Monday, March 10, 2008

Week 29

Sidney & Austin in the Yard Playing in the snow!Man it's CCCOOOOLLLLDDDD!
Max hated the orange stuff
Alex enjoyed itEmerson thought it was just ok
Alexander reading to the other children
Emerson sitting by himself for the 1st time

Emerson says, What are you looking at?
Alex, the double fisted teether

Max is gonna kick your butt!
Alex...too cute sweet baby

Week 29

Well the boys are finally feeling better. That was the longest couple of weeks of my life. The boys weren't sleeping well, I wasn't sleeping well and life was chaotic. I hate that! God forbid life stray from my well manicured existence. It really gets me frustrated when we vary from our routine...damn OCD! Actually everything hasn't completely returned to normal. The boys are still having sleeping issues but I think that may be more teething than whatever got them sick. Max has been getting up within an hour or two of going to sleep and staying up. Usually he's screaming at the top of his lungs the whole time. That's what makes me think it's his teeth more than anything. No teeth have broken through yet on any of them. That's got to be so painful for my lil babies. I feel so bad for them when they have my whole hand in their mouths and they're going to town like little pitbulls. The second they get teeth, there will be NO CHEWING ON THE MAMA!
So Alex is talking up a storm. This week he started saying "poop, bubba & baba". Still no Mama or Dada. I'm sure they will come in time. The other babies do a lot of babbling. They both say "Hiya" and other baby coos but nothing truly substantial yet.
Austin is getting ready for Kindergarten. He is starting to read more and talks like an adult. He is looking so forward to going on the school bus, he wants to know all about it and asks all the "Kid appropriate" questions like, "where will it pick me up? Will I have friends on the bus? Does the bus use Eco friendly fuels?...." Just kidding on the last one but those of you who know him, know it's just a matter of time before he does say something like that.
I am so getting cabin fever lately. Did you all see that snow fall over the weekend....Holy crap! I am DONE with the snow. The boys and I have been in the house all winter long. I am starting to seriously want to scream. I can't wait to got out side and play with the boys in the yard or go for a walk...yes we have a triplet stroller...thanks Daddy! Fresh air is a luxury I have not had the privilege of experiencing in many moons! Who talks like that...see what I mean about the cabin's affecting my brain!Anyway, Austin went out and played in the snow with his dad. He loved it. He ws sledding and laughing and the dog was trying desperately to pull him, it was a blast to watch....from inside my house...somebody let me out!!!!!
The boys are trying new things everyday. Max is the only one mobile though...thank God! Emerson sat all by himself today with no assistance! That is a huge accomplishment. He was upright for about a minute before he realized what he was doing. It was amazing. Alex is my rocker. He will rock from side to side to get what he wants.But he shows no signs of crawling or scooting anytime soon. They are also trying new foods. Today we had green mush that the boys spit back at me so I tried orange slop which they loved and then followed up with some pinkish brown stuff that they loved! Gotta love Gerber, some of the fruits aren't half bad...y'know you've tried it!