Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Grandma Linda & Griffin
Ausin, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Mike and Alex

Happy Birthday to me!

This week I celebrated my 36th birthday. It was the best birthday I've ever had. To me, birthdays are not about gifts or grand gestures but more about family. I love that it's one day all about me and my family. David worked so I spent the day relaxing with the boys. Later in the evening David and I went to dinner while my mother and two of her friends watched all 5 kids. We where only gone for a couple of hours but believe me it felt like a lifetime. I've realized I really have zero interest in going out. When I'm gone, I miss the boys and think of all the things I could be doing at home. That's terrible I know but since Griffin was born I just don't want to leave him. Maybe that's it. As of the 5th Griffin is 3 months old. The time flew by. He is laughing and smiling and holding his head up like a big boy. He even started to reach out for things lately. He smacks the toys on his chair and talks to the Elmo balloon over his head. Maybe I'm just afraid I'll miss something. I have every second of the triplets 1st year burned into my memory, I think I want that with Griffin too. Austin is no different. I can remember every second of his first year with us. For some reason it's only in the evening I get like that. It could be also that the kids are in such a structured routine at night that if it gets varied the slightest bit I know the night will not be good. Maybe I'm just too uptight. Maybe I just over think EVERYTHING! Awwww motherhood.

We had lots of visitors this week Grandma Linda, Michael and Kelly came by this week with dinner and a cookie cake. This is always fun. I miss seeing them every Thursday for dinner. Now that the baby is getting bigger and the boys are a little easier to go out with I think we may start going there once a month and them here once a month. Like I said my mom was here on Friday for my birthday and she called in reinforcements. Her girlfriends Andrea and Lynn came to help. I think they where a little overwhelmed. When I walked in after being gone less than two hours, they all looked a little dazed and confused. The kids where fine but I could tell they knew the woman where inexperienced in taking care of 5 little ones at once and the children took complete advantage of them. By the way those ladies had a combined 9 children. HAHAHA! On Saturday my birthday continued with a visit from my best friend Shelley, her son Carter and her boyfriend Rob. I don't get to see Shelley much since she lives in Virginia Beach. I miss her so much when she's gone. It was wonderful to see Carter, who has grown into such a fine young man and it was a pleasure to meet Rob for the first time. I can see how happy he makes my friend and that makes me happy. I than went out to lunch and shopping with my girlfriend Lisa. It's so nice to have some girlie time. So often I get lost in a house of boys. Every mom needs a little alone time. For me I need it during the day!

Sunday was a beautiful day. It was almost 60 degrees so we headed out. We took the boys shopping at Bj's (this seems to be our regular Sunday outing). They enjoyed being high up in the carts and sight seeing. As long as I bring food, life is good. Griffin is content to hang out in his car seat and very rarely makes a peep. Austin runs around the store asking for everything he sees. It went off without a hitch and aside from the usual gasps of air and whispers "triplets" along with the "oh you've got your hands full" or "God Bless you", we heard no negative comments. When we got home the kids played happily in the driveway until David put the perishables away. With that we got our whole gang saddled up and went for a long walk. David pulled the wagon with the triplets. Austin walked and I pushed Griffin in the stroller. As people drive by I can see the reactions to my large family on their faces. I told David, "I think we may cause an accident someday". He said "At least it will happen after we've already walked by". That's one will be able to prove it! Que the circus music again...IT'S SPRING!!!!!