world according to Alex". He is so smart. He remembers everything and is doing excellent in school. He is Mr. Social and loves to shop. He always notices if I get my hair done or have a new outfit on. He's the perfect child, most of the time.


Ahhhhh, now to My littlest love...Griffin. He is a mommy's boy. He is learning to talk and gets into everything. He recently started running up and down the stairs. Now every time I turn around he's gone. He loves to dance and is still the master bouncer. He has the best smile I've ever seen. He smiles all the time now. He was a sour pussed baby so trust me this is a huge achievement. He loves books. He will sit and look through books for hours. Everything is new for him ands I love that look he gets when he finds something he has never seen before. He is just an absolute joy to be around. The littlest love of my life.

We have had a lot of new experiences lately. We are taking the children on all kinds of adventures. The thought of them growing up is scary but I'm up for the challenge.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A New Project

A New Project

We always knew the triplets would have some learning disabilities, most high order multiples do. We didn't know to what degree they would. After extensive evaluations Alexander was deemed age appropriate but Emerson and Maxim where diagnosed as being language development delayed. They have been undergoing speech therapy for the last 6 months or so and they have made HUGE improvements. Max is speaking in sentences and Emerson's vocabulary has increased hugely.

We had a meeting with the school advisers and they suggested the boys go to pre-school with a program that was language based. But the thought of splitting them up made me feel anxious. After David and I discussed it we realized the best decision for all of us would be for me to home school the boys. I immediately went to work researching language based curriculum's and different ways to increase their language, all while helping Alex develop at his pace and even nurturing the baby's developmental needs.

As of September 20th, 2010 I have begun homeschooling my 4 youngest boys. The first week went well despite the fact that we all had an unbelievable head cold. We start the day with music, we do the calender(month, day, year, season and weather), we do a craft, then go on to a worksheet, flash cards, puzzles, more music and then finally a story and clean up time. This sometimes varies according to their moods but I basically try my best to keep to a schedule. They love music. It seems to be their favorite. Max and Emerson are still having speech therapy on top of the home schooling. All this is doing wonders for their brain development. I know I am doing the best for them all. Now if I could just get them potty trained, life would be perfect!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Triple the Birthday Party

Triple the Birthday Party

I decided this year would be different. I would make it a more intimate party with just close family and friends. We wouldn't go ALL out and we would just have a quiet fun day. We put up the bounce house and prepared the pool. We rented a popcorn machine and snow cones(huge hit) and the big hit was of course the cakes. My dear friend, Jenn went TO INFINITY AND BEYOND(they where Toy Story) with the 3 cakes. We couldn't ask for a better surprise for the boys. The day was hot and humid so the little ones where quick to jump in the pool with their friends and cousins. Everyone got a kick out of them splashing around. It was an amazing day as always. Thank you to ALL the FRIENDS and FAMILY that made the day a truly special one for our boys!

The shirts where a custom made order from Pedal Patch Babies. It is another triplet mom. She did a truly terrific job! She also did Grif and Austin's shirts.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Boys!

Happy 3rd Birthday Boys!

Well,here we are...THE 3 are 3. Well tomorrow they will be anyway. I think back on the last three years and I realize what an amazing life I have. I have 5 incredible little boys that call me, MOMMY! There was a point in my life when I thought that was one word I would never hear. Now my life is full of "Mommy!". "Mommy doin?", "Mommy, he bite me", "Mommy boo boo", "Mommy ca ca", "Mommy, luv u".It's a definite constant in my life and I love it. Every year I write or in this case blog my children a letter to let them know exactly how this moment is affecting all of us.

Dear Boys,

This year has been one filled with many ups and downs. We lost Granny and Grandpa Deitzman as well as Big Grampa(Abshagen). After they passed away I was at times very sad. You and your brothers where what brightened my days. Your smiles and silly words could make me crack up through the weakest tearful moments and I thank you for that.

Alexander, you where a talker from day 1. This year you started to talk and play like a real kid. You love playing with Austin. You can name every color and are quickly learning your ABC's. You have the best sense of humor. You make silly faces and weird voices. You command the attention from every single person in the room. Your songs are becoming legendary. You can take any tune and make up the most interesting lyrics. You always make sure to include mommy, daddy and all your brothers in the song too. You have an obsession with Airplanes. No matter where we are or what we are doing, if you hear an Airplane we have to stop and scream "AIRPLANE". You love to travel. Eating in restaurants is your favorite because you can flirt with ALL the girls. You've recently become infatuated with Spiderman. You run around saying "man peer" which is your translation. You can talk me under the table and you are the sweetest little man I know.

Emerson, my strong silent boy. You have very little to say at this point. We hear a lot of "Oh NO" and "Don't" for some reason you call me "Dora" instead of Mommy. I think it's just one of the many silly quirks that make you, you. We wait with bated breath every day to see what outfit you will come up with next. Everyday your ensable consists of a hat, shoes and sometimes gloves and maybe just maybe sunglasses, but only if your feeling sassy. You will mix it up with an array of hats and boots. All different sizes and colors. You love to build. You are so creative and intense when you are building with any blocks or Legos. You LOVE movies. You memorize lines to movies, all the hand gestures and you can squeal or scream at precisely the moment the character on the screen does. You swim like a fish. You love to be with your mommy. You somehow find your way in our bed every night. It's fine with me since you sleep nicely in the center or at the foot of our brand new King size bed. I know soon you will start gabbing away like your brothers, so for now...I am enjoying the silence.

