Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weeks 45 & 46

On Sunday, the boys played on the slip n slide!
Between the heat, pool and slip n slide the boys where exhausted!
Our living room is now the worlds biggest play pen
They loved to play on Austins old Jeep...as long as it was stationary!

Our Little Soccer Man
Alex looks like a little redneck!

Max cheering on his big brother
Emerson loves those beads...Hey, they're green!

Weeks 45 & 46

Summer is a beautiful thing. The Stinner family has been out and about. We are trying to go out and do more activities with the boys. We pretty much take them everywhere we need to go. As you can tell from my last blog entry that I sometimes have less than 100% patients with peoples ignorance when it come to the triplets. Aside from the occasional upsetting comment our outings are fun and adventurous. The boys love to go shopping, stroll the parks and play with their toys in the yard. They are definitely enjoying going to the park every week and watching Austin play Soccer. What an adventure though to get 3 babies and all their stuff ready to go plus Austin and all his soccer gear and than try and gage when we'll be home so I know what exactly to prepare. Than pray that David gets out of work on time to meet me at home to help me get in the car with the 4 car seats and my pregnant expanding belly! Wheeeeew! That was exhausting to even think about.
We have purchased our pool and it will be installed soon. This should be fun. The boys LOVE the water. Austin swims like a fish and can't wait to spend his days lounging and working on his tan! The triplets love their baby pool and on any given day you can find three nakey babies in their little purple pool in the yard. We have bought them little floaties and can't wait to see their reaction when in the big pool. We where unable to put the pool where we had originally wanted so that was disappointing but as long as we have it...life is a dream. The boys went to the doctors for their checkup and all is well. They are all on the charts as far as height, weight and head circumference. The doctor seemed amazed at their progress. They are all completely age appropriate for 10 1/2 months and not 8 1/2 months like the should be. She was so thrilled that Max and Alex are taking steps and that Emerson is up and "cruising" along the furniture. We are so proud of our boys! Preemies! I think not!
The babies 1st birthday party preparations are underway! I have set the date, ordered the invitations, made the guest list, rented the bounce house, established the menu and purchased some decorations. I still have to order a cake and rent tables and chairs as well as a million other things. You wouldn't think this all would be so difficult, but in the middle of the rest of the ciaos that is our life some of these tasks are daunting. I am also looking for someone to do balloon animals and possibly face painting. My research is finding that most of the people that do that are CLOWNS! Ooooh scary! You all know about my unhealthy fear of clowns! NO CLOWNS! I know the babies won't remember all this but, we will and quiet frankly isn't the party always for the parents anyway!
Austin is doing so much better now that the summer is underway! He has a routine established and that seems to make it all better. He is spending a lot of time out of the house and is having one on one time with his Aunt and both grandparents. He also has a standing playdate with his buddy Zack and that is a great tool when he isn't quite being a good boy or when I need him to do something. Call it blackmail, I call it creative parenting! Since we have hired our Nanny I have been able to spend more time with Austin. This seems to help. God help us when the new baby comes! Imagine...4 jealous kids!
A little pregnancy update...All is well here. We are now into the second trimester and my waistband is quickly expanding. This makes some everyday tasks harder than I expected, but that's OK! David and I will go for an ultrasound on the 9th. I'm pretty positive they will not be able to tell us the sex of the baby. So for all of you who want to know....TOUGH! I was thinking we may keep it a secret until the baby is born! Won't that piss everyone one off! HAHA, you will have to wait and see!