Maxim, my angel baby. One moment you are the sweetest boy, helping me clean up, giving your brothers the toys they drop and playing so nice. The next moment you are trying to tackle the kid next to you and you are the biter king! You are a blankie baby. You need to have your blankie to be comfortable. You have to have your cars, buses or trains. Quite frankly any vehicle will do. Recently the fog has lifted and you have begun talking. You have the sweetest high pitched voice. You love to be in the kitchen with me. I think one day you may be a chef. You will try any food. If you don't like it, it comes right back out but hey at least you try it. You are the least shy of the bunch. You great everyone with the biggest smile. You sit and listen with so much intensity, you just can't wait to get involved in the conversation. You love to help in the garden. You giggle every time you pick a red tomato and proclaim "I DID IT!". You brighten my day with your smile.

Oh my little boys, the last year has come and gone so quickly. None of you are potty trained but you are trying. You still drink from bottles at nap time and I am in no hurry to get rid of them. I don't feel the need to send you to school yet. I just think I am not emotionally ready. You would all go in a heart beat. I have actually decided to home school you all for a year to prepare you for a year of Pre-K. Between that and speech therapy(for Max and Emerson)you should be well prepared in due time. What it all boils down to is we have decided to let you little boys for one more year before you grow wings and fly the nest. I love you all so much I can't put into words how happy you make me. Thank you for being the most entertaining and loving boys a mother could ask for.

I love you,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation, Stinner STYLE!

Vacation, Stinner STYLE!

5 kids, 2 parents and a minivan packed with everything we would need for a week of R&R. OK, I know what your thinking..."How could we have a relaxing vacation with 5 kids under 7?". Well, it's quite simple. I prepared the plans ahead of time and we headed out with the intention of enjoying our children and making this vacation about them. If we would have gone with the motive of it being a grown up vacation it would have been a mess. So we headed outside of Philadelphia, PA to Sesame Place. This is an amusement park that is based on Sesame Street and is strictly for children 8 and under. In other words it was MADE for our family. No crazy teenagers running around, no one saying "your too small for this ride", No inappropriate events or music. We spent 3 nights and 2 days there. 2 days in the park itself where the boys had a blast riding the rides and climbing high above the crowds on nets. They especially loved the pools and water park areas where the Count dropped a million gallons of water over your head. We preplanned a breakfast where the boys got to see and hang out with several of the characters from Sesame Street. Griffin could care less but Maxim thought it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. Ernie walked up and Max and Alex let out a squeal that I've never heard before. It was very cool. Emerson kept trying to get to Elmo who was seated by the buffet table for pictures.I think he assumed Elmo would know him since he is at our house all the time, he is a part of our family after all! We got to see a "LIVE" taping of Elmo's World. It was the first time ALL 4 little boys where seated in a theatre setting. They where very calm and watched the show. They even interacted. It's amazing to see how far they've come in the last 3 months. They are all talking and communicating well. I think they really enjoyed their selves those 2 days but we where very happy to be done with the sweltering heat and humidity, those 3 days it was in the 90's with high humidity! I think Austin was ready for something a little more grown too!

The next part of our trip was completely UNPLANNED! That's right, I decided to let the wind blow us in the direction we should go next. I wanted the boys to be able to see the ocean but I thought it was just SO hot it would be a bad idea. But at the last minute we got online and planned a trip 1 hour East to the Jersey Shore. I personally had never been to the shore before. I had no idea what to expect. Our hotel room was great and the people seemed extremely friendly. It wasn't what I expected. Every restaurant we went to people where shocked at how well our children behaved. To tell you the truth, so was I. It was all very relaxed. Besides some intense traffic and backwards twists and turns it was enjoyable. The first day we where there we where exhausted so we decided to grab dinner and take the boys to see the water but not to go in, yeah right. After getting over the initial shock of the sand in their toes they ran for the huge waves that where crashing ashore. It was a beautiful sight. I actually welled up a little bit. The thought of them seeing this natural beauty was just so amazing.

The second day we where there it was a little drizzly so we decided to head back to Pennsylvania to Six Flags where there was an African Lion Safari. We unstrapped the boys and let them look out the windows. Thery called every bird a chicken and growled at everything else. They had a small park/visitors center where we took pictures and Alex and Max rode ponies. They had so much fun.

The rain finally cleared up the next day and we finally headed to the beach. We discovered it is almost impossible to get 5 kids, 4 bags of stuff, 2 chairs, 2umbrellas and 55 beach toys to the beach if you have to walk half a mile from the car to the beach. We took turns and got all the boys there without incident. The boys loved running around in the sand and the waves. They made holes in the sand and searched for sea shells. They tried to wander around a couple of times but basically where content to just enjoy the day. I could see people around us staring but few people said anything to us about the boys being multiples. That was until the mom next to us came over and said "are they triplets?" when I said yes, she said "so are mine". She had girl, girl, boy triplets that where the same age as our boys, literally 5 days apart. What are the chances?

We headed back home the next day and we realized some very important lessons.
#1 Our kids are old enough to handle a vacation and can destroy a hotel room in 5 minutes flat.
#2 They are better behaved in restaurants then I thought.
#3 Sesame Street ROCKS!
#4 Backpack Monkeys are the best inventions! (Kid leashes)
#5 Never drive home from New Jersey through the Pocono Mountains. The kids will all puke all over themselves and the car!
...and most of all, our kids are growing up so fast and we are enjoying EVERY moment!